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guerlain vetiver in habit rouge bottle... i should probably get a new bottle soon as this on is almost empty. too bad all i see are the frosted ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by IsteRed Wow i visited the Shanghai Tang site and some items there are AWESOME!for example You CAN'T say that those are ugly,the only part that really turns me off are the prices...There will be like 2-3 occasions that i can dress like this,so there is no point in paying these much...Any ideas where i can get clothing like these,good quality but not so expensive? they're not so expensive in the outlet...
Quote: I dislike them because bars look too much like the toggle on single-sided cuff links. A bar is simply not pleasing aesthetically when compared to circle, oval, etc. And I'm not sure how well the mechanism for changing out the bars would work. I actually like the clover leaf design more. It's at least roughly in the shape of a circle. that's a good observation. they do look a little bit like the toggle. i'm actually not fond of chains. none of...
nice cufflinks kent! thanks for sharing your insight bounder! so you like those bar type (at least that's what you see when you put on a dress shirt) cufflinks the best? i was kinda looking for a signature style cufflink so that could be a little bit brand whoring but not many people wear cufflinks anyways.
just received an email from an online vendor i asked they are around 4k perhaps a little bit more in my case due to shipping. so everyone likes the onyx/ white gold combo more huh? i do have return to tiffany links also another pair that looks like a weave pattern also from tiffany. i like them more than the knot actually.
black faced models look great as well. i like the ones without numbers best but either would be great to own.
i used to like them. wore a black one to prom like a decade ago with a black suit lol. shanghai tang does them alot. i guess they go with their mao jackets and jeans or something. maybe a colarless belstaff i dunno. haven't thought of them in a long time. i'm chinese though so there's that.
do you guys like bryan ferry's studio better? i know alot of people here idolize mr. ferry.
i think they're white gold. they do stand out individually and they were my first choice but then i'm thinking the gold and MOP would look better once you wear them with a shirt. the onyx ones also kinda look like the cufflinks of someone who plays black jack alot. the gold can look feminine. third option, anyone not a fan of either? should i just buy silver knots from tiffany? or mop button links from turnbull and asser?
am still waiting for the quentin tarrantino bond movie with clive owen.
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