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+1 Did you make those up, or can they be bought somewhere? My Winn Perry cigar 968 Palntations are my favorite pair. Well done.
Latest addition arrived today: Whiskey Cordovan longwings from Epaulet. Here with my Blackbird #8 shortwings, and black 2146... Also, please don't forget my BNIB Size 12 Foss Tuggers for sale on the eBay: Thanks!
Is is the general consensus that the Aberdeen last is narrower not shorter than the Barrie? My personal experience is that the Alden is a full size smaller than my other brands. However, guidance from Carmel that the Aberdeen is a half size shorter isn't my finding. My 2146s seem just as long as my Blackbird x Alden shortwings on the Barrie last. Where I notice the difference is in the fit across the width across the top. Maybe a stretching? I certainly find the Barrie...
Relax, Sunshine... Just trying to share the love. Bought them before I knew my true fit in Aldens. If you bothered to look before posting you saw that I'm not trying to gouge anybody. If someone here has black 11.5's BNIB, please talk to me about a trade.
Thanks for the forum and the great Alden thread... Found it through the incredible Leather Soul guys! If anyone is interested, I have a pair of BNIB Alden x Blackbird Foss Tuggers for sale. The now extinct black color in size 12 D. Please check them out, and let me know if you have questions. Best regards -
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