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Awesome jacket, IMO. Is it made in Italy, Japan?
A lot of ugly going on here gents.
5.5 miles on the treadmill. Watched bloopers on ESPN which was somewhat dangerous.
Bullitt I'm not feeling it. There seems to be too much leather going on in the back area, and the arms seem really wide and not at all skinny. The midsection is tight and rises, so I'd shop around for another piece if you can still return.
I imagine this has been asked before, but the search results were unpromising. Is it okay to wear a backpack, a nice one? I travel a lot and have been having shoulder/neck pain, which I think is partly due to the heavy briefcase/portfolio bag I carry around. Can one ever get away with a backpack in a business setting?
I have avoided this thread for about a year, but was bored enough watching these NFL playoffs to check it out. This stuff isn't bad at all! How's the quality, all MIC?
New F/W 2014 collection best in a while, IMO: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/F2014MEN-CDMEN/
Not really. There's something to be said for sticking to the vision of the designer. That's why they're a creative director in the first place.I admit that SF may represent the 1% of fashionistas so this may not hold as true in the comfy confines of thr forum.On a related point when I see the MTM guys on MW posting their suits I'm mostly shuddering in horror at the garish patterns, too-large shoulders, and billowy pant legs but if someone posts the rare tailored Jil or...
My first instinct was no, but then started to love...should I kop:Some more: [[SPOILER]]
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