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Thanks! They are "flat selvedge navy" by Todd Shelton. My current go-to pant for most anything.
Agreed @gm928, the AE website photos often leave much to be desired.To my eye, from some angles, the Alumnus can look a little disproportional. But it's a shoe that my extra wide feet feel happy in, so they get a lot of wear.
Alumnus today
For your consideration, my like new Epaulet GAT sport trainers, in unfinished horsehide. Size is 12.5. These will age and patina beautifully (see the links below.) I've worn them one time outside, for about 4-5 hours in the sun. They have already started to darken a little bit. They are just a bit too tight for my EEE-width feet. $125 shipped continental USA. PM me for elsewhere. Thanks for looking! More info on these unique shoes Info from the Fall 2015 order
For your consideration, my brand new in box Allen Edmonds x Massdrop chukka, in snuff suede. Size is 11.5 EEE (though they do not feel extra wide!) These are unlined and built on AE’s 511 last, and have an oil-soaked leather outsole. Details about this chukka boot They are soft, beautiful, and immediately comfortable, except they're too snug for my extra-wide feet. $150 shipped in continental USA. PM me for elsewhere. Thanks for looking!
Beautiful shoes! And a great seller.
I've heard both. When anyone measures me on a brannock, I'm 11 wide. But I've always worn 11.5 or 12 shoes. I'm typically 11.5 wide in Alden and Allen Edmonds, though that is slightly long to account for my wide width (Alden and AE sales folks always want to start me in an 11.) I'm probably really an 11.25. :-)I wear 10.5 EEE in the 1000 mile. Hope that helps.If you're not wide, you might find some to try out at Nordstrom Rack, if you have one near you. My local Rack had...
I wear the 1000 mile in 10.5 EEE. To my wide foot, the 1000 mile is more rounded in the toe box than, say, an Alden Barrie boot. More similar, perhaps, to an Alden Trubalance boot. In Alden, even Trubalance, I end up going up 1/2 size to account for the tapered top and my high instep. So, there's some extra room at the tip, but I get the width and pressure over the laces that I like. Overall, on me the Alden fit is good, but I can tell there's some excess boot length. Not...
We went straight to the mountains from church yesterday, leading to this photo in the parking lot. When will Alden start making ski boots?
For your consideration, my brand new in box Alden x Brogue wingtip boot, in brown chromexcel, with commando soles. Size is 11.5 EE, on the Barrie last, with antique edges. More info on this boot $399 shipped in the continental USA. PM me for elsewhere. Thanks for looking!
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