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Cool although the tiger print just makes me think of what's to come. Maybe I'm hyper sensitive.
Is anyone reading Boys Among Men by Jonathan Abrams? It's about the HS to pros leap in the NBA, basically a chronicle of various histories, dynamics behind the scenes, and some obscure but interesting interviews. It's written at about 8th grade level (to be kind), but otherwise there are some interesting tidbits and it's eye opening to follow some rags-to-riches stories in more detail. SA seems unbeatable.
The classic skinny suit (with the tapered waist) is an Hedi design. It's awesome and fully canvased. Occasionally I'll pick up a slim tie and the dress shirts, some of which are Hedi era cuts IIRC.The other distinction is the scar details on most of the knitwear, etc, and these I suppose have strayed somewhat, but generally the cashmere v- and crew necks are staples. Finally I have a slim blue blazer, that is super skinny with the tiny lapels. It's pretty amazing...
I still buy Dior many years post Hedi. That said, they have some items which stayed true to his vision and I like KVA's focus on minimalism and a dressier aesthetic on top of the lux quality of the goods.I would anticipate that I'll still buy SLP (in fact I have since Hedi's departure), although I'm more skeptical because what I have seen from Vaccarello is somewhat unseemly.
Looks outstanding. Love the jeans and jacket especially, okay, and the frayed shirt.
I'd go TTS with their denim jackets. They're definitely cut slim and short. I have an XS and it fits me spot on, I'm 5'6" 120-123 for reference. I had the sleeves taken up an inch or so but that's about it. It's a slimmer cut than the varsity jacket.
RE: Linstar. Funny, I have tried on some SLP sweaters that were just unbearable in terms of scratchiness. Sometimes the authenticity and Scottish wool can be a bit much. That said, their cashmere sweaters with the crewneck collar are a staple of mine now. Perfect fit for my frame in XS, and can be dressed up (collared dress shirt underneath) or down easily. So soft.
I'm from Philadelphia, and one of the rare breed of Hinkie supporters. I'm disappointed now, doubly, because we went into a high-risk strategy, but now are bailing at year 3, when everyone knew it'd be a 4 - 5 year process. The system is being replaced with its anthesis, the Coangelos, who are old-breed, "where are the basketball guys?" thinkers, so I don't see how this nepotism will transition well from Hinkie-ism. I read Hinkie's letter, and it struck me as 50%...
Great posts!!
This may have been done to death, but how much do you shorter guys get your denim hemmed? I'm looking at the low waist, skinny cut (what I consider the classic Hedi SLP now!) with a 15.5cm opening. I'm only 5'6", so am wondering if I should knock off 2", maybe a little more or less? I like some stacking but not sloppy.
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