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What happened to all the Hedi's leaving SLP talk? It almost seems like bait to increase viewership of the LA show. In all seriousness, when does his contract expire? One would imagine they are in the throes of renegotiation. If only they had Trump to work that deal.
That's very rock n' roll if you can pull off 26 in the knee patch denim. IIRC it's fairly unforgiving.
Ironically, the word in Philadelphia is there a power struggle between the Harris disciples and the new Coangelo method, the latter of which had us trade two 2nd round picks for Ish Smith, which not only lost us "assets" in picks but made us slightly better so less chance to draft Simmons.An undercurrent, however, is that Ish Smith (a decent PG versus pitiful that we had before) makes Noel better, so it's almost saving our prior big.That Harden - Dwight fiasco is...
I remember there's always been some debate versus MII and MIJ, with MIJ slightly tighter than MII even if the same "cut." The pocket size is also different (Italy is smaller), and the back rise on Japanese denim is either a half inch higher or lower I can't recall.
Ha, this is pretty cool, but I guess Dior has been getting dressier and more exclusive, so denim doesn't fit that mantra.http://www.dior.com/couture/en_us/mens-fashion/ready-to-wear/jeans/washed-blue-cotton-11-22895
Lighter (heather) gray easily.
Yes, I'm a big veg head, and just because I eat smoothies doesn't mean I'm somehow trying to avoid the taste. It seems these days the trend is so far away from meat that it's very easy to eat green. I think the whole protein, protein, protein thing is a bit of a fad, and I maintain sub 10% bf easy with a 90% vegan diet, occasionally I include dairy for no particular reason except that I like yogurt and of course sushi at Yasuda once and a while when I need that fix.
Part of that was Hedi, and then the latter half KVA. KVA still does jeans, but hasn't changed the cuts, there is a 19cm and a 17.5cm. They're still made in Italy or Japan, and each season there are at least 2 - 3 new washes.
chapuchi, i agree, it looks great. i wouldn't fiddle with the sleeves. leather looks great.
I went a whole year without getting a cold even though I have two toddlers in daycare. I attributed it to my Vitamix, same idea as you guys, green smoothie in the morning, usually babe spinach + banana + frozen berries, maybe a greek yogurt, almond milk plus, etc. I feed the family with it. Oh, and ground flax seeds. I occasionally through in a half an avocado, or plant-based protein powders, and in the summer I could live off of smoothies but don't because of...
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