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Go with your size at the shoulders; that's the SLP look with the short jacket, and tighter sleeves. I have all my suit jacket sleeves tailored to the wrist, and your watch should pop if it's big and your shirt sleeves should reach a touch longer. You should feel your suit jacket when you move, i.e., you want it fitted. Body length is fine, yes, it's going to be more fashion forward but it's much more accepted now so don't expect any strange looks. The days where you...
I never add anything to the sole, but if I need them resoled I go to Dior (or John Lobb the other brand of shoes I wear) and have them resole them. I only need to do it every three of four years, if that, but I have a rotation of shoes. If these will be your go to on consecutive days, then you might want to get some extra protection on the sole which is cheap but make sure it's done right. There's something nice about having a real leather sole hitting hardwood, but not...
Kieran - good to know! I missed that. I'm pleasantly looking forward to the new twists from his design team! Would that be the "team" in Paris...or truly the one in LA? It makes sense that to do a runway show until Anthony is fully on board.
Disappointing about no runway show. Way to start with low expectations!
Liking the new stuff on the website, fun, although somewhat bittersweet seeing the last hurrah.
Do you mind pointing me to the distressed black jeans for f/w 2016? I'm probably missing the obvious button but haven't spotted them.
DH is steering toward SLP territory in the latest F/W collection. It's amusing some of the styles, but the neat thing is it's very luxe. Their Madison avenue store has some of the new pieces.
I've strayed today from SLP. For the first time I picked up some Gucci shorts (it's finally hot here in PA)...I can see myself losing interest post Hedi.
Sounds good to me. I only buy at the boutiques, so I'm unfamiliar with other prices. That sounds about 50% of what I would expect at retail, so a good deal assuming it's all legit. The construction is usually very solid.
Agreed, I size down one in Dior formal shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: