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Kieran that's the most extreme example of random sizing ever! On a micro level, I've found this season's denim all over the place in terms of size, and the two blazers I picked up were from two different planets in terms of cut. Tailoring takes care of that, but still, I don't recall that happening in past seasons, although I seem to remember people mentioning it from time to time.
So spot on about the velvet wyatts in a "smoked-out casino."RE: the SAs, I got a real sense that they were fretting about a loss of sales going forward.
I haven't seen it in the flesh at all. I didn't get the whole yeah-baby thing. I feel like I'm missing something obvious.
I was in the Chicago store yesterday; the SA Sergio there was very helpful and spot on with sizing and tailoring queries. I'd recommend him if you're into blazers or suits.He mentioned a similar line: Vacarello is doing women's first, the Hedi team will continue on the menswear which he won't change, at least for a while.Did Hedi produce a lead assistant a la KVA back in the Dior days? I seem to recall someone mentioning a woman's name who was very involved on his...
Get the XS. It is very fitted in the body, but there's no reason to size up and the sleeves will start getting big if you do so. I'm about the same size as you and XS is perfect.The only way I'd consider the S is if you have a long, Michael Phelps esque torso.
My SA said it is a very boxy cut, but I remember someone posting earlier that it was trim and all-around awesome.
I checked in on the shearling rancher jacket, and apparently only 46 and up is still available.
Looks great, very interesting details and perfect fit. Digging the long hair.
I may have missed this, but has anyone tried D02 jeans from this season? I ordered some faded black ones in my usual size, but they're big as anything in the waste. Not going to lie, kind of enjoy the room, but I was surprised. I may have missed this discussion in the back. The calves and thighs seem about usual to me though.
Oak you're killing it. Great stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: