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Has anyone ventured into the Smoothie King space? I travel a lot, so sometimes my food options are limited to a Quest Bar, Horrible salad covered in cheap cheese, or Smoothie King. I haven't tried SK before, but do notice they have a "Gladiator" option which is 180 calories for 20 ounces and like 46 grams of protein, but then you add a couple "fruit juices" which probably kills the carbs and ups the calories to about 390. Any experience? I'm shying away, but a little...
I definitely think a more athletic, muscular look can look great. If you can pull off Tom Ford, do it. The waif look is more SF, but it's waning. I see a lot more of the baggy, or rather boxy look these days.
I'm interested in the tank models as well, but am a little confused with all the options. Which is the one where the back is gold and the crystal is real, not synthetic? How does everyone feel about the real deal version versus the steel back.
Dior Homme Black Jacket 100% cotton Made in Italy Size 44 (XS) Light wear (about one week) Detachable epaulets Price includes shipping CONUS. Prefer paypal +4% fees. Measurements: P2P - 16" Sleeve - 25.5" Length - 24.5" This is a slim but not drastically so fit from Dior.
SLP black naval jacket. 100% wool. Cropped short, see measurements below. 44 Italian Size (XS). Worn once. Working button holes. Made in Italy. Shoulder width - 15.5" Back length - 25" Sleeve length - 24.5" Price includes shipping CONUS.
For some reason, I feel exactly the same way.
Is it ever okay to wear a yellow cashmere v-neck sweater? Something such as this shade...obviously a lacuna in my collection: (Or am I suffering from early onset seasonal affective disorder!!)
What is the consensus opinion, if any, on the Rolex BLNR (black and blue GMTII)? I have heard a ton of hype about this watch and tried it on in person yesterday. My AD seemed really enamored with it, however, I found it somewhat blingy. In some lights, however, i couldn't resist the blue and black. It looks much juicier and interesting than I expected. Hmm.... I haven't seen it in the wild yet.
SLP outlet stores? Uh oh.
Not sure I've seen that before. Are you looking at an international version of the website?They definitely have as low as size 27 if not 28 jeans. I would probably go with the same size as your New Standards.
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