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The local media's spin is that Noel will be the "rookie" this year, Embiid in 2015, and Saric in 2016.
I like how those look. That's the idea to be tight, IME.
Took a day off from running and did 5.3 miles on the elliptical today. I moved at a brisk pace and gave it a good go throughout. Interestingly, the machine tracked me as burning roughly the same amount of calories at my weight as if I were to run 5.3 miles. I broke a sweat, but was not drenched as I am after running. The only thing that could make me think that I actually burned a similar amount of calories is that I used more muscles (i.e., my arms a lot). Can...
One-armed pushup was harder than I expected! I'm about 132 pounds, so it's not as difficult as a bigger guy.
5.3 miles today on a treadmill, not the most inspiring but a cup of Joe made me move briskly.
What was a bigger story Zidane head butting or Suarez biting a player?
Funny how different a stock can be with so little distance separating the two. My family is originally from Italy, grandfather was 5'3" maybe, grandmother, 5'2", I'm lucky to be 5'6".
I'm struggling to see why there are so many whispers of LeBron and Melo playing together, except maybe out of frivolous hype. They both play the same position.
Love it. Very appropriate. The pants and tie are a bit too wide and are giving this a grandpa look. Next time get them trimmed up and you'll look the part without being too old about it.
4.45 miles today. Woke up with legs feeling heavy and decided 4 miles would be a good goal, due to my usual obsessiveness had to push it a little further.
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