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I have bought 2 pairs of AS from AFPOS and their service is second to none.
Nice collection!!What was the price range 20 years ago?[/quote]Three of the pairs were from Paul Stuart on sale for roughly $300 (when full price was around $450). The 4th was from Lous Boston and was similarly priced back then.
My EG Collection. Shoes in first row are all over 20 years old. Guess I need some Galways.
I also bought Dover in Gold Delapre from LS and love them.
Which Saks store? I know that have EG in both NY and Chicago at least.
I was told by a salesman last week in the Oak Street store in Chicago that Paul Stuart is opening a DC store in the new City Center complex near Chinatown. Targeting a February 2015 opening. Hopefully true.
Just got my AS Charltons which I ordered on Saturday. They fit and look great. Thanks again to AFPOS for their truly great service.
Saw the Farringdon and a suede loafer (sort of brownish-grey) in my size (7.5UK). Everything was mixed in on racks along with other sale shoes. Sorry I can't be of more help.
FYI-a handful of odd EG on sale (30%) off at Saks in NYC (prices include lasted shoe trees). Picked up a Farringdon in Rosewood Country Calf that I had been longing for.
Gentlemen: Any of the EG sale shoes left in 7.5? Thank you.
New Posts  All Forums: