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You are most welcome.Yes, it must be extremely fulfilling for both of you, to have arrived at such excellent realization of your dreams, and in such a short time.Interesting. I guess that's like the Italian "grazie"? (Meaning "thank you"; "gratis" in Italian means "free".) In any case, grazie mille a voi due ragazzi!No kidding. Extremely impressive. It's so nice to see that honesty, integrity, and quality are still so valued in our world.
It's been awhile since I've been on SF, but I just wanted to drop in to congratulate Jenn and Roman again. The designs are great, and I'm very happy with the wallets, briefcases, and portfolios I have. The new website looks very good, very clean, and I really like the Kickstarter video. (Roman and Jenn, I was iffy on that pyramidal bookcase, but I have to say you really did a great job of incorporating it as a punctuation point. I like how it ties into the almost...
Oh, well, that explains! (Just kidding.)I love Scotland; I worked on a building in Dundee once...what amazing countryside.Get that camera ready!
Fantastic reply! +20 years is great. Much respect.I can see dark brown very well with that green...black, less so (I think perhaps too harsh a contrast for the subtleties), but I admit I am not well versed on those things and I wear no black shoes, etc.On the other hand, it could look very sharp with black shoes, belt, and the right-colored very dark navy or very dark grey suit, perhaps, and 0 other greens? The color definitely demands its own sphere, no?Either way, I say...
Right on all that, lad!Now, to cut to the quick, this green briefcase...will it be paired with those burgundy shoes AND those purple socks in your avatar?(I only ask because I'm wondering which quadruple-polarized sunglasses to buy before viewing the photos). Seriously, I (I think many of us) look forward to the photos.I think that briefcase ("lunch bag"? Wow!) is really special, and will be a very, very rare beast in the wild. [[SPOILER]]
Despite the fact that I am neither a single-word nor an all-caps nor an extended-letters nor a multiple-exclamation-points nor an emoticon guy, can I get a witness or three to nominate this succinct and happy post as the "un-official official "Linjer Leather Goods -- official affiliate thread" single-word+all-caps+extended-letters+multiple-exclamation-points+emoticon" tagline?I think it's great. [[SPOILER]] That said, I really need to photograph and post my cognac...
Good job, Ozzy! That thing is beautiful.
Do NOT go there, Roman. You have been warned.Excellent. I hope it happens for you guys.Well played, Ozzy. Go get 'em!Holy smokes....
That green would be amazing as any Linjer product! Damn, it's truly gorgeous. Very elegant.I should have been more clear, sorry: I meant why did you make one at all? Just to test the color?You're most welcome.Ha ha ha ha!I'm not sure Roman and Jenn were around here when that saga was unfolding. If they don't know the story let's not hurt their brains with it...they're both far too nice to be subjected to all that!Yes, special runs is a great idea.
Whoa is right! What an incredibly beautiful color. It really makes the silver hardware pop. If I didn't have navy and cognac already.... Roman, why only one of these?
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