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Yes I did see unlined Dover but was really taken with Nightshade Albion.
Nice trunk show last night with Hillary at Sid Mashburn in DC. Fell in love with Albion boot in NIghtshade. One really nice new color called antique redwood (sort of Dark Oak meets Chestnut).
Very nice--hope you kill NCSU this weekend.
Those Arran are amazing. Ordered Arran in Rioja Hatch 2 weeks ago. Wish I had seen this one.
DL-very nice. Mink suede?
I do not have anything in Ridgeway but find Dainite very slippery on wet brick and tile.
SKM: Those are great. I think I need some burnt pine.
Looking good.
PSNY-great looking boots and nice view from your apartment
Very nice. My next purchase would be something in Chestnut Hatch. Someone already grabbed the amazing Hove that Skoak is carrying in my size (he who hesitates...).
New Posts  All Forums: