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I may have missed this, but has anyone tried D02 jeans from this season? I ordered some faded black ones in my usual size, but they're big as anything in the waste. Not going to lie, kind of enjoy the room, but I was surprised. I may have missed this discussion in the back. The calves and thighs seem about usual to me though.
Oak you're killing it. Great stuff.
So spot on about the blazers; that's exactly what I see here in Philadelphia. It's a disaster.
Ha, I think someone earlier said they were bailing because of it (re: the ad). It struck me as dirty but at least some thought went into it, as opposed to the half-naked models on top of each other.
I have a couple SLP blazers (black corduroy with leather elbow patches and black with the linen "pique" from this season) and the fit is spot on; i get a lot of use out of them. Does anyone have experience with the brass button versions in black or navy? I've always eschewed them based on a guttural reaction to the buttons, but maybe I should give them a chance.
The delta between Brand and the other Sixers' players is at least 40 years, you're right.
Acute should win some award for that latest ensemble.
niyengar - boots look incredible!
I tried one on in 42 (ouch!), definitely cut slimmer in the body with a decent drop. I could zipper it and have no belly, but after a meal...Arms still aren't as skinny as I like. Leather is sensational, very buttery. For some reason I always thought it was good, not great until this one.
I think it's a lost cause. If you're shorter than 5'10", the rips will start sitting low, assuming you don't have extremely long thighs and stubby chins. If one hems them, this might even be accentuated, in that, you'll have rips right along mid calf, and your knees will be pristine. Maybe attacked my small animals.
New Posts  All Forums: