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I like them, but mostly because of the jeans!
You're a perfect SLP "small" since you're 135 lbs. As long as your shoulders aren't super wide, you don't need to go to medium, which would be real billowy. I'm assuming you're fairly skinny.
Kimmo -- looks great! Perfect fit and you're so right about understated but luxe.
Browns in the UK and Saks in the States. Dior is trying to be more like Hermes so fewer bigger stores are carrying. Mostly boutiques.
I'm wearing that exact pair now in 28 and they look the same to me. They've become my favorite jeans.
It's up to you to justify the price however in my experience the quality of slp's special products are top of the line and for some reason they have the most stylish hats.
Yes, construction is solid, too, mostly half canvass, and some hand stitching I noticed, MII. They have some blazers that are fully canvassed, however, those are usually priced at around $3.5K for the jacket alone. Very sharp, but again, the huge shoulders kill it for me. The price points on the full suits at around 3K is not bad for high-end fashion. The materials look nice. Trousers are always massive, haha, definitely have to get them tapered, but the tailors in...
I guess embroidered is the thing now a la MMM. Here's Dior's take:
One thing that's gotten better is the suiting. I remember the first season or two they looked and seemed to be cut still the same as YSL, which was boring. Now the sleeves are finally slimmer, high armholes, tighter waist, etc. Still too much padding in the shoulders for me, but I guess that goes with the lurching look. Kieran, I hear you on peacoats. I have a Dior one from a few seasons ago that was cut so perfectly slim and now they've expanded the cut to go with...
Love that Paul Pierce quip on the Nets and the state of incoming NBA players. Yes, he sounds old, but that doesn't mean he's not telling the Truth.
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