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Interesting, I have a pair at home from them, and you're right, I didn't notice, but the sole is thicker on my version. Maybe it is a F/W may be handy in Chicago weather. I still think they look awesome. They fit a bit tight, especially with wooly socks.
That's the thing, I usually go for sushi, but I'm on a veggie kick. There's a deluge of options there and Yelp seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator some time, so I'd like to amp it up a bit.
Does LA have any high-end vegetarian/vegan restaurants you'd recommend?
I was in the Chicago boutique a week or two ago and they had a couple pairs left. I'm unsure if they've been removed since then (or sold).
My kids have a class trip to a natural-history museum today so I felt this apropos if a little egregious:
Interesting perspective, as always. What is the transformative change that Gucci and TF are trying to catalyze?
Yes, i'm feeling down about it and I'm a big Hinkie proponent. The glimmer before of Embiid, Saric and Simmons, has now become, "Oh Saric is coming on strong the second half of the season, and we'll have to see with Embiid and Simmons."That sounds like a lot to ask for five years of historical tanking.I was on a flight yesterday heading out of Atlanta into Philadelphia, and ran into Randy Ayers. It reminded me of the heyday with Larry Brown (Ayers was the assistant)...very...
A page or two ago, the topic of Hedi starting his own brand came up again. It seems as though this would make sense, since his name carries equity and he has an aesthetic that sells, at least for menswear. That brings up a few questions, how big is the hurdle for someone already established in the industry, albeit through other houses, to garner the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing support needed to sell a brand? Also, does he go with Hedi, Slimane, or Hedi...
That can't be good. Isn't that what the GM is supposed to insulate the owner from; weird obsessions/flights of fancy?I wonder how Cousins feels about all this. Obviously there was an acrimonious relationship up there, but the faux assurances made earlier that day and the lost $$$ has to sting.On the other hand, I suspect Cousins may be more excited to play in NOLA plus to me they seem to have a great young core of Davis, Cousins, and Holiday.
To say that is strong photography is an understatement. I can see why Hedi wants to focus on the lens.
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