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He's known from his Dior days too of course, but for SLP I'd say the most recognizable pieces are the Teddy jackets, skinny jeans, and some of the boots (others are all-stars with that category).You can't go wrong with most of the Permanent Collection pieces.
Yes, that sounds like a lot, but now that I think about it it's only about $5 more than US, ha.
Wow, can't believe Westbrook is not in the All-Star game. I'm not complaining, but it's more of a WTF moment, and it perhaps speaks to the challenge for NBA players in small markets regarding marketability.
I just got a pair of D02 jeans MIJ from the spring collection (faded blue selvedge). Quality is definitely up a notch from my MII jeans, but also, they're cut a little tighter around the wait and calves and are an inch shorter, IIRC.
His charisma is through the roof too.
Somewhat related..Has anyone experience with the new Saint Laurent Paris line of suits? I'm curious if they're fully or half canvassed, etc.? I like an edgier look for my suiting, but want a modicum of quality.
I have a pair of paraboot suede Chelseas in a light tan, and certainly noticed a slight darkening of the color after spray proofing them.
Off the top of my head $30 for hems, maybe up to $150 for a full suit tailoring. Because the pieces are so substantial, I never really notice to be honest so these could be off.
Yes..but with a price. Occasionally, they don't charge for tailoring, IME, sometimes Manhattan will do it gratis especially if you have a relationship, but a random boutique will charge a small fee. I find it better to go to the boutiques for tailoring since they know the aesthetic and work with good tailors.
It's been a while since I've visited this thread, but based on the past two pages things are really elevated. Great stuff
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