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I'm the same height. Don't do it, the rips won't align and that's not something the tailor can fix. On a related note, it may be better to consider simpler, sleeker jeans, so that they extenuate the leg not break it up. The skinny or slim low-waist jeans do this perfect from SLP. Very simple, clean cut.
Would be pretty boss in leather especially if they slim it down as Isolar noted.
GF probably what Hendrix said, but I wonder if it's somewhat related to the tingling your doctor mentioned re: over exertion. I know when I overtrained on the running side of the equation, I started pushing up against a little bit of chronic fatigue syndrome. Every two or three weeks or so, I'd have a 'dead' run. I found that it would happen around the time when I felt my legs lethargic even going up the stairs.
rattler - a small, black-face PO sounds like a great watch to pair with SLP. I owned but later returned the suede "Hedi" jacket in black. The fit was spot on, but suede was difficult to pull off in my wardrobe. I also was pretty nervous with it, since I didn't want to ruin the suede, so ended up returning it to avoid the hassle. Finally, you can't really beat the slim, black blazers. Maybe to mix it up pick up one of the new charcoal ones. I rotate those in pretty...
This team is much more reminiscent of the 2004 team in terms of effort, and even the A- level of players relative to other teams, such as the 2008 and 2012. I know LBJ gets a lot of hate, but I do not see such close games happening under his watch vs. Melo's. That said, Melo suited up this year, so kudos to him.
Saks and Barneys sometimes get a couple exclusive items each season, so perhaps the silver boots are an example of that. They look great if you can pull it off.
Agree with Thorns. They look great on you and fit your ensemble perfect.
19, and that would've been a lot lower had I not thought about kerning about halfway through. Good quiz (for once).
I can't imagine elevating this query to MW, but I'm curious every time I see him he seems to be sporting a new suit. Any idea where has them made?
I could very much seeing a guy rocking that with a smart, perfectly fitted suit in a business meeting. It almost reminds me of pushing the envelope with the skinny, angular suits that DH and SLP use.
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