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Perfect, thanks much! The lighting is great, the background is neutral; this really helps! Navy and cognac look fantastic.Happy New Year!
Exactly. That is precisely the point. Navy works very well with greys as well (as does cognac), imo.Unfortunately, these images are made under such radically different lighting conditions and backgrounds from the previous one that it is impossible to make a judgment. I can't even discern if the darker brief is navy or black in these latest images.
In my opinion, absolutely yes.To my eye, from all the photographs I've seen (and I do believe that the physical product will match them faithfully), the Linjer navy straddles very well the line between unique and classic. It is light enough as to not be confused with black, but dark enough as to not be garish. I also think that the navy will develop a wonderful, but very subtle, patina. In addition, I think the silver hardware complements the navy color extremely well. It...
That photo is very helpful. I have asked Roman to make an image, if he can, including a cognac item, in order to see all three colors together. That first photo posted by Roman is also what got me on the navy train, but this comparative photo is quite useful.As far as the "matching issue" is concerned, I personally don't see any problem at all with navy and blue clothing. The two use completely different materials, finishes, and "hardware"; I think enough to take a navy...
A navy cardholder also, at $135K? I didn't realize that. Very nice!
Even closer now! I am really hoping this (navy portfolio) happens. That will be very elegant.Completely agree with this. I guess a second (wider) briefcase option would be more versatile than a longer version, but I do hope that someday Linjer can produce a longer briefcase as well, one that would accommodate a 16.5"/17.0" laptop and 11x17/A3 paper size. One can dream....This all sounds excellent.I look forward to seeing the women's collection as well.Looking forward to...
I don't think navy represents an issue at all in your context. I have no experience with Coronado; however, the design of that particular bag, and especially the large label, would disqualify it for me re: your situation. Maybe read this thread. Here is their navy offering: similar but more elegant, imo; vegetable tanned; and a better price than what you're looking at. Linjer prices/ordering here.
Some good replies already regarding deployant clasps. Personally, I find the "strap inside" option odd.Between "strap outside" single and double deployants, I prefer double, but that is purely a matter of fit and taste. I don't think there is a discernable comfort difference between the two versions.I have a couple of double deployants from Bob Davis, aka RHD and I find them to be quite comfortable and very durable (around 4 years, daily use). They have never...
Excellent choice!
Yes, of course. You (Speedy Six-Gun...) quoted me before I could correct that!
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