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I don't think it looks so bad; but I'd venture it's a lost cause sizing up one if you're hoping to achieve the svelte rocker look. I did a quick google search, but this is pretty representative of what I think the brand has in mind:Obviously, other people wear it differently who aren't 110 pound models, but one gets the idea.
I'm 5'6, 120, and I always have to have my SLP shirts taken up a couple inches (as well as sleeves, and usually in an inch along the sides), if that helps.Teddy should be 42 or 44. If you have muscular shoulders/pecs the 42 might be pushing it, but it'll look better in general since the jacket is a bit large relatively speaking.
Agreed post a pic. There's probably an ideal look for it, but sometimes you can rock it your own way which will be fine. It's usually pretty obvious. I wouldn't worry about comfort. Tight clothes aren't going to win on that front.
What's your body type? If you're on the muscular side it might be a lost cause. I've seen it look best on skinny types without much upper body definition, and let it drape open mostly.
Looks good to me. I like that sleek look.
Yes - definitely get a 28. 28's my normal size, and this past season has been loose in the waist. I went w/ it thinking it was a nice break for my waistline, but now with a little stretch in the thighs/calves they just look loose all around. I guess it's the slouch look 15 years late.
I wear a size 41 in SLPs, and have MMM GATs in 42, Nikes in 9.5, Converse in 8.5 as you. One heads up is if your feet are on the wider side go with the 41.5, as they're somewhat slim/narrow.
I read a brief article on Maison Francis Kurkjian recently, and was wondering if there were a scent you all would recommend by them, if any. Thank you in advance!
OhMe, re: the stars blazer. I've noticed the past season or two's blazers are not as tapered along the waist, so I usually mine taken in a touch on either side. Armholes are high and shoulders are fitted, so that's great and what matters most assuming you're okay with tailoring. My blazers tend to pull a touch if I have them buttoned, but I have them cut very severe. I don't wear them buttoned all that much. Strangely, my DH suiting and blazer (only own one) do not pull,...
What's your body-type, height/weight? IME, the overcoats have a little room but they are cut slim in the shoulders with high armholes, so if you're thinking a chunky sweater underneath you might be hard pressed. The SLP aesthetic isn't necessarily long and drapey, so the shorter cut might be on point.
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