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Brand new, Pretty Green Desert Boots in brown, size 11 UK. They're a bit tight (I have very wide feet), so I need to sell. Made with super soft Mossback suede and a natural crepe sole. Handmade in Northern Portugal Read more at the Pretty Green website
Ah, of course. That makes sense now. Thanks for the feedback!
Does anyone have experience with the Tricker's x Superdenim chukka boots? I have wide, high-volume feet, so I need all the girth the 4444 provides (especially in fitting 5). I'm eyeing these snuff chukkas, and the description says this model has "a slimmer soul". Not sure what that means, exactly.
Gorgeous! I see it's sold out, unfortunately. Anyone have experience/comments about the Wyatt motorcycle jacket, as an alternative?
Me too!(how many times now have I said, "OK that's the last purchase for a while" )
For your consideration, my Alden Indy boots, 405 model, size 11 EE. I bought these new from Alden San Francisco in December, 2014. I wore them 1-2 times/week for a month or so, but found that they're rubbing my pinky toes a bit too much. So, I'm going to stick with chromexcel Indy boots (more stretch). These have some normal light creases and scuffs, but are overall in good condition. Heels and soles are barely worn. Thanks for looking.
I'm in too! (how many until 12?)
Ha! Good point. I hadn't thought of that. We have a mirror by the utility sink in the back of our house.
Just received my EFF "Pearl Grey Summer Herringbone", and the sun comes out in the PNW! (Coincidence? I think not)
I went there on Monday. The shop looks great, especially the amazing massive single-piece wood display table. Yenni has some styles from J. Gilbert and AoC, as well as a bunch of pre-orders on the way (I think the list was referenced earlier in the thread; it's also on AoC website). Couldn't resist-- I put in an order for the brown cxl NST boot.I am not a penny loafer guy, but I really liked the look of the navy hand sewn mocc (up near the flowers in this pic)Alden Alden...
New Posts  All Forums: