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Do you want non-UK formumites to participate, too?
Something looks wack to me. Do they have good reputation?
I tried going keto late last year so that I could see my abs all the time; it was a pain in the ass, literally, as I ran into some issues with constipation. Maybe just me, but I needed some more fiber from carbs to keep regular. That said, i definitely shed pounds and dropped to about 8% body fat, which was almost extreme. Definitely is easier to binge out on carbs, but if you keep them whole grain, differentiate, and not go with bottomless anything you should be good.
That first pic is atrocious but we're 11 years later and the cuffs make me think of raw heads. I love the second pic. Do you think SLP is meant to be stacked, medium stacked, or no stacks? It's difficult to say, but I love the cut of the 15.5cms 2% stretch. Besides the leg opening, what else has Hedi changed from the dior days to the cut of the jeans? They almost look lower front and back rise to me, but not sure.
I really enjoyed the jeans discussion here. LA Guy, need help, kieran et al made great points. I started wearing more SLP denim recently over even DH, as I like the image it conveys and it makes me feel cooler. That's about it. Totally psychological, but fun. DH is still a half step up in quality, from what I can, but it's not that appreciable and I like the idea of buying new jeans every couple seasons, as my Diors are so old they're getting boring. After a few...
I thought nicknames were done around the same time Stern put the kibosh on "street" clothes.
Jeff is owning it now and is prestigious. Good luck man. I'm a Philly guy so feel free to hit me up with any questions if you end up taking one of those positions (assuming you're from out of town).
She could follow the Lagerfeld diet, which is purely about aesthetics (if she likes being thin over muscled) and as a bonus no more working out.
You guys are really rocking this thread. Kudos for keeping it skinny too. Can't be too buff w/ SLP.
I don't own it but saw it and a) it would only fit 13" models, and b) it's a surprisingly nice leather.
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