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I love the fact that the Big East teams heard all year that the Big10/12 teams were better. They came to the tournament and said, "Screw that." They have a great chance to go 4-0 tonight, and I hope they do.
Same here. They signed him to improve the team, and that needs to start now. What does Brown mean when he says he's "fitting him into the offensive system."? What system??? Sessions knows the p-and-r, just let him play and get to know these Western PGs better, starting now.
And oh the irony if Fish then goes on to get his sixth before Kobe does....Yeah, Fisher would fit well with the Thunder. Very defined role, suited to him. He and Perkins + all the young Turks...pretty scary.Agree somewhat re: Sessions, but the problem this year is there are only 20-21 games and few practices left before the play-offs. Steve Blake is not going to lead the Lakers to the Finals. I think they need to go all in on Sessions as a starter soon. It's not the total...
New Spike Lee film coming out soon: 'Jimbo Savin' Monay'.They can't do that this year. Maybe in the off-season, but I doubt they will. Jimbo doesn't care.Agree completely. Stupid move by the Lakers. Lose a team face, an old but clutch shooter, Kobe's guy, and a super leader, all to save some $. He will be missed, especially in Mike Brown's locker room and during the playoffs.
Or bartenders.
I assume the reference is to that little dust-up between Metta, Pierce, and KG under the Celtics basket near the end. No big deal, and if anything KG and Pierce were the instigators. Hardly a "dipshit" play by Metta. Just tough basketball at the end of a close game. Rondo wearing wrap-around shades in the pre-game? Kind of dipshitty. Yeah, Bynum was overjoyed, nice to see that.
Nothing happened. Typical Lakers-Celtics game, with a bit of typical chippiness. Metta played well.
Pathetic. Up by 21, game in hand, and some guy named Trevor Booker on a 9-win team beats them.Big Game James: "The Lakers have a serious virus. This team needs to de-bugged. This is serious." Big Game has not been happy lately.
I was just listening to some today. Nice collabo with Solaar:
True. And today a bunch of NBA point guards said "Jeremy Who"? Great performances.
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