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How's the striped turtleneck fit? Cashmere sounds great! I was looking at the Breton ones.
Too big. It's wearing you not the other way around. Nice shirt btw.
I'm pretty experienced in this space (it runs in my family, and I have some MD friends). I have found the following helpful: Mesalamine for maintenance reduction of the inflammation Avoid fatty, oily foods Mindfulness (check out the headspace app) Moderate exercise Eat fewer calories, but more nutritious ones when you do
I saw these in the store, and they have that wide body slouchy look to them and a thicker fabric than I expected. If you're 5'8" and 140 or under go with 37, if you're in the 145-150 range, 38. That'd be my guesstimate.
Great pics of the IWC and red lettering Sub.
I wonder if it gets annoying for Hedi that his business is still selling jeans and sneakers, assuming the above is correct.
Very well reasoned post.
My least favorite collection. A couple of the more staid leathers looked cool to me, but everything else looked dumpster-esque. For the first time in a while I much preferred the Dior Homme show.
I really liked the Spring/Summer 2016 show today. Was the best in a while. Simple yet sharp. Flowers looked great too. https://nowfashion.com/dior-homme-menswear-spring-summer-2016-paris-14895?photo=737172
Prudy - whole look is great. Jacket, trousers, boots, etc. Also, the glasses fit you well!
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