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Not to just ape the Twitter-scape, but I found it interesting that Whiteside apparently has a clause in his contract where he'd accept slightly less than max if KD comes to Miami. I haven't heard of that before, but sounds interesting.
I'm not following how the Heat disrespecting Wade. He's 34, and there's clearly a precedent toward drawbacks in maxing out aging superstars. They're probably making a serious run at maxing out KD instead, selling him on Whiteside, Riley's leadership, Spol's LT credibility, the location (can't think of a better place post OKC), and Bosh's potential return. This last point seems as much a pro as a con. I'm unclear how the insurance/cap impact would work if he does retire...
For perspective, people on these types of threads are a little higher end than Diesel and Dsquared, so the idea of having clothes tailored is only natural. That's part of the process, and dare I say art of style and fashion.
It'll suck for about a month. The first week is the worst.
I wonder why, too. He has size, puts up good stats and an efficient level, but seems to attract a ton of noise. I wonder if it's a marketability thing.
Great piece on Hinkie. Two of my favorite points: It wasn't necessarily Hinkie's inability to sell his process, but rather the agents/GMs fear of his success that undermined his ship Gross incompetence (e.g., the Kings organization) is acceptable, but taking "advantage" of the system is unacceptable to Commissioner Silver (i.e., the commish put a lot of pressure on the Sixers ownership group to bring in the Colangelos)
Maybe because it's open? The leather does look nice and I don't know if it's just me, but the web store's photo looks better than before, at least, more luscious leather.
Yes, very solid draft. What's the word on Russell and Randle, will they be the core with Ingram going forward or not quite good enough?
My understanding is that they're building around Butler, which makes sense if you look at his age and advanced stats. They shipped out Rose, probably not re-signing Gasol and Noah, and resisted offers for another pick or two, supposedly, from teams such as the Celtics, Sixers, and Suns.
Love, love love the photos above. So much life and great perspective. The top-down office reader (Milan) and balloon man (LonerMatt) grabbed me. Dabbling around in the PA environs:
New Posts  All Forums: