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I recommend the following for raws:Fill a bathtub about a quarter way with lukewarm (if very dirty, don't mind a modicum of shrinkage) or cold waterAdd a small amount of Woolite DarkTurn jeans inside out place them in the water and mix it around a bitLet soak for about 30 minutesEmpty tub and rinse jeans in cold, fresh water to remove any detergentHang dry right-side out in sun if you want fades, inside your house if trying to preserve as much as possible the dark...
I've tried the no-breakfast fasting thing, which was quite easy since I don't get that hungry for breakfast. However, I started feeling crummy mid morning and noticed I was getting periodically worn out, lethargic and the sniffles here & there. I'm unsure if this was coincidental, but after switching to a light breakfast of berries and whole wheat toast (~200-250) calories I have sufficient energy until lunch and don't feel crappy at all.I'm an American, so intermittent...
Haha. Funny. In all seriousness, it is interesting watching the NBA fashion parade.I remember the old days of 8 button suit jackets that reached to a player's knees, then there was the AI hip-hop inspired generation. That came to a close post-Pacers-in-the-stands fight. Then things got conservative, and then fashionable again with D-Wade and LeBron in Miami, and now Westbrook has pushed the bar the furthest. I would imagine they have stylists that promote their image,...
Not that sNot that straightforward, the tailors don't like doing it since it's more time consuming than lopping off some length at the bottom and (gasp) knocking off a button. The good thing about having the sleeves taken up from the shoulder is it makes for a slimmer arm at the top yet keeps the slight flair at the opening near the bottom. I always get the cuffs opened so I can pop open that last button, too.
I have it done all the time. I don't have darts done, because I find it somewhat feminine. They just take in the sides about a half inch or inch on either side. They usually will take some in from the top of the arms, as well to keep everything even keel. I have it done at the boutiques.
It's quite versatile...if you're in a somewhat less conservative field (e.g., advertising, tech, start-up, etc.). I'm in the market-research field, so could wear it with some of my clients, not all. Obviously, perfect for going out, etc.It's fully canvassed, very solid construction. I had to get the sleeves taken up a bit (from the shoulder), buttons opened on the cuffs, and about an inch off the length since I'm 5'6". Very good feel.
I was at the 57th store yesterday, too, and they have a bevy of XS/44 items, including some pre fall. I picked up the charcoal jacket with white specks. Some of the new western shirts look great, and fit a little slimmer than the oversized phase from the past couple seasons. Sweaters look like a good mix between substantial/beefy, yet still fitted and trim.
I haven't followed OKC much before the playoffs, but they look like a different beast. What do you all think has been Billy Donovan's impact versus the Brooks regimen...or is this more a function of Adams, Kanter's growth, etc.
Slightly if you're missing Raf circa Jil 5 yeas ago.
Cool although the tiger print just makes me think of what's to come. Maybe I'm hyper sensitive.
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