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I have not read Le Carre - is there a best novel with which to start?
This is great stuff. I lean toward non-fiction. Here's what I've done so far this year, although I expect this thread will bump up my voraciousness. (BTW--Kindle makes this a lot easier to list!) City of Fortune: How Venice Ruled the Seas. Roger Crowley. - Very accessible, easy slice into the Mediterranean 1453: The Holy War for Constantinople and the Clash of Islam and the West. Roger Crowley. - Love reading about the Ottomans Count of Monte Cristo. Alexandre...
Did anyone read the SLP piece in the WSJ today? The theme of the article was about how Hedi has returned the house to its roots, but in a specific way, not Haute Couture, but rather RTW and the Rive Gauche line. Instead of Morocco, we're talking the new epicenter being LA. Interesting piece. Since it's the journal, they included sales figures, as one might expect the numbers quoted were high, and indicated a ~25% increase in yearly revenues each year since he's been...
It may be a case-by-case basis. The SLP suits I've seen are in the 2K price range, while that MrP tux piece is $3500+. I would fully expect that to be fully canvassed. That's the price point for DH suiting, as an aside.
Quite good is right on. It's not top of the line, though. For instance, the suits are not fully canvassed. These little details matter.That said, for their genre, this is luxury. Almost everything is made in Italy. I own one item made in France from SLP and it is better.
Jwoo, those threads and jeans look great man!I saw the plaids in person, and yes A&F might have that type of shirt, but SLP is obviously the luxury version and will make you feel uber. That's part of the fun.
Thanks Alexander -- you rock it much better than me, and those jeans look great on you.
Picked up the nylon black backpack. World of difference for my casual goings, and surprisingly I've gotten two or three compliments in one day of wearing it! Vacillating on this black, stretch denim jacket. For some reason, I've been gunning for a denim jacket and wanted something somewhat aggressive. It's cut very short and definitely slim, I love it, but I wonder if at age 34 there's no time for me to wear it and look good!
Great pics guys! I've always had a soft spot for moon phases on watches.
Great perspective. Point well taken. The only difference I detect is that the Sixers seem to be aiming purely on potential and not on college performance or NBA-readiness.
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