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there's no vca in my country so i'll have to ask someone to buy them for me. also there are two versions i've seen on the net which do you like better? anyone own a pair with better pics?
charlie sheen wins.
^yeah i was looking at that one as well. it's probably enough for me. any pros and cons on that model?
anyone like carolina herrera chic? the sa at the store said it was their best seller. i brushed her off since i remember it had 3 stars in the guide with comments like fresh mishmash or every masculine made in the last 20 years or something. my next choice on my try list is dunhill black. i stuck to 3 star frags in my browsing since i wasn't looking for an elegant classy fume...
check out the if i had to start over tom threads on mc and streetwear. stumbled upon them and the recs looked pretty classic/ masculine to me.
it's the jm weston chasse! /thread
as mentioned it's melanie rios... get well soon mr. sheen!
that's a great rec! thanks!
so i need a grill i can take up to my rooftop on weekends to cook for 2 people. my partner is quite particular about food so something easy to use with great results would be stellar...
so any suggestions to brands i should purchase instead?
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