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I have to get a fit pic up, soon I will. The XS is definitely XS in the leather hoodie. I'm 5'6" and even an inch shorter in the garment would've been too short for me. That said, i love the piece and already have gotten some compliments. The leather somehow looks better after one week of wear already. The quality is really outstanding (for a hoodie), MIF probably helps.
That sits very well on your list, I like. I bet it'll look great with a suit.
Looks cool. I could see one size down working, and I think it would stretch but not 100% sure. Donald's an awesome dude. I've had similar pieces tailored at the Midtown store and have had good experiences.
7.29 miles. Felt really good.
I've had similar experiences. Do you mind my asking your height and weight since I'm thinking of picking up a pair of the faded jeans. I usually wear 27 raw and 28 regular
5.25 today. Harder than my usual 7.0, but I anticipated that. Curious, what is the average age of all your runners? I'm 34, so have always assumed I'm about 10 years older than most here.
Did 7.0 miles yesterday, checked this thread tonight to psych me up for another 7 tomorrow morning. Probably not the best sign that I'm not looking forward to it.
Anyone have any thoughts/experiences on this SLP bomber? I'm partial to SLP outerwear, since they're cut short and I'm 5'6".
The key is to ask the tailor to keep the original hems, so the stitch will mimic what was originally used. If you have access to an SLP boutique, I'm sure they'd do it for you there (and correctly).
Oh my, I feel like a wimp compared to you guys, 7 miles!
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