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Sorry to hear about your dog. They truly are the most loyal companions.My random happy thought today is pretty basic. I found Quest Bars rather randomly, and had a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. 21 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar, tons of fiber, little fat. I love the taste. I haven't felt so satiated in a positive manner since I was 15.
If you care about PER ratings Pau still has it and hovers around 20. Guys like McRoberts are 13
I admit I'm a fan of the LeBron drama. Every day there is a new front runner to compete with the Heat for his services. Today, Cleveland is a legit contender. Best young nucleus -- Irving and Wiggins locked up for 5-year contracts, Bennett is more of a flyer, but I think has four years left. There's also that Tristan guy Can offer a max deal -- Just need to unload one salary, such as Jack, otherwise would be close to max Future flexibility Good vibes I realize...
19,851.8 + 6.77 = 19,858.57
Did they do it around age 29-30, as well as 35ish+?
Same way. It's probably an addiction. I'm all bummed that after working out for about two months every day, I know my body needs a rest day but I just don't want to take a day off. Plus, I enjoy eating too much, so would have to curb that if I didn't exercise.
ESPN is silly with its NBA FA news/hoopla, but there are a few interesting threads. There's a part of me that could see Carmelo coming to LA. If he wants a winning NBA culture, they have mucho titles, teaming up with Gasol would be ideal for him, and let's face it, LA is awesome and his wife has good connections there. I find it shocking that an NBA player, however, would leave that much money on the table. This will be Melo's last max deal, so in terms of dollars he...
I may be dense, but why did you need the incline?
That's a serious treadmill run. Did you watch anything during the 2.35 hours, or just cruise? I'm thinking about doing a treadmill run tomorrow morning, since I want to catch the Fed-Joker match and need to run earlier due to later commitments.
Messi is pretty amazing. He gives me the antithesis of the feeling I got watching the Americans; total control and touch with the ball vs almost no control or grace. As a general sports fan in the States, I didn't realize the level of collisions and violence in professional soccer. How do the big leagues compare to the NFL in terms of rate of injury? (I ask as a young father, who had assumed "soccer" would be safer, but I'm not so sure. I have about zero athleticism...
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