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Those zip ups are the best thing in the world. Yes, itchy clothes just suck. I read somewhere earlier that that may ease up with repeated wears, but sounds off putting to me.
Agreed with Prudy et al. Love that L01 look boots and jeans, too. Really great. The second jacket you posted looks like a great fit, however, how would you anticipate wearing it? I like the idea of the military/officer coats, but not sure how people rock them w/o it being a costume.
This is one of the more stimulating conversations, or at least unique, in this thread. I suppose I'm biased, since I catalyzed it, however, how many times can we ask Wyatt sizing questions?
Ha, I can see that as the kneejerk reaction, but there's a reason why some brands such as Dior, Hermes, Chanel do not do sales. it cheapens the idea behind the brand. Obviously, wearing Saint Laurent isn't adopting the idea of popularity on a prosaic level.
Am I the only who eschews items on sale except perhaps staples? If it's on sale I get this sense that it's unpopular for a reason, and then the piece never speaks to me.
Nice shots Luster. Love the Le Smoking jacket with pins!! How would you describe the fit?
It's pretty easy to return, but yes it will be short. It's already cut short, and then since you're muscular I suspect your pecs/shoulders will pull it up even a tad more.If you don't mind a very cropped look, go for it (easy to return if from the webstore), if you're not into that look then not worth the hassle. Wearing it open makes it less severe.It might be similar to this:
That patched denim jacket caught my eye too; Larry Clark is so good.I have three pairs of the classic jumpers (heather gray, black, and navy), which are staples to me. I haven't seen the new ones, but a quick glance at the web store makes them look a touch longer. The prior iterations are cropped very short, and I'd say B+ in the quality department. The cut is so cool I don't mind though and the price isn't bad (i.e., the prior ones).
I had always hoped that the higher-end materials would be sourced more ethnically, e.g., not in China. Eye opening information above.
I realize this was mentioned a few pages back, but since I'm cold and slow it's just hitting me now. Isn't it a bit odd that SLP is not having a menswear show in Paris this season? Is there a company line as to why there's no show? I would've enjoyed seeing how AV is envisioning the line in a bold, high-visibility format.
New Posts  All Forums: