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I really think that stealing Stephenson away from Bird played into this. MJ is that much a competitor. Of course that's icing on the cake, as Stephenson can ball. I don't see him becoming this max type of player, but with the new projected cap supposedly increasing exponentially this all makes sense. The Hornets are a cool team, somehow.
That's a pretty intense bar. I find Quest Bars, in particular Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough, fantastic from a taste, macro, and effective standpoint. The only problem I run into is since I work out daily, they're not enough as a meal replacement, so I use more as a supplement and that's a hefty (calorie-wise, 190ish) add-on.
No run for me today. Worse feeling ever. I have a cold, mostly head cold, although I can feel the drip which is causing a sore throat, and I have a touch of chest congestion now. That is enough for me to hang up the shoes for at least a day. (I exercise every day, period, so this is extremely difficult for me.)
Ahh, terrible to hear and see. My experience with cleaners is that they know nothing and care even less about the garments; however, that job is egregiously bad. You're in NYC, right? I'd call the guys at Dior Homme (Hojo, in particular), as they have some special cleaner whom they recommend, literally, there is only one in the city who gets it. I'm in Suburban Philadelphia and spend extra money to get all my dress shirts cleaned as "tuxedos" and "hand pressed," which...
5.75 enjoyable miles this morning.
Sorry to hear about your dog. They truly are the most loyal companions.My random happy thought today is pretty basic. I found Quest Bars rather randomly, and had a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. 21 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar, tons of fiber, little fat. I love the taste. I haven't felt so satiated in a positive manner since I was 15.
If you care about PER ratings Pau still has it and hovers around 20. Guys like McRoberts are 13
I admit I'm a fan of the LeBron drama. Every day there is a new front runner to compete with the Heat for his services. Today, Cleveland is a legit contender. Best young nucleus -- Irving and Wiggins locked up for 5-year contracts, Bennett is more of a flyer, but I think has four years left. There's also that Tristan guy Can offer a max deal -- Just need to unload one salary, such as Jack, otherwise would be close to max Future flexibility Good vibes I realize...
19,851.8 + 6.77 = 19,858.57
Did they do it around age 29-30, as well as 35ish+?
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