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Snow that jacket is amazing! Sweet fit all round man.
Pretty sure it's the posters that were offended by Fuuma's post that should get over themselves, can you guys not take a joke?
Elisix your fits are just boring and unflattering in my opinion, and you don't seem to take any advice, rather choosing to relentlessly post fits that look the same as ones you posted months ago.
Yeah thats a great fit by The-Arm, who is the jacket by?
Regis half the point of the damn thread is to critique the fits negatively... If you don't point out what someone is doing wrong they aren't going to realise and improve their game.
The hell is with that article referring to pizzas as "pies"?
I think what they are trying to say is... what you're wearing looks like shit.
Uncontrol is now Brad-T? wtf is this shit
Terror beard goes hard, DO NOT SHAVE
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