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I don't want to cramp your style, but I don't have high hopes for you my friend. T shirts run TTS, and are a little wide on the body except they are cut short. I anticipate that it will be a "boxy" look, and very much so if you went a size up. For their shirts, if anything, I might recommend sizing down if the head opening weren't so small.
Suits are great. Very slim. They are more like the original Dior Homme suits than Dior Homme suits are now, if that makes sense. Very high armholes and even slim trousers, although you'll likely need them to get tapered if you want a skinny versus slim look (they have to be slightly larger off the rack to accommodate different sized people).Quality is great, fully canvassed (supposedly), made in Italy. You'll have to get the surgeon's cuffs to make it really bad-ass,...
Wow that was a strong review. I chuckled at the bong water comment. Two stars seems shockingly low, but it aligns with his observations.
VoiceofGucci, I wear that hoodie all the time around the house. It's a great slim fit. Neon - out of this world leather. Love it. BTW--which shearling did you pick up? I have been eyeballing the black on black bomber, but it's always in off sizes (i.e., I need a 44).
Both look amazing.
I've never heard of the stains coming out over time, especially since you don't need to wash jeans too aggressively unless you're sweating in them. One of the keys with these types of pre-stained jeans is to ensure that everything lines up okay on you. Sometimes they're stained in such a way as to hit certain points of the body, e.g., around the knee or back of the knee (especially with fades), so if you're a lot shorter or taller it might look off. I suppose a splatter...
The jeans look fine, but they also seem normal for an SLP thread such as this. Just size down one and be done with it. Size down 2 for the skinny look.
I absolutely love my vitamix. I like including Tera's whey products with my smoothies. Here's a classic that I use:- 2-4 cups earthbound farms organic baby spinach (I buy those prepackaged ones since I can't be bothered to wash them myself)- 1 banana (or half if solo) - frozen is creamier- 1 cup of frozen fruit- 1 greek yogurt (match to frozen fruit if flavored)- 1-2 scoops of protein- 1 cup of almond milk plus- 1 cup of water or a bunch of ice, depending on how cold you...
Hi - I'm the exact same height and weight, and always wear 44 in SLP, and 28 in their jeans. Ask Orlando (the store manager) to get you a L01 in 44. I'm in the Philly area too, and haven't had a problem with them ordering things to try. It usually only takes two to three days. Another guy there that "gets it" is John; he may be my favorite SA at the store. No pressure to buy something in the wrong size only because it's the one they have available!
Ha, looks pretty awesome to me. Funny comment in the blog about Jay Williams' and LeBron's kids pairing up in 2026 or so. That Twitter link didn't load for me. What nonsense is in store from the Sixers?
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