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a pink shirt would liven up the ensemble IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mercuryman76 Not the greatest pic, but here's a shot of my B&M Capeland S XXL. wow nice b&m! i've been looking at a few hampton watches but don't really need another rectangular watch. that one though could be my next purchase.
kelly brooke should be number 1. pic wasn't working. there's a pornstar that sort of looks like sofia vergara.. hot latin with big tits. her name is esperanza gomez. i like ms portman. she, jennifer love hewitt, and rachel leigh cooke were hot/cute when i was a teen.
i have richard branson business striped bare, the soros lectures, perfumes the guide, pour your heart into it by howard schultz, and beau brumell by ian kelly. i bring them to read when taking a poop and too lazy to bring them home. never got to reading the first 2 though and only perfumes the guide gets commented on by females and my boss commented on how great the schultz book was.
the spaniard is beautiful. i guess i like them more ethnic/ exotic. israeli also caught my eye.
not the exact same one but close. it's a bike chain id bracelet in stainless steel and black. it's on the thick side for a bracelet. cool or tool? too ed hardy douche?
cowboy/western films are so boring.
isn't jicky a fougere? maybe the edp is oriental i dunno. hmm... lemme see if i can even come up with 10 1. guerlain vetiver 2. mugler cologne 3. ysl rive gauche 4. acqua di parma colonia assoluta 5. hermes concentree d'orange verte 6. chanel pour monsier 7. diptyque philosykos 8. essenza di zegna 9. carolina herrera for men 10. hugo boss baldesarini that eau de lalique sounds like a gem from the reviews. i'll make sure to take not of it next time when shopping.
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