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PSNY-great looking boots and nice view from your apartment
Very nice. My next purchase would be something in Chestnut Hatch. Someone already grabbed the amazing Hove that Skoak is carrying in my size (he who hesitates...).
I did Arran in Rioja Hatch. I though long and hard about Cherry and Chestnut Hatch .
Our Boston brethren have done very nicely at Mr. Sid.
If one of you gentlemen purchased the Hove in Chestnut Hatch in 7.5 from Skoak--thanks. You saved me from myself.
No patina either. I ended up going with the TG73 last with Oak Bark soles. Little safer for me than Deco last.
seems reasonable-just wearing my Galways for the 1st time.
ColdinBoston and Justin-amazing shoes.
just ordered Arran in Rioja Hatch.
that explains it-I priced an Arran last night and there was no MTO fee.
New Posts  All Forums: