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4.45 miles today. Woke up with legs feeling heavy and decided 4 miles would be a good goal, due to my usual obsessiveness had to push it a little further.
Feel bad clogging up this thread! 19,450.35 + 5.5 = 19,455.85
Great insights fellows! I definitely get an endorphin rush from running, and feel so good after it. For instance, I took a beautiful 5.5 mile run along the Delaware Canal outside Philadelphia today, which was very picturesque.
I'd hold out, and wait for next season or the one after that. Fashion is about change, and your pair will change nicely with time (a touch of fading, some creases molded to your form), but keeping something locked up in a time capsule wouldn't be good. You'll probably fall in love with a new inspiration of the biker jeans in a few seasons from now. Perfect fit and absolutely great look with those white hi tops. I can understand your temptation!
Curious, why do you guys run? I'm not trying to be cheeky, but for me, it's more about burning calories, staying lean, and to some extent being able to indulge in a lot of food. I never consider consuming calories during a run, since that'd be counterproductive to me; with the reasons above, I'd run fewer miles instead.
19,443.85 + 6.5 = 19450.35
Another game where Jones looks amazing. Bradley played well for a little, but for the vast majority of the match I felt anxiety whenever he touched the ball.
Pics? Not that I question it, but I always hear people say they get vintage stuff that looks better than SLP for about 2% the cost, but I'm not sure if it's a theory or a reality.
That food looks great to me, and not too much for two lifters. Okay, a bit much, but if those veggies aren't doused in oil (they appear fairly frugal), looks like a powerful meal to me!
Good inspiration above a la skins running. 6.5 miles today. One of those runs where you feel 20 years younger for no particular reason; was awesome.
New Posts  All Forums: