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Yes, they seemed quite adamant about sizing down on the web store.
Stitching seems a touch sloppy around the belt loops. Any better pics of the leather tag? The logo is sometimes a giveaway.
I had a similar thought. Oh cool! and then I thought about myself wearing them in almost any situation except maybe at a concert would look faintly ridiculous. Maybe some can pull it off though with a plain white t?
Thanks Neon I just dropped $750 on a Hawaiian shirt thanks to you. In all seriousness, they look great and I'm excited. Will it ever get warm again?
OakGhost - do you mind me asking how tall you are, and what size jeans those are? They look perfect, and you rock the Teddy well. Good to hear that it's available in 42, as when I tried the 44 I felt it was boxy in a bad way. I range around 126 pounds and am 5'6" so felt I was being swallowed.
But will it still be cool post Hedi?
Does anyone have experience with Dior Homme leathers? I saw this piece on their runway show and thought it looked promising, but could use some insights.
Great question. I think a MMM 5-zip should fit perfect w/ a t-shirt more so than with a knitwear beneath. Are you envisioning it more of a fall/winter type of item, or spring/summer? Any climate conditions in your region?
Ha, but the past tense begs the question, what about going forward? Obviously, the question is not leaving this moment but after his LA show. There could be a little tongue & cheek from Hedi and his posse.
New Posts  All Forums: