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Curious, why do you guys run? I'm not trying to be cheeky, but for me, it's more about burning calories, staying lean, and to some extent being able to indulge in a lot of food. I never consider consuming calories during a run, since that'd be counterproductive to me; with the reasons above, I'd run fewer miles instead.
19,443.85 + 6.5 = 19450.35
Another game where Jones looks amazing. Bradley played well for a little, but for the vast majority of the match I felt anxiety whenever he touched the ball.
Pics? Not that I question it, but I always hear people say they get vintage stuff that looks better than SLP for about 2% the cost, but I'm not sure if it's a theory or a reality.
That food looks great to me, and not too much for two lifters. Okay, a bit much, but if those veggies aren't doused in oil (they appear fairly frugal), looks like a powerful meal to me!
Good inspiration above a la skins running. 6.5 miles today. One of those runs where you feel 20 years younger for no particular reason; was awesome.
19378.43 + 5.75 = 19384.18
5.75 miles this morning. Ran without a shirt, so felt a bit ridiculous but also good to soak up the Vitamin D.
How do the shirts fit? Did you guys have to get them tailored at all?
Isn't it a little ironic you're saying that on a forum devoted to style, which of course is about marketing yourself.
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