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chanel pour monsier... not the concentree version.
i liked the black swan. the rest of his movies not so much.
you're gonna trade it in or are you deciding between the 2? if you already have the seamaster then just use it. it's not a bad looking watch by far. i quite like the PO though. i also like the aqua terra and another more dive style of watch of which i forget the serial number. here it is. i just searched for a seamaster pro..
ideapads suck. i bought one since my last ibm laptop was built like a tank. lasted 2 years on me. everything was still running perfect and the specs are mora than i needed but all the hardware just seemed to rot by itself. the hiinges were also hollow so if you drop it a few times the cheap plastic is bound to break. by the time i threw it the screen was already seperated from the keyboard. i'm back on a 4 year old toshiba protege. might get a new satellite since this one...
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter ^^ if you have Guerlains Vetiver in a clear non-frosted bottle then I think that's the EdC version, maybe the Extreme? Or if it's the non-ridged bottle, just a hard square with a square inset like the HR bottle if it's the one I'm picturing, then you probably have some vintage juice. Harder to find but still out there. i never knew there was an EdC. got any pictures? this may be my next bottle. i'm...
that does look a little bit cooler than the nomos orion.
Quote: The first one's too sporty for a leather band. i don't think so. it's not a daytona on a leather strap by any means. i do somewhat agree with you on the grande date being a bit busy. i actually have a dressier one, a simple breguet. i never wear it. they seem too dressy for my everyday clothes. this will be my daily wearer.
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