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Robin and Oak Room provide great service.
Roger: Those are beautiful. Still waiting for mine from Skoak from February (initial pair did not pass quality control).
prefer the one on the left also.
Radwell are really nice.
I second that-those are beautiful.
I was lucky enough to get these at Saks in NY about 2 years ago on sale no less. Had seen them in their Chicago store and really loved them.
Europrep: Thanks for that Glencoe shot. Much better than my indoor shot on G&G thread. They are great despite being a little darker than expected.
a bit darker (almost like a light burgundy)
You are welcome. Indoor I-phone photo does not do them justice. Thorpe would look great in this.
Here is indoor shot of Glencoe. Will take outdoor shot over the weekend in natural light. In any event, I love these.
New Posts  All Forums: