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It worked the 3rd time.
I've tried twice now to update. I have gotten two different error codes. 3200 and 3172, very annoying. It's going for a 3rd try right now.
Anything? This is turning out to be a let down.
I think he was slapping his face asking the guy to hit him. What the hell could have that Korean guy done to piss him off that badly?
I can offer some sound advise, but not now because I'm on my phone. Quick story though. I was working at an old house and they wanted a big shower (two heads etc) so the plumber checked the pressure to see if they needed a booster pump. They had boat loads of pressure, pushing 75-80 psi I think. They plumber suggested they get a second drain because they had such good pressure. If you have copper pipes they aren't gonna be affected by higher than normal pressure, if you...
Toyota is cheap to fix if they break down. Plus a 4 cylinder under 2.0L is gonna be super cheap on gas too.
I just deleted this off my phone today.
I dated a girl last summer who was lacking in the style department. We only dated 2 months and one of the deciding factors was she wore some hideous dress thing over black spandex topped off with the ugliest boots I have ever seen in my life. I broke up with her days later. She was also bad at making out , and I hate chicks that don't know how to kiss.
I bit my nails until I was 22 and when I went down to Cuba I just quit for whatever reason. When I came home I bought a really nice nail file and now the habit is just gone. Every now and again I catch myself looking for a start while driving but I just use will power and stop. Being drunk is a different story though, I have woken up some mornings with a finger chewed raw and have no memory of doing it.
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