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I haven't received my notification yet-can only hope mine look like that.
Congratulations-those are beautiful.
For those of us in the US, we were pretty lucky the last couple of years due to the strength in the dollar. This was not going to last forever. Skoak has been tremendous to work with. Moreover, it's not like we have a ton of alternatives here in the US for EG. While I may not like to have to pay $300+ more for the same pair of shoes, if I am going to buy EG, there is no other place I'd rather get them from. P.S. Glad I was in on the Galway restock from earlier this year.
Just got my package of Dover in Mink Suede (8 days by regular mail service to east coast of US). Will try and post photo later. Thanks Skoak.
Thanks. That will certainly be on my itinerary.
I am heading to London for a week in late August. Where is the Drake's Factory store? Thanks.
agreed Tech--really nice
Much appreciated.
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