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Does anyone have experience with the military parkas from the permanent collection? All this beater wear discussion has piqued my curiosity, but I haven't seen them at a boutique or any fit pics, etc.
Didn't know that about the sneakers. Makes sense. The first item I bought from SLP were the black lows and they look better now four years later (I don't wear them that much).
It's an interesting topic. I remember when I bought my first Dior suit, I was almost afraid to wear it, but the SAs there offered a good bit of advice, once you start wearing it, it just becomes routine and you don't fuss about it as much. Now it's like second skin. I don't think it's a problem if people are fussy with SLP, even though some envision the brand with the FU luster. I steer more toward the dressier pieces (of course I'm wearing a camouflage hoodie to belie...
Rattler's spot on, as always. I'm a bit OCD with clothes, but have been "letting go" with some of the slouchy items for lack of a better term, lately, such as the hoodie with stars (ton of fun for a 90s guy like me), and the duffle coat, which works like a dream in the bitter winter. On a tangental point, I noticed the Summer '17 stuff is up front and center for both men and women now. They have even more logo iterations for the women (e.g., lower case ysl in a playful...
Oh wow. I don't mind the snake sweatshirt, but how things have changed! I didn't expect such a sea change, to be honest, I thought it'd be more of the same with Hedi's old designers and AV adding a bit here and there.
I think the rule of thumb is if the D02 raws fit great out of the box, they may get a touch slouchy but still slim after stretching. They'll stretch about a half inch with usual wear.If they are tight/uncomfortable out of the box (e.g., for me, I considered opening the top button after a big meal), then they'll retain the skinny look even after stretching.
Thanks for the link. As a whole, as I scroll through the page, it strikes me as inoffensive, as you mentioned, and I gave a few head nods. I can't think of one thing I'd purchase; however, I'm a little dressier than most of these types of pieces, so interested in seeing what the fuller collection will offer.
Looks great to me, too. I could see you sizing down and then having issues zippering, especially after Thanksgiving or some gorge fest.
Looks terrible. Maybe $150 for beaters.
I have the classic duffle in 44 and love it. It took me some time to warm up to it, and I had it shortened an inch from the bottom and sleeves, however, with the winter I'm really enjoying the flowing look and the ability to layer underneath. It is not slim, so you have to roll with it. The wool is heavy and extremely warm. It's a compliment-magnet.
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