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Has anyone caught a recent Pistons game? I'm finding this 7-game win streak very interesting. It bodes well for SVG and his young cadre of players. It bodes ill for Josh Smith. I remember a few years ago, philadelphia fans clamoring for him and instead we got Elton Brand. Both would've been bad, although at least Brand was a class act around the city.
Long cashmere socks by Hermes is probably the best. They have more reasonably priced ($70) long cotton socks as well.
I would try a size 1 or 2 in Band of Outsiders. They have some very good quality (MIA) button downs. They have two different fabric types. I have found them to be slimmer than BB extra slims. http://www.bandofoutsiders.com/products/l-s-button-down-shirt?c=Mens If your waist size is
I can highly vouch for the Vitamix, although it probably doesn't need much boasting now. A couple points though, you should avoid the cheap-o mixers, since they won't pulverize greens (the only real reason to get one of these machines) or ice, frozen fruits (huge in summer, economical). Also, the Vitamix won't make you juice, no matter the claims. You'll have a lot of pulp, which I think is great for fiber and other nutrients, but if you want a shot of purity, look...
To you sushi guys, I went on an omakase odyssey a couple weeks ago including Mori Sushi twice and Shunji twice as well. Other spots were Sushi Sushi, Sushi Tsujita, and Q! Sushi. My favorite was Mori Sushi, due to the purity of ingredients, excellent rice (shari if you're a snob like me), and they had the best stuff each evening. Shunji was a second place, sort of like the brooding, dark brother of Mori. I'm more of a nigiri guy, so Mori is stronger in that realm,...
No offense, but don't you buy Dior jeans and SLP blazers...wouldn't it make sense to spend on premium food, too? My usual breakfast is a cup of baby spinach, half a banana, a greek yogurt, some flax seeds and berries all blended up in the Vitamix. Sugar content is probably sky high, however, that's my main dose of fruits and antioxidants if you're a Dr Fuhrman believer. I get my whey later from Quest Bars, and other protein sources would be salmon, oily fish, and the...
Ha, it does sound shaky! No center, and 2 of the big-three do not play defense, does not bode well for any coach, though.
I have seen these in person, they're about on par with most fashion brands, such as MMM and Balenciaga. It's about a half step below SLP and a full step below Dior.Since that particular item is deconstructed, it is not meant to have a canvassed interior, so you don't need to worry about them cutting corners there. It'll look good for about 2-3 seasons, at most. I wouldn't expect it to last 4-5 years, though, without some awkward wear and maybe a shine on the sleeves, etc.
Yes, I don't know the system, but the SAs do, especially the French ones who seem very well trained. Good luck with the query. There's a really nice French one at the Miami boutique, Eric, he may be able to help.
Gucci is very LA... They really do need a revamp, more so than YSL did, IMO, although Hedi obviously had a history with the YSL house.
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