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I think that looks great. It's good to feel somewhat constricted; it's not like you're playing basketball for a living.
Sleek black suede...I like:
I thought it was an interesting read, too, in particular re: his creative process and sourcing of fabrics. When I read about semiotics I thought "so French."
This thread is really great. Lots of good looks and tres active. Prudy how tall are you, 6'7"?
I definitely get the sense that washed denim has overtaken raws. Don't get me wrong, it still looks great, but I think new blood getting into denim go for some slim washes a la SLP rather than the Japanese raws.
ohyehh the flannel looks outstanding on you. Colors look great. Maybe a touch long in the body, but that's relative to other SLP which is so short that most people would think the L length is merely normal.
Would you rather own a plane (BLNT) or a yacht (Sub)? In all seriousness, blue gmt is the hottest right now and is more noticeable. The sub is timeless and a touch more discreet.
Outstanding watches in this latest spate of pics! Here's a humble addition:
Guaranteed to be bad weather when I'm in Paris.
I'll be in Paris this weekend and am interested to know which is the best men's store as well. The hassle of the airport detax and customs is almost enough to put me off though.
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