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Good feedback guys. Yes it's the gabardine in size 44. I felt it was roomy yet the shoulder pads seemed to stick out in certain positions (such as holding a phone!). It's usually not a good sign when I am lookin for second opinions heh. On an interesting note, I'm in Houston on business and even here SLP seems to be doing well especially with their menswear collection. Maybe Texans have a soft spot for the western inspired themes.
Does anyone have experience with SLP blazers? This black blazer caught my eye, does it look okay?
Indian food's when you want to be
I notice a lot of you mention that one has to be very disciplined and resist bingeing when cutting. Do you have any tips to do so, as I find that I'm usually on track until around 6:30 - 7:30 pm when willpower ceases to exist.
Ha. Good for you. No worries. You're just manning up. Go to a good salon, nothing cheap and not a barbershop. Find a stylist with good hair and preferably hot. Bring a picture. Right now short is in. Ponytail is definitely not. I'd shy away from what the so-called experts at the salon might think, as they probably thinking feathering would be great, but you want a tight cut short sides and maybe a little longer on top so you can do something with you hair assuming...
That pink mink coat for 29K is a great marketing piece.
Look books are a dime a dozen, and if anything, are an advertisement. I'm unsure why anyone would hesitate to ask for one. SAs are trained to be aloof to give a luxury vibe; they don't really want to shut anyone out.
That's a tough one, as they often creep into Dad jacket territory. Bottega Veneta occasionally makes a supple, soft leather bomber such as that, which is still lean with high armholes, but not RO skinny. I say occasionally, because it's not a permanent collection item. Burberry makes a classic bomber jacket similar to that, but the quality is not "Best" level (e.g., made in Turkey, garish check pattern in the interior).
I have them. In fact, I'm almost through a whole box. They're similar to the S'Mores bars in terms of consistency, not quite as chewy as the others, but somehow very satisfying. The stats aren't the best, since it's 20 grams of protein (not 21) and 190 calories, which is on the high side for Quest. That said, they're absolutely delicious. They're not overwhelmingly minty, although there are very delicious chunks of green goodness in there. The chocolate carries the...
I remember Iggy being all down on Korver's defense back in the Philly days. Or it may have been Igoudala's perpetual disappointed look.
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