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You did right. Yes, it should stretch in the thighs and a bit in the calves, and you don't want stretch in the waist at the start.
Love that Margiela knit
Agreed very California cool. I haven't seen them before. I don't mind the new stuff. It's very youthful from what I'm seeing so far.
Good call. I'd add that their knitwear classics are outstanding, especially the cashmere pieces. When they get too weird it goes downhill fast.
I sort of miss the plethora of questions around breaking in raw denim. My Dior raws 17.5 MIJ from maybe 6 years ago still by far garner the most compliments of any of my jeans. I never got into the SLP raws for some reason; they were good, not great. The new DH denim from KVA is so garish I wonder if he purposely makes them unwearable to distance the brand from his predecessor.
Very cool. I read an article in the WSJ yesterday about pressures to Lululemon's athletic wear, since a) the market is increasingly crowded, and b) denim is making a comeback.It's been about 7-8 years since I recall everyone on SF talking about raw denim 110% of the time, so this seems to be a good time for Hedi to elevate it.
Cyc - great fit, jeans go perfect with the ensemble. I love those Jil knits, I think under raf. I have a few from back in the day and they have held up so well and are very versatile.
Random post, but I started rocking my much-maligned duffle coat recently and cannot think of a winter coat which attracts more compliments. It's actually quite useful for me, since sometimes I need to wear a suit and its large size fits comfortable over a suit, but since I had it shortened a bit at the bottom and the sleeves it's not overbearing. It's warm as anything and the ladies compliment it a lot. (This is a minor miracle for someone who looks like me.) There may be...
Agreed. The fact alone that I like SF is proof that it's weird. There are forums for almost any interest, but I get the sense that men's fashion is little more niche than say watches, video games, sports, and e/n to name a few themes off the top of my head.
But Jeter's face!
New Posts  All Forums: