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Cyc - great fit, jeans go perfect with the ensemble. I love those Jil knits, I think under raf. I have a few from back in the day and they have held up so well and are very versatile.
Random post, but I started rocking my much-maligned duffle coat recently and cannot think of a winter coat which attracts more compliments. It's actually quite useful for me, since sometimes I need to wear a suit and its large size fits comfortable over a suit, but since I had it shortened a bit at the bottom and the sleeves it's not overbearing. It's warm as anything and the ladies compliment it a lot. (This is a minor miracle for someone who looks like me.) There may be...
Agreed. The fact alone that I like SF is proof that it's weird. There are forums for almost any interest, but I get the sense that men's fashion is little more niche than say watches, video games, sports, and e/n to name a few themes off the top of my head.
But Jeter's face!
Looks like. Kind of terrible IMO, however, I could get behind that t-shirt somehow. It reminds me of Jil Sander (under Raf) about 6-7 years ago.
Seems a no brainer that LeBron deserves the award. What more can he do? He is the definition of apex athlete and now champion, and with a redemption story to boot. Gymnastics is not even in the same consideration, no offense to the participants. Kryie is really special. I remember being somewhat skeptical and then the whole injury bug seemed to bite him, but he seems to have overcome that a bit with age and a few more pounds (young man to man), so the Cavs have a bright...
Yes - he seems to be the jewel of that draft. What a talent. On another note, I saw Julius Randle had 20 rebounds in a win against Chicago. Good to see Luke seems to have the Lakers gelling, and Randle's PER is creeping up on a positive trajectory.
I don't think it looks so bad; but I'd venture it's a lost cause sizing up one if you're hoping to achieve the svelte rocker look. I did a quick google search, but this is pretty representative of what I think the brand has in mind:Obviously, other people wear it differently who aren't 110 pound models, but one gets the idea.
I'm 5'6, 120, and I always have to have my SLP shirts taken up a couple inches (as well as sleeves, and usually in an inch along the sides), if that helps.Teddy should be 42 or 44. If you have muscular shoulders/pecs the 42 might be pushing it, but it'll look better in general since the jacket is a bit large relatively speaking.
Agreed post a pic. There's probably an ideal look for it, but sometimes you can rock it your own way which will be fine. It's usually pretty obvious. I wouldn't worry about comfort. Tight clothes aren't going to win on that front.
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