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Insanely awesome pics - thanks!!
That looks amazing 2 carbs?
I haven't heard of Nagao, judging by the pics it looks very asian fusion-y to me. Kiriko's a high bar!I'm a big fan of Mori, Shunji (wow!), Kiriko, and Urasawa (let that last one slip in, but once-a-year thing at most)...I've done Sushi Zo a boatload of times, because the warm rice and sauce thing is fun and not found on the East Coast. Sugar fish was a step below Zo (or two steps) and Sasabune to me. I liked Sasabune, but we have one in NYC.Anyway, I'm thinking about...
yes, about that. it's all in the same league for the hermes, dior, loro cashmere sweaters. i'm imagine one could get the same 'quality' somewhere else, but i'm more into the look and more importantly how i feel wearing something. it's like the guy wearing the brioni suit. 95% of people (if not more), do not know that he's wearing brioni, but he knows it, feels it, and those who know, matter.that was the most elitist thing i've ever said. in reality, i just like that...
I don't know if it's in my mind, but the new cashmere sweaters i picked up (dior) seem super warm and toasty compared to my standard, thinner merino wools from jil. once i started feeling the cashmere i don't think i can go back, although i'm sure i'll ruin them in a drunken soy sauce fest if not careful.
Yes, a real shame. The Lakers are going to be...interesting this year. I'm a Randle believer. Not a Lin believer.
One of the best things about having the date function is the functionality. I don't mean to sound facetious, but I find the date very useful.
Sporting my EXPII with a "canary" yellow cardigan - trying to counter the cold, overcast skies of the Northeast right now!
Was just thinking about this, since I'm picking up two cashmere v-necks. Once you start on the sweater addiction, it's a difficult one to stop. I have a light navy cashmere, yellowish/gold cashmere, black crew neck, and then a dark navy with a touch of gray v-neck as my core rotation. After that, maybe 3-4 others that I wear periodically. I don't ever wash my sweaters so having about a dozen is a necessity.
Ducktrap Wild Mackerel Fillets2 oz - 12g protein, 8g fat, 0g carbsThey're are about 3.5 oz per package, so close to your macros but missing the carbs. Pop them in a wrap or raw nori and maybe some rice. Super tasty.I'm a low-carb guy, so not as familiar with how to carb it up but making it a roll would do the trick.
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