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Looks absolutely gorgeous.
Same experience. I have the Polar Explorer II too and love it to pieces. One other note is that's a very easy watch to wear; it doesn't sit too high on the wrist and is very comfortable. I've seen maybe 3-4 others in the past couple years, and they're usually the older models. I prefer the revamped version for its slightly larger size but especially the larger hands, which I find functional and good looking.
My feeling is the same as linstar's the arms and shoulders aren't as sleek as I would like, however, I realize that that has to do with the more traditional peacoat look versus a runway model's rendition. I usually shy away from overly long peacoats, because I'm only 5'6". I don't want the jacket to swallow me.
Very helpful. I'm torn between this one and one from DH which I have not tried. The SLP is beefy and probably a real-deal peacoat, whereas the DH is cashmere so luxe. Didn't get to try on the Dior yet.
Does anyone have experience with DH cashmere pea coats? I haven't tried but the idea intrigues me.
Hey guys, how's this peacoat fit on me? It's a size 44, and very thick, durable wool. I haven't gotten it tailored yet, but not sure it's worth slimming down or is this how they're supposed to fit...I'm wearing a t-shirt underneath, but could easily pull off a sweater, etc. Thanks [[SPOILER]]
A little ruffled after a flight but sporting a dior home suit and shirt today.
Flowen those look great!!
Looks great but frankly embarrassing.
Ahh, that sucks! I love that picture. Obviously great geometry, and slim arms and legs look great.
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