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Good rule of thumb, and this is coming from someone who is 5'6" is that it'll be neater to hem your jeans, but you're right, they'll never look perfect. I have done the best with my raw diors, 17.5cm cut, which a fairly skinny cut when sizing down and not bothering to hem it. They have a tight calf, so it looks clean and if you spend the time (10 seconds) to stack properly, you can still make it look clean.If it's any other wash, I usually have them hemmed at the...
I can't really imagine sizing up in the denim jacket, it fits like everything else from SLP that is on the slim side. IME, they have two cuts, slim and boxy, and I go TTS in each, the only difference is the torso circumference. They're both cut short. The denim jacket has wider arms that I'm used to compared to the leather, but it's still a high arm hole.
Hi - I have the denim jacket. the cut is great but you're right, it's a pain to wear since I usually wear raw blue denim. It looks good with black but that's about it. I don't wear it that much.I wore it with khaki shorts once, but that was a crime against humanity.
I haven't seen it in a couple years. They're focused on 19 and 17.5 for raw, and only 19 for the raw noir. Occasionally they do selvedge to mix it up, but I haven't seen 21.
Ha hilarious, that could suck a lot. i saw a couple denim pictures online of new stuff and they looked so bad I assumed it was a mistake.
I go TTS with SLP jeans. I wear 28 in basically everything, Dior, SLP, well, that's all I wear for jeans!Anyway, how much do you weigh? I'm about 125-132 usually, so 28 works well. If you're more in the 110-115 range, then 26 should be bad ass.
I've done this, and I'd recommend taking it to a boutique or having a real leather worker do it (e.g., cobbler, hate to use the word, so antiquated!). Don't take it to your run-of-the-mill tailor or shoe shop, as they'll hack it off at the wrong end and it'll look butchered.
That first pic is pretty much the perfect leather jacket for me.
The pattern on the flannel is great, but you're right, it's way too long. Have it hemmed. It's like $25 but well worth it.
That's it, but that's good spacing and maybe since I'm a Sixers fan the idea of having three stars seems almost unbelievable.
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