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I don't know if it's in my mind, but the new cashmere sweaters i picked up (dior) seem super warm and toasty compared to my standard, thinner merino wools from jil. once i started feeling the cashmere i don't think i can go back, although i'm sure i'll ruin them in a drunken soy sauce fest if not careful.
Yes, a real shame. The Lakers are going to be...interesting this year. I'm a Randle believer. Not a Lin believer.
One of the best things about having the date function is the functionality. I don't mean to sound facetious, but I find the date very useful.
Sporting my EXPII with a "canary" yellow cardigan - trying to counter the cold, overcast skies of the Northeast right now!
Was just thinking about this, since I'm picking up two cashmere v-necks. Once you start on the sweater addiction, it's a difficult one to stop. I have a light navy cashmere, yellowish/gold cashmere, black crew neck, and then a dark navy with a touch of gray v-neck as my core rotation. After that, maybe 3-4 others that I wear periodically. I don't ever wash my sweaters so having about a dozen is a necessity.
Ducktrap Wild Mackerel Fillets2 oz - 12g protein, 8g fat, 0g carbsThey're are about 3.5 oz per package, so close to your macros but missing the carbs. Pop them in a wrap or raw nori and maybe some rice. Super tasty.I'm a low-carb guy, so not as familiar with how to carb it up but making it a roll would do the trick.
I have a couple pairs of SLP lows. The quality is the same as all other high-end fashion shoes IME. Maybe a touch below Hermes or Dior, but that's a gut feeling thing.
Has anyone ventured into the Smoothie King space? I travel a lot, so sometimes my food options are limited to a Quest Bar, Horrible salad covered in cheap cheese, or Smoothie King. I haven't tried SK before, but do notice they have a "Gladiator" option which is 180 calories for 20 ounces and like 46 grams of protein, but then you add a couple "fruit juices" which probably kills the carbs and ups the calories to about 390. Any experience? I'm shying away, but a little...
I definitely think a more athletic, muscular look can look great. If you can pull off Tom Ford, do it. The waif look is more SF, but it's waning. I see a lot more of the baggy, or rather boxy look these days.
I'm interested in the tank models as well, but am a little confused with all the options. Which is the one where the back is gold and the crystal is real, not synthetic? How does everyone feel about the real deal version versus the steel back.
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