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That doesn't bode well. The idea that he might have hit him, then went outside to follow him and hit him again sounds bad.
So far we have concluded on this thread that Hedi will not be leaving SLP, or that he will take a break to return to photography, or will go to Dior, Chanel, or Balmain. It has been a very constructive discussion.
RFX is/was great. What happened to that dude?
Sounds unbelievably boring. I've yet to find particularly engaging travel writing. The best I've had are a few laughs from Bill Bryson when he makes fun of his fattiness.
Digging this leather jacket from F/W 2016:
I wonder how the SLP show will pan out in LA. Looks like the new Gucci menswear has some verve to it. Almost like the nerds SLP. Dior was slightly better than usual boredom.
ohyehhh I hate to tell you this, but you're able to rock that astronaut jacket! I'm not sure how, but it works. Otherwise, the flannels and jeans are no brainers for you; they look outstanding. I enjoyed the detail on some of those pieces, especially the jacket.
Intersting perspective. Dior items now are definitely marketed and quality-wise are upscale. They do a lot of MTM suiting, full canvass, MII, etc. and each season have at least a few items Made in France, usually an obscenely expensive leather. Nothing's made in Turkey anymore, although I remember that that being the case as you stated a while back for some items. Dior also makes a point of never going on sale a la Hermes, and Chanel, which keeps the brand upper tier.
Thanks Steve B! I've had a good start to the year with an eclectic set. I lean toward accessible nonfiction. The Swerve -- Stephan Greenblatt. This was a gift from my egghead brother, but woke up that college-esque spirit of wonder and merriment in reading an intellectual history. Very well written and accessible despite the Harvard position. It was a little more straight history, in terms of following the search for Lucretius's On the Nature of Things rather than...
New Posts  All Forums: