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Curious about this claim about the Burberry leather; I missed that. Is this referencing the Brit line or any Burberry leather, because I've noticed quite a difference between Prorsum and Brit, but the latter is not $2K (rather $800). On a similar note, what does $50 to produce mean...the whole jacket, just the leather itself, etc.
The 44 looks terrible, the 42 looks perfect. You made the right choice.The only question I would have is how old are you? 5'9" and 125 is very thin, and if you're under 23ish (age) I could see another 10-15 pound in your future in which case the 42 could start looking too tight. Not sure if you care to look that long into the future and the leather will stretch, so you should be fine. I'm a bit jealous really that looks so good.
I'm sure most don't want to hear it, but let's face it, if your leather is $400 it's not going to be as nice as $4000. Yes, there is a scale of diminishing returns as you price up, but that's part of the luxury equation.
Love that piece Benes. I bet it looks perfect on you, and captures your melding of the artistic with the science-side of medicine.
Awesome feedback. Thanks much. That does look gorgeous. I hear you about the restrictive aspect. i wear a 44 (IT) in Dior and you definitely know you're wearing a suit! ha
Does anyone have experience with SLP suiting or blazers? I'm interested in the construction quality, in particular, are they half or fully canvassed? Cheers
Variables are multiple, but a few top of mind:Suit canvassing (has become something of an obsession)Country of originHand stitching vs. machineHistory of houseI still think quality of fabrics plays a role
Awesome jacket, IMO. Is it made in Italy, Japan?
A lot of ugly going on here gents.
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