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Jeff is owning it now and is prestigious. Good luck man. I'm a Philly guy so feel free to hit me up with any questions if you end up taking one of those positions (assuming you're from out of town).
She could follow the Lagerfeld diet, which is purely about aesthetics (if she likes being thin over muscled) and as a bonus no more working out.
You guys are really rocking this thread. Kudos for keeping it skinny too. Can't be too buff w/ SLP.
I don't own it but saw it and a) it would only fit 13" models, and b) it's a surprisingly nice leather.
Wow, those are two amazing recs. I'll have to go. You guys have it so good on the West Coast. Back East (philly, NYC), all the fish is frozen, and in manhattan the food inspectors are nazis with keeping the fish cold. Kills the ambiance for most digs, although there's one place that pushes the envelope behind the counter. To the other person asking about Shunji, I did his dinner omakase twice in December. One night he had a buri (big-ass Yellowtail) flown in from...
I haven't been to Go's, but people on the CHOW forum recommend it so highly. I'm not a big truffle-oil, ponzu sauce guy, so I have been steering clear of it. Plus, it's a hike from Westwood. How does it compare to Sushi Zo, which I view as somewhat similar on the sauce front.
Jet - i remember you trumpeting Mori sushi a while back and I held out, as I found it "boring."Well, I was in LA for about a week in December, and did a sushi omakase journey through Mori, Shunji, Sushi Sushi, Q! Sushi, Sushi Tsujita, and one other place I forget.Long-story short, Mori was the best, and I went twice. Outstanding fish, the best rice, personable chefs, and an endless stream of goodness.
Lenny's pretty bad ass to be able to rock those skinny jeans at what, 50?
I'm assuming you're looking for a lower price point? In that case, check out APC. Still good quality, although not on the luxe level. I'm wearing one of their striped sweaters now. Made in Romania. I like the fit. Has held up well over a couple years but I don't wear it much.
This is my favorite collection. I like black and Dior, so aligns well. Nothing earth shattering (not that I'd expect it), rather, keeping the general rock muse current and slightly upping the sophistication. Details are more impressive to me than I expected, which is particularly good since some are mentioning SLP has lowered its quality since SS01.
New Posts  All Forums: