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I've dry cleaned all my SL jeans, and never had an issue. Way too lazy to go through the whole soaking thing anymore. Heads up, and I may have mentioned this before, if you're as dumb as me and buy the white denim remove the black leather tag before having it cleaned. My cleaner had this whole big issue where the black leather tag bled into the white fabric, but somehow he was able to remove all the black dye (good ol' bleach I suppose!) without it being noticeable. Of...
For some reason, I find this band t-shirt conversation interesting. The Goo SY shirt seems so much cooler than the horrid refrigerator one. I tried to pull off a Nirvana t-shirt about a year ago, and it was just a bad move. Slann can make it look effortless though and it helps that the backdrop is gritty, always awesome Rome.
looks awesome. thinking about picking up one of those breton sweaters. any fit advice of note or just go TTS?
I was expecting much worse. I like that there's some humor to it. Some of the cuts look different but maybe it's the photography. That'd bug me more, as I can safely ignore the garish patches but understand some may be into that. Maybe I could like Vaccarelo.
I believe that's the one. Pricey piece but has that standout factor that's difficult to put one's finger on.I wanted to get another jacket from this winter season that was a little more substantial, but sold out in 44 early on:I'll stop getting on the DH tangent now. I suppose we'll have a few wayward discussions during the transition to AV.
I happen to have the black DH racer. It's like butter and I get tons of compliments. It has a subtle dark blue interior, so has that modern touch.I want to get an SLP biker but I always feel it's costume-y on me, which probably suggests I don't have the mindset to pull it off (for instance, I'd be aghast to get it dirty!). The local shop has it in a 42, which is pretty amazing.
Towns is so good he alone almost makes the 2015 draft a good to very great one.
Count me in as another fan of those combat boots. Do you mind sharing where you found them? When I look at the online store I see the crocodile embossed version.
Curious about the jodhpurs...are they considered a casual boot? How do you all wear them? Could one pull them off with a suit similar to a chelsea assuming not the most formal business occasions?
I remember that post and agree that it was spot on.
New Posts  All Forums: