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France seems to have sharpened up in this second half. I'm still surprised we're at nil-nil at the 75-min mark.
Perfect response above. Loved this (wouldn't wear it, but the idea resonates):
Interesting introduction to the thread...
5.75 this morning. Pretty uneventful, but ran through a cemetery a couple times until it dawned on me that I may seem a creepoid.
6.5 miles outside today. Didn't plan on taking a run, but it happened and was grand. I listened to sports talk radio here in Philly about drafting two players who won't play for at least 1 - 3 years.
I hear you. TBH, I did not realize that Exum was a 2 guard. I thought he couldn't shoot and was more of a PG.Random story, I met Channing Frye in Scottsdale last year at a sushi bar. We were sitting next to each other, and got to talking basketball. He claimed that MCW wasn't willing to do the little things a la the Suns' did, and that he played to the crowd more so to the coach, which was a bad habit. On another note, it was funny watching how unfulfilled Frye was...
The local media's spin is that Noel will be the "rookie" this year, Embiid in 2015, and Saric in 2016.
I like how those look. That's the idea to be tight, IME.
Took a day off from running and did 5.3 miles on the elliptical today. I moved at a brisk pace and gave it a good go throughout. Interestingly, the machine tracked me as burning roughly the same amount of calories at my weight as if I were to run 5.3 miles. I broke a sweat, but was not drenched as I am after running. The only thing that could make me think that I actually burned a similar amount of calories is that I used more muscles (i.e., my arms a lot). Can...
One-armed pushup was harder than I expected! I'm about 132 pounds, so it's not as difficult as a bigger guy.
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