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What app is that? Looks great.I'd size down in the Teddy to 48, at least. It's boxy, and yes, the shoulders might be snug, but it's worth it. I'm a 44 in almost everything, although need to go to 42 in the Teddy or L01 to perfect that streamlined look.The only caveat I'd apply is if you're over 6'0" it might be too short.
I am feeling your poetic meter.
That was a weird Twitter rant. Does Hedi actually write that stuff?
Agreed; jacket looks great. I can understand the temptation to size down one, maybe, but I don't think it'd be feasible with your physique. Looks good as is.
http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/28/fashion/paris-fashion-week-dior-lanvin-ysl-valentino.htmlAt Paris Fashion Week - Who Gets the Power?Good read.
NYT had a short article on how fashion designers now are more and more responsible for the total aesthetics of their brands. Even Vaccarelo is doing the photos, branding, and men's and women's of SLP, as an example, and they gave a few others. It makes sense, but the point of the article was that these things come in waves and while this harkens back to the namesake designers' control, the controlling companies might pull back the reigns at some point, too.
Hi Enigma - I have a pair of those, I think they're the standard LW skinny jeans. They have a touch of stretch, so are very comfortable. Since they're dark but no fading spots, they're pretty versatile. That said, I don't get the sense that they're special when I'm wearing them. They're like the simple SLP aesthetic taken to the extreme, so it truly is all about the cut.
I found Shunji's dinner omakases to be the most expensive in the city, except for Urasawa which is a different experience. I seem to recall around $375 for Shunji, but I usually tell him to do it up.I had a lunch omakase, which was much more nigiri based, one piece at a time, and I preferred it, even if it didn't have the high-level artistry that sets his dinners apart. I seem to recall lunch being only half or less the cost of the dinners.The only thing that compares is...
MC - the jacket looks nice, however, do you get the sense that it's too loose for you based on those questions you posed? My concern about removing bagginess in the arm would be could they somehow shrink the armholes, too? Does it have the high armholes that you want for a non-Dad jacket look? Otherwise, the leather looks great.
Coat does look amazing. My understanding of suede and partly based on my own experience is that a quick exposure to some rain is fine, as long as you don't get soaked. So carry an umbrella, don't go traipsing in the rain, even if it's "treated" as suede can get soggy and lose it's vitality for lack of a better word. I know this is kind of disappointing, but in essence, you don't have to be OCD about it (you won't have spots from a few drops of rain), but it's not an...
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