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DH is steering toward SLP territory in the latest F/W collection. It's amusing some of the styles, but the neat thing is it's very luxe. Their Madison avenue store has some of the new pieces.
I've strayed today from SLP. For the first time I picked up some Gucci shorts (it's finally hot here in PA)...I can see myself losing interest post Hedi.
Sounds good to me. I only buy at the boutiques, so I'm unfamiliar with other prices. That sounds about 50% of what I would expect at retail, so a good deal assuming it's all legit. The construction is usually very solid.
Agreed, I size down one in Dior formal shoes.
The 57th flagship boutique in Manhattan is my favorite. They often have early pieces, and a wide assortment including in small or very small sizes. I work with Donald there and would highly recommend him. On top of all that, they are one of the few boutiques with a fully competent tailor.
Oak ghost; you're killing it man! Looks great.
Felt the same way. Ibaka looks useless compared to Adams, who is coming up huge. Did something happen to Bogut; he seems completely out of sorts.
Slann the leather fits you perfect and the brown flannel looks great. I never thought I'd like a brown flannel, at least not since 1994 when I was attempting to be Kurt Cobain. And yes the brooch is a nice touch. When I was in the Manhattan boutique the place was packed, and the SAs were nice as always but definitely leery about the change of director.
I recommend the following for raws:Fill a bathtub about a quarter way with lukewarm (if very dirty, don't mind a modicum of shrinkage) or cold waterAdd a small amount of Woolite DarkTurn jeans inside out place them in the water and mix it around a bitLet soak for about 30 minutesEmpty tub and rinse jeans in cold, fresh water to remove any detergentHang dry right-side out in sun if you want fades, inside your house if trying to preserve as much as possible the dark...
I've tried the no-breakfast fasting thing, which was quite easy since I don't get that hungry for breakfast. However, I started feeling crummy mid morning and noticed I was getting periodically worn out, lethargic and the sniffles here & there. I'm unsure if this was coincidental, but after switching to a light breakfast of berries and whole wheat toast (~200-250) calories I have sufficient energy until lunch and don't feel crappy at all.I'm an American, so intermittent...
New Posts  All Forums: