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Hey there. I have the duffle. It's one of the most substantial pieces from the collection and is a VERY heavy weight wool. It's very effective and is almost too traditional for me, so I had to have it tailored quite a bit (i.e., it's round and long for coverage). It's definitely a looker and you should expect compliments.The blazers are a great, tight fit with high armholes and quality construction. I think they're fully canvassed, at least the ones north of $2500.
ohyehhh is killing it!
Ha, I'm a watch guy, and I think we chatted about his affinity for Cartier Tanks, which makes too much sense. I think he designed the Chiffron Rouge watch for Dior, which is sort of neat, with the whole idea of the dial flipping to contrast with the shirt or jacket.
Dude the pepsi looks outstanding with the teddy!!
I'm a light runner (far from marathon), and do a good amount of stretching and yoga every morning. That said, my hamstrings are always tight! I did a quick search on this thread, but besides a few mentions of foam rolling, do you all have any tips? If foam rolling is the way to go, how much time/diligence do I need to invest to loosen up these babies! Thanks in advance.
Maybe buy the one you want as inspiration in 44 or 42 if you're evil. In all seriousness, it might be better to thrift it or go with Schott or MMM side zips (on sale/used?) to bide you over.
Agreed wonderfully insightful read. Pushes some traditional tropes, but that's par for the course these days.
Edit: on a positive note they're taking care of it. Great stuff from Jacob and Slann above.
Great fits guys!
They're probably just jealous. Wear it with aplomb. If you question it too much, though you won't be able to rock it. It's not something you should think of too much.That's a classic Hedi jacket cut; not sure if he personally did it but his team seems great, so I wouldn't worry too much. Apparently, the floodgates of Anthony's reign won't be opening yet.
New Posts  All Forums: