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Part of that was Hedi, and then the latter half KVA. KVA still does jeans, but hasn't changed the cuts, there is a 19cm and a 17.5cm. They're still made in Italy or Japan, and each season there are at least 2 - 3 new washes.
chapuchi, i agree, it looks great. i wouldn't fiddle with the sleeves. leather looks great.
I went a whole year without getting a cold even though I have two toddlers in daycare. I attributed it to my Vitamix, same idea as you guys, green smoothie in the morning, usually babe spinach + banana + frozen berries, maybe a greek yogurt, almond milk plus, etc. I feed the family with it. Oh, and ground flax seeds. I occasionally through in a half an avocado, or plant-based protein powders, and in the summer I could live off of smoothies but don't because of...
It's tricky; if you're in between, the 46 tailored would be best, unless you think you're going to get smaller (i.e., lose a lot of weight), although I'm assuming you're fitting the jacket to your shoulders first.The only place I'd get it done is in NYC where they'd send it to a "leather specialist" (i.e., don't have an in-house tailor, non-leather specialist do it). They'll probably charge you about $150 (a guess), unless you buy it there, of course. Anywhere else, I'd...
Ha, you can't recommend that XS over the S for him, can you?
This is sage advice, especially if you're late teens or early twenties.
Agreed with LAGuy. I understand your pain, being an SLP fan, too. You want to rock the SL1 in the tightest way possible, but Small is still small and fits you very well. Plus, the XS would be a bother if you ever eat a big meal; I'm not joking. Being tight on the stomach might not be the most flattering look. You have good proportions for that jacket btw.
Hmm, you might be on the muscular end of the spectrum. I'm thinking 50 would be safe. Edit -- judging from the post below, don't listen to me! I haven't progressed from the 2002 DH look.
Dino that looks incredible on you. Solid is the word that comes to mind but is such an understatement.
It seemed like a fun show and a lot of the pieces were obviously cool. The red velvet is pretty awesome and fits LA. i could use LA weather right now (in NYC).
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