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I've heard both. When anyone measures me on a brannock, I'm 11 wide. But I've always worn 11.5 or 12 shoes. I'm typically 11.5 wide in Alden and Allen Edmonds, though that is slightly long to account for my wide width (Alden and AE sales folks always want to start me in an 11.) I'm probably really an 11.25. :-)I wear 10.5 EEE in the 1000 mile. Hope that helps.If you're not wide, you might find some to try out at Nordstrom Rack, if you have one near you. My local Rack had...
I wear the 1000 mile in 10.5 EEE. To my wide foot, the 1000 mile is more rounded in the toe box than, say, an Alden Barrie boot. More similar, perhaps, to an Alden Trubalance boot. In Alden, even Trubalance, I end up going up 1/2 size to account for the tapered top and my high instep. So, there's some extra room at the tip, but I get the width and pressure over the laces that I like. Overall, on me the Alden fit is good, but I can tell there's some excess boot length. Not...
We went straight to the mountains from church yesterday, leading to this photo in the parking lot. When will Alden start making ski boots?
For your consideration, my brand new in box Alden x Brogue wingtip boot, in brown chromexcel, with commando soles. Size is 11.5 EE, on the Barrie last, with antique edges. More info on this boot $450 shipped in the continental USA. PM me for elsewhere. Thanks for looking!
Unfortunately, I also heard that the 6-eyelet machine is broken, and there are no immediate plans to fix it. I'm bummed, because I like many of those designs, too. Please let us know if they'll be back in production!
The shaft/quarters are unlined. The vamp seems to have a lining? (just eyeballing into the boot, I'm not an expert on this)
Agreed-- I wouldn't say my chamois boots didn't breathe at all, just that my feet happened to get hot in them. They were probably a width too narrow, too, so it might have been just a sizing issue.I decided to pull the trigger on the chamois LWB.
My custom 1000 Miles in natural cxl just got delivered. First wear, on the carpet, feels great.
Great looking chamois LWB!I'm debating a preorder of these right now. However, I used to own a chamois boot, and while it looked amazing my feet got so hot wearing them. My feet get hot easily anyway, but that leather and being a boot seemed to spike the temps quickly for me.So, I've been debating: would the shoe version be not as hot? Or maybe an alpine LWB or scotch grain LWB instead, to cover my need of an easy slush-and-rain shoe? What are your thoughts?
For your consideration, my Alden x Epaulet "Innsbruck" Indy boot, in natural chromexcel. Size is 11 EE, on the Trubalance last, with a commando sole. These were ordered by me from Epaulet and delivered in January 2016. They are in good condition, with typical creases and nicks and scratches. The soles are in very good shape, and there is a lot of life left in these boots. I've shifted my Barrie and Trubalance shoes and boots to 11.5, as I'm finding 11 a tad too...
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