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I think the Schott looks best, maybe the divots is because it's a little tighter, but that's what I like about it. The other have a portly aspect to them.
I like the full leather ones best.SLP is trying to get to DH's level of quality, but there is a significant difference. DH is trying to be more exclusive, so only sell out of their boutiques now, almost no online presence and there are no sales on DH. A few other things I've noted, DH has fully canvassed suits, SLP's are half canvassed. DH's peacoats are 100% cashmere and $3900, SLP's are wool or a blend and are $1900-ish.That said, they're definitely different looks...
That sounds very low to me, as most SLP jackets are north of 2K. Is this from a reputable seller, and is it still new or worn? Anyway, IME, quality is very good, no, it's not Hermes or Dior, but very close to it and better than a lot of other fashion houses.
Agree with the above. Brings down the quality here to talk about knock-off brands.
Seem a bit flabby in the behind. I prefer the more streamlined SLP look to washed denim now, but same idea. Raw denim is a bit sad these days.
You'll be fine. It's cut small and slim.
They're both the smallest size (XS, 44), although now that you say it, I didn't check if SLP has an XXS (42 Italian). May not be worth the hassle though!
Black & White one looks incredible. Wasn't sure if it'd look good in person, you pull it off well.
What do you guys think of this Dior (hey, Hedi inspired!) cashmere peacoat's fit vs. the SLP one I had posted a little while back? I'm thinking this one would require a little more tailoring, too, bring it in a touch and making the sleeves slimmer, or just pass? [[SPOILER]]
I agree with the above. It's usually pretty easy to spot, the blazers suits etc are all high armholes, and they look more fitted, where the more oversized (barrel shaped to me!) items have the low armholes. Since I'm stuck in 2001 I like the former more than the latter, although apparently oversized is better now.
New Posts  All Forums: