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Super helpful x2! Thanks for the pictures. That helps a lot.
Sorry I'm late to the game here. Cool shoes! I agree with the others about preferring the top model.I was just putting together an olive cxl Ranger Moc myself, inspired by these photos from someone's ebay ad: olive cxl Ranger MocsThe color on these ebay shoes is pretty dark, and they have the black RLH sole. The Rancourt design-your-own tool makes the olive cxl look fairly green. I remember the discussion here a month or two ago about the variation in dark olive cxl (I...
Thanks for the info! I'm 11EE in Barrie. I don't know that much about Viberg lasts. I emailed with Fok about the preorder, and was told: "The 2040 is a fixed width. I have a medium wide foot, and it fits me, but is snug. You may need a 2045, or the new 1035 last."
They are a little bit hard to find on the AoC site. They are listed on the same page as the AF104 (brown LWB): http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/Shoes-Brown_Wing_Tip_235.htmAdam says he expects delivery October-ish.There are some other new offerings listed similarly on the AoC site, such as the AF120, a brown Chromexcel boot with commando sole on Trubalance. It's listed on the AF88 page http://www.alden-of-carmel.com/Shoes-Brown_High_Boot_213.htm
Those Viberg derbys (derbies?) look amazing. Too bad they aren't available in wide width! :-(
Looking good! I have an order in with AoC for the brown alpine LWB, so it's great to see its big brother out in the wild. I've been digging the alpine grain recently.
I was talking to Moulded yesterday about putting commando on a pair of Modified LWB. They quoted me approx $240 for OEM commando soles, and said it would take about 10 days.
Hey Olaf, hope those snuff wingtip boots are treating you well! I loved those boots and hope J. Gilbert or someone gets another preorder going so I can order my correct size.
Thanks for the update! Sorry to hear they aren't the G fitting. I hope you're able to work out the return shipping.
Those look great! It's good to see plain toe snuff suede boots in the wild. I'm on the preorder for the Context snuff Roy boots and have been wondering how the plain toe + snuff + boot combo would look over time (the only snuff I've owned is a wingtip boot).
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