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Why do you think they dumb them down, so to speak? Complaints about being too tight? (Curious, not doubting it.)
First is also made in Japan vs made in Italy for the second, if it matters to you.
Looks great.
It looks great. To most people that's a slim cut, to SF folks especially on SW&D you could size down one to achieve the skinny look. I always veer in that direction. I get it if you're a chunky sweater guy though and then it'd be too tight. It should always feel somewhat restricting akin to a slim suit. Really it's personal preference. Leather looks nice.
When I open the garment bag I can't help but smile when the smell hits me. So fresh, so luxe, for lack of a better word. I can imagine the smell adds to the personality of the garment.
I noticed. It seems the past couple times I've been (late 2014, and last month) there seems to be a quiet vibe in the air. I stay at the W Westwood, which was even rebranded to the W West Hollywood. I guess that says something!Any reason why re: the decline?
Speaking of LA traffic, I was in Westwood recently and drove into the downtown to check out Q! Sushi. The traffic was so bad that I got carsick and lost my appetite. Fortunately the nigiri was so good that it reawakened my sushi cravings. Great place. As good as Mori? No, Maru-san is still the master, but it's about tied for second with Shunji. Go to Shunji for the more eclectic cuisine and hipster vibe. Q is for nigiri purists. Tsujiki for a good deal.
Picked up the Hedi jacket in black suede. Quality seems top notch. The feel is silky smooth. Posted this in the leathers thread, but figured with all the great looks here I could take it down a notch. [[SPOILER]]
How does this suede look? I'm having a terrible time getting pics of the black suede. On a strange note, I'm in love with the smell. [[SPOILER]]
I'm 5'6" and when I hem I always regret it. As long as the leg opening is slim and you pay attention to your stacking so that it doesn't look sloppy, it still can be cool.
New Posts  All Forums: