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I remember Iggy being all down on Korver's defense back in the Philly days. Or it may have been Igoudala's perpetual disappointed look.
Strange man. I have never seen that tag before, although most of the other tags look all right. Do you have any other pics of the jeans from the front or back and maybe the hardware?
Is it just me or is each collection looking better and better? I basically want everything except the high heels and don't mind the latter since it's a statement piece for some people and the brand.
It is awkward hearing the commentators laud Harden for how he puts his body in position to be fouled, as though that's his greatest trait.
Forsaken - the jacket pants and shoes look incredible. I really love those jeans. I'm about the same size as you, did you consider cropping them a bit or are they the original length?
For Dior they were a half inch tighter in the waist. Not 100% sure for SLP, however, based on the eye test I suspect similar. I'd be careful ordering if you can't easily exchange.
Slann - great review, and great pictures. I liked how everything flowed together well. I also loved that Napoleon Officers Jacket on your grail list! Wow.
Agreed this new drops of pre-orders looks very strong, especially the knitwear. Crewneck elbow patch sweater in cashmere is luxe. Kieran that peacoat is perfect.
MCW still looks wild out there to me, and has a tendency to play to the crowd (at least in Philly). It looks as though Kidd is stepping in big as a hands-on coach, which bodes well based on these performances so far. I saw how vociferous Kidd can be to call time outs and he seems to call the right plays, so kudos to him. The Bucks are a really fun team to watch, and that length seems stellar from a defensive standpoint. I wonder what they'll be like with another year...
I'll jump the gun and say now we're looking at a Bulls - Warriors finals, easily.
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