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I'd add baby spinach. Steam that up and it'll go great as a base to your proteins plus it gives you iron and mixes it up from the spring mix.I know you're low carb, but some berries in the morning might be good for the antioxidants and they pack a punch, plus good fiber.
Looks amazing!
Way too big, for instance, arms are huge so a) looks as though it does not fit, and b) misses the aesthetic that is appreciated on this thread.
Ahh, that is sad news indeed. I do not expect the quality to hold up if that transition is made; I suppose we'll see. I wonder if Hedi will go to another house, lay low for a while, etc.Kieran based on your fits and styles, I truly see you as a Prorsum/SLP guy in the pure. The only other things that come to mind is Jil and DH, but neither is quite to your aesthetic. if you're ever in the states the DH boutique in SoHo is edgier than all the others and closer to the...
I don't have their derbies, but their other shoes run large for me. I size down one. On a related note, the construction tends to be top notch, goodyear, etc.
This comes up quite a bit. There is one camp who does use shoe trees, and they tend to be the type that notice the way you lace speakers or if there is a spec/mark on anything, and another group who does not use shoe trees, and treat them like nice beaters.I started in the former pack and then went down the latter after a few years and not being bothered to use shoe trees. Save those trees for when you start wearing John Lobb.
I dry clean my washed denim and just make a point of it being a special garment, although my cleaners know I'm a fussy client so it's not a problem. i don't wash my raw denim except maybe once a year (I have a broad rotation, so it's not as though I'm perspiring in them). When I do, I go the Woolite dark in lukewarm bath water trick, although at age 36 I'm a lot less motivated to go through this trouble than I was years ago!
GeneralNegative, they look great. I'd get a couple inches off, just make sure it's done correctly with the original hem.
Thanks guys for resurrecting this thread! Some great fit pics above.
Yes, I never really felt the fit of the super stretch denim from Dior, but they're all about it. I'm sure some people rock them well, but didn't work for me. Easily their best is the MIJ raw denim, 17.5cm cut, which is top quality and wash. Their best washes are a few years behind now. If you're into size 26 try their SF and Las Vegas boutiques.SLP's 15.5 skinny cut is my favorite now, although I don't get the sense that the quality is the same as DH.
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