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5 miles this morning, felt dead as usual now that I've cut carbs, but wasn't unbearable.
That doesn't seem that outlandish to me. I've had Dior transform 19 cm slim jeans into 17.5cm skinny jeans. They match the measurements.All you need to do is purchase the larger pair and have their tailor taper as you want. It may not be the perfect "look" however and yes you are taking a risk. Make sure you have a GREAT SA who will guide the tailor, because the tailor, let's face it, is far from a designer.
19,345.4 + 4.4 = 19,349.8
Those multi-zips look great!
4.4 easy miles today too.
That would be smart, as I think the zipper jeans could look cool on a more muscular, I don't give a shit, frame. Right now, for skinny jeans, you'd need to be around 142 pounds (take your height in inches and multiple by 2 for the skinny-jeans, waif look).
Somatic white is the most difficult color to pull off in skinny jeans but as noted above you're too muscular now. You'll need to get more stickish.
Uhh I have never heard of the shirts being made in china then shipped back for the tag. Seems off to me in terms of the collar, the bee, and the color collection of some of those shirts aren't even in the collection. This is counterfeit stuff no way around it. Not cool for intellectual property or this forum.
19293.75 + 12 = 19305.75 Adding my weekend mileage.
I'm only 5'6" so 133 is par for the course. I'm thinking 130 is a good running weight for my size. That said all this cutting has made me weaker. Yesterday I felt great today 5.5 miles at an 8.5 pace was murderous. Dead legs, just awfully fatigued whole time.
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