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Those suede Cambridge boots are really nice. I am really tempted.
Can we get this going? I can be the 5th.
Those Dovers are beautiful. Enjoy.
I an seriously considering the Thorpe-will make up my mind in next couple of days.
I may be interested-how much are we talking (recognizing it can change due to currency fluctuations)? Thanks.
thanks for responses on the suede Derby boots.
Does anyone know the maker of the Peal Derby suede boots? Are they C&J or AS? Thanks.
Roger-those really are beautifiul. I did the Mahogany CC right around the same time and while I love what I got, I am jealous.
Those are beautiful-wear them in good health.
Lucky--I am paying college tuition for my daughter so that comes first. I also bought Dover in Gold Delapre earlier this year (should have my Mahogany CC any day now). Guess I'll wait until next year for 3rd Dover.
New Posts  All Forums: