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Speaking of sales, I wonder how SLP's womenswear sold relative to menswear? I realize that menswear is the faster growing segment, but I would assume that womenswear still makes up the bulk of a house's revenue, yet YSL grew at a 10-20%? or so annual pace under Hedi, so that afterthought of womenswear probably moved well too.
Maybe I'm biased, but I can't imagine that someone objectively would think those Vaccarello teaser ads were of the same quality as Hedi's even for initial shoots. That said, I'm more interested in the clothes than the photography, whereas Hedi seemed to want to signal his growth as a designer in his ability to touch all aspects of the brand, from the name, boutiques, website, packaging, photography (especially), and of course, the aesthetic of the clothes and lines. His...
That first quarter last night was pure dominance. LeBron has certainly elevated his stature, and he's still doing it with that wonderful passing ability, too. Can't wait for Game 7. I like how the Cavs are switching their bigger guys on Curry, as the Warriors do in a similar exploitive fashion against Love.
This has probably been done to death, but is it possible that the Cavs are better against GSW when Love plays little if any minutes? On a related note, what exactly happened to Love in this transition from Minnesota to Cleveland? I remember he was sort of a bulky brawler under the net, but now he strikes me as a quirky finesse player. Maybe I missed something in between.
Slann - that is a fantastic guide!!
LeBron's Undertaker shirt is somewhat apropos. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CkxtiagUgAA3D09.jpg
Tom Ford basically said that a suit jacket always looks better unbuttoned anyway.
Go with your size at the shoulders; that's the SLP look with the short jacket, and tighter sleeves. I have all my suit jacket sleeves tailored to the wrist, and your watch should pop if it's big and your shirt sleeves should reach a touch longer. You should feel your suit jacket when you move, i.e., you want it fitted. Body length is fine, yes, it's going to be more fashion forward but it's much more accepted now so don't expect any strange looks. The days where you...
I never add anything to the sole, but if I need them resoled I go to Dior (or John Lobb the other brand of shoes I wear) and have them resole them. I only need to do it every three of four years, if that, but I have a rotation of shoes. If these will be your go to on consecutive days, then you might want to get some extra protection on the sole which is cheap but make sure it's done right. There's something nice about having a real leather sole hitting hardwood, but not...
Kieran - good to know! I missed that. I'm pleasantly looking forward to the new twists from his design team! Would that be the "team" in Paris...or truly the one in LA? It makes sense that to do a runway show until Anthony is fully on board.
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