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Those Nevis are beautiful.Moosic-I just had an Albion made in Nightshade that I really like (first saw it at a trunk show). A little dressier than Galway.
Mike-those are amazing. I think Unipair has a couple of these left.
what a great response.
Beautiful Shannons.
very nice
I have Ventnor and did size down from 7.5 to 7.
Daizawaguy-Those really are beautiful. Just got my Arran in Rioja Hatch so will post a picture this weekend.
Dover-In addition to Mahogany CC, have Gold Delapre (really more like Chestnut) and Mink suede.
x-post from EG-Albion in NIghtshade..
I take same size in EG and GG. I think conventional wisdom is that GG is a little narrower. if 202 is at all tight, I would go up a width in GG.
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