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I have a modicum of interest on how Vaccarello will do. Assuming he keeps the SLP line and aesthetic...and the permanent collection sticks around a season or two, who knows, maybe he'll surprise us? I'm completely unfamiliar with Versace, and perhaps he will alter the aesthetic from there (sleazy?) to SLP accordingly. I'm curious how YSL made the business decision, as it seems that the issue with Hedi was not creative freedom but rather money. Revenues for YSL have...
I've seen it, and agree with cyc above. It has the oversize look. I would recommend sizing down similar to the idea behind the varsity.
Haha, good call Rattler, but yes, Kieran has it locked down the best, but edges toward a slightly dressier style if you can say that for SLP. Things that I would not consider Kieran essentials, speaking completely out of turn here, would be the biker leathers, the Californian flannels or trucker hats, the vans-esque sneakers, and the more plebeian looking army gear (officer level is okay).
I'm with Gustav above. Of course this is disappointing, but somewhat expected especially since it was common knowledge that Hedi's contract was up EOM, and there was no announcement of a resigning. That said, YSL/SLP (a little confusing admittedly) has tremendous brand equity, and Hedi's not the only talented designed in the world.
Have to say, Hedi seems to have a genius for denim. At least on OakGhost he does.
The construction on all my SLP items is solid and I've never had anything even come close to falling apart on me. I'm not saying that everything is hand stitched or using the finest, most luxe fabrics but that's not necessarily the idea anyway.
Those are cool, could use a hem!
I'd add baby spinach. Steam that up and it'll go great as a base to your proteins plus it gives you iron and mixes it up from the spring mix.I know you're low carb, but some berries in the morning might be good for the antioxidants and they pack a punch, plus good fiber.
Looks amazing!
Way too big, for instance, arms are huge so a) looks as though it does not fit, and b) misses the aesthetic that is appreciated on this thread.
New Posts  All Forums: