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I have Coniston in dark brown (Fransboone stocks them ) so Glencoe in this color still seems very enticing. At least I have 2 more weeks to decide.
Those Glencoes really are gorgeous. Tired of having to sneak boxes from work into the house past my wife and daughter and I have 2 EGs on order from Skoak already.
Farhad: Those are beautiful. What color is that?
Cleav-you have an amazing shoe collection.
Went over there on Sunday. Beautiful store with beautiful clothes. Bought a dress shirt and a casual shirt and could have spent a lot more (waiting for 2 EG shoes from Skoak so had to show some restraint). Price points for certain items may be an issue for DC types who are used to Brooks Brothers. Hopefully they will do well.
I received the same ones today. Thanks Robin-excellent service.
Are those the Woburn Chestnut? I am waiting for pair from the Far East.
Thanks-I will certainly post picture when they get here (another 3 months probably)
Enjoy-those are beautiful. Have a few months to wait for my next Dover in mink suede.
I am buying the Woburn. Have a lot of EG-my first GG.
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