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I was in sky valet a couple months ago. They had an Alden cordovan cap toe boot #8 with commando sole, speed laces on a grant last.
My order arrived yesterday. Thanks for the PSA!
So what are some good penny loafers? I thought about getting the Peal and Co. brown penny loafers during the 25% off sale but decided against it. I have also been thinking about Alden penny loafers.
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman ^^ You can tell them what you want in the little additional requirements box I tried that once and it didn't work.
How do I adjust the roundness at the bottom of the shirt so I can wear it untucked? The current round setting is too round for casual, untucked shirts IMO.
1. My shoes are always shined. I will always do this myself. I will never pay to have my shoes shined. 2. I always shave. 3. No hats inside.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant If Hercules checks in- was that measured at EA or by a 3rd party? If the latter, they should be drubbed. It was measured at EA.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Louche BTW, Hercules - given your name, and some of the pics, do you happen to be a weight lifter? Hahahaha, no I'm not a weight lifter. Your suit looks pretty good. So did you give specific instructions for that fit?
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