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Really wondering about this place. I don't care about the decor or environs (assuming at least safe!), however, what's with all the truffle oils, etc.? Usually that makes me wonder about the freshness of the fish, yet, Go's Mart is prided on the quality of the fish, and the variety. Some of the rolls look downright nasty (albacore special roll looks like something I'd pick up at a local supermarket!).Only Jet can settle this.
Anthony has been rocking "dressy" hats for lack of a better descriptor for a little while now. They look so bad, but I think all hats look horrific.
I've seen it in person in NYC. It's buttery soft and super luxe. IIRC, it's north of $4K (Nappa Leather), so definitely an investment piece. Pretty classic type of leather jacket, so some longevity.
Can't go wrong with 17.5 Jakes.. What's your height/weight? Just have to make sure the fades fit well and you're good to go. Probably DH's best wash.
The concern I have about Go's Mart is that they dress up the sushi a lot, does that indicate that they need to do so or they are making that effort to push the boundaries of art/taste?I haven't been to Asanebo since it's outside of my general zone, however, looking at reviews it seems insanely good! I'm more on a sashimi kick anyway (too much rice threatens my SF waist size). ha
Never thought of that, but makes a lot of sense.
Insanely awesome pics - thanks!!
That looks amazing 2 carbs?
I haven't heard of Nagao, judging by the pics it looks very asian fusion-y to me. Kiriko's a high bar!I'm a big fan of Mori, Shunji (wow!), Kiriko, and Urasawa (let that last one slip in, but once-a-year thing at most)...I've done Sushi Zo a boatload of times, because the warm rice and sauce thing is fun and not found on the East Coast. Sugar fish was a step below Zo (or two steps) and Sasabune to me. I liked Sasabune, but we have one in NYC.Anyway, I'm thinking about...
yes, about that. it's all in the same league for the hermes, dior, loro cashmere sweaters. i'm imagine one could get the same 'quality' somewhere else, but i'm more into the look and more importantly how i feel wearing something. it's like the guy wearing the brioni suit. 95% of people (if not more), do not know that he's wearing brioni, but he knows it, feels it, and those who know, matter.that was the most elitist thing i've ever said. in reality, i just like that...
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