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Awesome runs everyone! I haven't posted in a bit, as I've been waylaid with a Baker's cyst. Has anyone had any experience with these? Short story. I was getting a massage, and the masseuse in the middle of the massage was like, "you have a cyst behind your knee, maybe you should get this checked out." That was a downer! After seeing my DO and getting an ultrasound on my knee, it was diagnosed as Baker's cyst. I have no pain from it, since it's a) small, and b) not...
Ate a pound of trout today for dinner with some crisp kale/creminis on the side. Was sooo good. Put that trout under the broiler and it crisped up great. The opposite of Fuji's carb binge. Does fish shrink much after/during cooking (e.g., if one purchases 16 ounces, does it stay 16 ounces after broiling)?
I've never had leather shortened, and you're right, you'd need to be VERY careful. I wouldn't only do it through the specific shop be it SLP or Dior, and even then I would expect a disaster!One good thing about leather is that when it creases with age the sleeves do become a touch shorter. I mean a touch, so maybe .5".
Haha, don't worry about the bedroom. The jacket looks too big to me; I would have preferred the armholes to be higher and the sleeves thinner. That's a bad-ass jacket, but I think the 44 would be perfect for you. Since you're living in a bedroom, however, how old are you? The reason I ask is if you're not done filling out maybe the 46 is more future safe. At the risk of talking in circles, the concern with that piece is that it's not necessarily classic, so won't look...
That's a tough one. You will very likely become constipated if you're going paleo and/or keto. Tons of dark leafy greens can help, lots of water, flax seeds and avocados can help a little. Quest bars can be fatty/high protein while packing in the fiber, but have some high carbs (though low sugar).
My shared office space has soft incentives, such as networking fitness walks. Other ideas that might not eat up as much time (no pun intended), could be to have some sort of healthy cooking contest instead of the ubiquitous and low-brow pizza parties, etc.
Love it, don't know why.
So, I started cutting a few weeks ago, not to look muscular but purely to lose a pudginess around my gut. I'm 5'6" and was 138, and dropped down to 126-128. My macros were like 8% fat, 80%, 12% protein (if that), back in the day. I was almost vegan except for skim milk and the occasional fish. Now I load up on good fats, a lot of salmon, etc. I feel a ton better and am macro-ing around 25%,40%,35%. I dropped 10-12 pounds. I mix up cardio and light weight training...
I have not read Le Carre - is there a best novel with which to start?
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