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I may be dense, but why did you need the incline?
That's a serious treadmill run. Did you watch anything during the 2.35 hours, or just cruise? I'm thinking about doing a treadmill run tomorrow morning, since I want to catch the Fed-Joker match and need to run earlier due to later commitments.
Messi is pretty amazing. He gives me the antithesis of the feeling I got watching the Americans; total control and touch with the ball vs almost no control or grace. As a general sports fan in the States, I didn't realize the level of collisions and violence in professional soccer. How do the big leagues compare to the NFL in terms of rate of injury? (I ask as a young father, who had assumed "soccer" would be safer, but I'm not so sure. I have about zero athleticism...
6.67 miles. I have to admit I had stopped at 6.66 miles but after looking at my app, I decided to mosey on for a few more strides just because...
I think it looks great.
Don't lift until they subside. There's nothing you can really do, except use a lot of preparation H cream/gel, and use their medicated wipes after a bowel movement. The witch hazel on the wipes helps. Be very careful what you eat; try to eat as clean as possible, lots of liquids and nothing that'll clog you up because you can't strain. Don't read on the john. Eat a lot of fiber. NSAIDs (oral) help if you're really stressing.
France look better this second half, but Germany seems more precise and organized in general.
I guess waist. I don't get that technical. I wear 28 in all jeans, but if it's raw I go down one size. If you want a really skinny fit you can probably size down two assuming you are not muscular and have skinny quads and calves, especially.
I've tried them and find them baggy and boxy. I'm about 130 lbs not particularly small of frame, but even the 44 looked wide on me.
What field? That may be a deciding factor in the weight of the US mid-tier program vs. a Euro school or elsewhere.
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