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Good call on the black or indigo raw jeans w/ the full striped sweater. Makes sense that way.I picked up the grey, thin striped breton recently and am a big fan of it. Not sure if it is a Vac piece or a holdover.
Jeans and jacket look great on you. You basically hit on all the things I like, as I tend to go more formal too. You might want to check out some of the wool outerwear, such as the slim peacoat and chesterfields, they'd look good on you too. The jeans are a no brainer, as they're casual but still dressy relatively speaking. Big fan of the cashmere sweaters, especially the crewneck. They look very good and are a simple design reminiscent of the DH days. The only thing...
I think they just sell fast. I was at the Chicago store and the new ones looked great, but they were sold out in a week of all the XS, S, M.
I thought Chuck's reply was well stated. Yes, LeBron did some research, and Barkely has a checkered past, but that does not change the initial observation or its verity. LeBron was getting whinny, and the Cavs' management has bent over backwards for him.
mafiume, I was thinking the same thing as need help, I'd consider sizing down 1! They're meant to be skinny jeans. I'd get those hemmed too so they look cleaner.
stop trying hard - great fit pic. First time I've see the parka. Seems to lay nice and has a clean look.
I can tell you want those jeans to fit, but they're too big man. 30 maybe 29 is the right size for you depending if you want slim or skinny fit.
I'd pass if it's eBay and no returns. Sometimes I think the menswear and womenswear will be simply a size thing, so size up one from women's for lean men, but often there are subtle differences as mentioned above, even sometimes fabrics too.
I got the thin stripe breton in dark grey from this past season, I think the sweaters are great even with the distressing. The one above, however, seems somewhat more relaxed in fit?
Yes, if it's not huge in a bad way. In fact, there's an awesome black SLP leather flight jacket someone recently purchased.
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