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They're going to be too big at least for a skinny look. On top of that, are you still losing weight? If you're still at it, definitely size down to 30.
Looks great GreatDane. Nice art.
ha. So, on the topic of SLP, how does everyone keep skinny enough to wear those 28-29 jeans? My 28s are getting a little tight.
I'll bite. That's an awesome jacket. I'm 35 so probably too old to know who that is.
Prudy = incredible
Looks awesome Prudy. You pull off the shirt so well. The jacket is a little longer than I usually do (e.g., I crop them at the knuckles), however, it looks very good on you with that sort of drape/length.
Really only place now is in-store. I think FarFetch.com has a few pieces.
If you really want to lose weight, yes, it's 90% diet, and 10% exercise, however, if you still want to eat and be a foodie, you have to run. I'd say 4 miles 3 - 4 times a week, and you can still eat a good bit. Work up to that, of course, don't jump into it. I'm of the mind that if you eat 1900 calories of chocolate or 1900 of veggies it doesn't really matter with weight loss in a vacuum, but you'd be lethargic without getting nutrients and very hungry. So, the macros...
oops, i wasn't thinking. good call guys.
I notice not all sneakers are made in italy, but all boots are made there.
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