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I'll be in Paris this weekend and am interested to know which is the best men's store as well. The hassle of the airport detax and customs is almost enough to put me off though.
There's SLP outlet stores? Sounds bad for the brand equity
Very elegant and understated milgauss. The green crystal is great and all, but it may be showing some age (screens 2007 to me).
Wow, that was intense. From an outside viewpoint, and someone with no experience with Ambrosi, I thought the pants look fantastic. I love that cut, and I can see how it's still comfortable, yet supremely elegant and slim. This is coming from a Dior Homme guy, so the thought that a MW brand might have sleek pants is something of a revelation. Re: Ambrosi himself, he sounds extremely affable. Yes, he has a shady undertone with the delays and all, but someone who's a...
They're going to be too big at least for a skinny look. On top of that, are you still losing weight? If you're still at it, definitely size down to 30.
Looks great GreatDane. Nice art.
ha. So, on the topic of SLP, how does everyone keep skinny enough to wear those 28-29 jeans? My 28s are getting a little tight.
I'll bite. That's an awesome jacket. I'm 35 so probably too old to know who that is.
Prudy = incredible
Looks awesome Prudy. You pull off the shirt so well. The jacket is a little longer than I usually do (e.g., I crop them at the knuckles), however, it looks very good on you with that sort of drape/length.
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