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57th.Good luck on the discount, hahaha. I think all the leathers are north of 3.5K and I don't recall seeing any discounted.
They have a cool SA there named Donald, who occasionally works some magic (e.g., can get access to items before they drop in the States).
I saw it at 44 in the NYC Madison Ave boutique, but believe it was the "last one." Very cool fit and less billowy than a lot of their other items. If I didn't have a two-year old (bad news for suede), I would've picked it up for sure. On the quality front, 95% of what I have seen is made in Italy and on par if not slightly better than most other high-end designers, such as Balenciaga, Lanvin, etc. I'd even say SLP leathers tend to be nicer. Is it on the same level as...
That third clip (dunk on bosh) is outstanding. He's like the perfect combo of long & lean with a natural grace to his movement. When did the Greek Freak start playing basketball?
Apropos avatar name for that get up, to boot. No pun intended
If you guys ever find yourselves in Philadelphia, check out the Fat Ham. They have this super spicy fried chicken in the University City (U of P, Drexel) area of the city, so a cool young, eclectic vibe and fantastic fried chicken. Fried oyster shooters are ballin' too if you want to go all out.
That was a lot of effort Bawlin!
Count calories, find out what you're really eating. Don't worry too much about the exercising, in fact, it could be counterproductive if your one goal is weight loss. Drink more water, don't snack like a pig, and focus on more veggies, especially leafy greens. You'll have to deal with some hunger while you're losing weight, it's not necessarily fun but the end result is worth it.
Earn big bucks man. Plus the better you dress the more money you'll earn. Give it time. Go for staples, basic pieces, first. If you're going to get something splashy, then wait for a sale, but IMO, if it's on sale, it's probably not that cool in the first place, so save your money for what you really like. For SLP, I'd focus on some dressier denim, maybe a super sleek t-shirt, then move to blazers, light jackets, and shoes should always be mixed in. Shoes are your...
I know at Dior they do not get the real-deal suits, but rather lower quality versions! For instance, the suits the SAs get are not fully canvassed. Thanks for the heads up on the duffles Kieran.
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