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Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I've bought several pairs from Moulded, and been happy with their service. However, the rumor was I might find shell modified in Japan. Unfortunately, I didn't find any. But Tokyo is a fun city to explore!
For your consideration, my brand new Alden x Brick and Mortar navy chromexcel longwings. These are on the Barrie last and have oiled "waterlock" leather soles. Size is 11.5 EE. No issues, I just had a lot of preorders come in at the same time, and I have too many longwings. More info from the Brick and Mortar website $499 shipped in the continental USA. PM me to ship elsewhere. Thanks for looking!
Thanks for the info and advice! I should have mentioned that the modified last works well for my odd feet, so I was hoping I might find some here. Although, I do have quite large feet, so that might not work well if they stock smaller sizes.
Hello gents, I'm in Japan for a work trip, and just found out I have a free day in Tokyo tomorrow. So, where should I go look at Aldens?
Agreed! I just picked up a pair. I'm debating getting the black/gray suede version, too. But really, if they'd just make the sport trainers in that gray horsehide....
Me too-- just ordered the horsehide sport trainers. Thanks everyone for the advice on the extra wide options.
Is this because your feet are extra wide (like mine)?I've been wanting some EP sneakers but hesitate because of width. I notice the description says, "If you take a wide fitting (US "E"), then we recommend the Sport Trainer, as its overall shape is more accomodating for wider feet. Extra-wide customers (US "EE" & "EEE") should consider sizing up a half to allow for extra width in the toe box.""Sport Trainer" means the stingray, right?Has anyone with EE+ feet tried a "size...
Thanks for the replies! I also had this itch to pull on it, but wasn't sure what would happen so I tried to push it down a bit. Tweezers just solved the problem.
Hello gents, What is this mysterious substance creeping out of the toe of my Indy boot? It looks like plastic.
Very nice! I've been eyeing a pair of H-width Vass chukkas. Please post some pictures, if you can.
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