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I don't think a bespoke or MTM suit would really capture the SLP vibe. Those who make suits are usually old British or Italian guys and they just don't get the aesthetic. People have tried and failed. Just lose weight or get the SLP tailored to your body type.
Great question. I don't know about you, but when I talked to the SAs about that topic I always got the sense that a) they're a little worried about something going awry, and b) they're a little hesitant out of pure laziness on the part of the tailor. It's a big project, and I suppose SLP has to pay the tailors for the alterations, as it is not passed onto the consumer.
Creep -- outstanding fit. That's runway level. Bakar -- there's been back & forth about cropping the bikers, but I don't recall anyone doing it. When you talk to the SAs they usually recommend not doing it, because it's a little dicey, and apparently the natural creasing at the elbow will make move up a half inch or so (at the most) anyway. That said, it looks a hundred times better a little shorter, at least to me (see Creep's fit)
Wow terrible story, but sounds as though you acted quickly with PayPal so you should be in the clear. I feel like a dinosaur here, but how does one conduct a reverse image search for items such as this? I can envision it being extremely useful.
Drummond is a beast who works super hard. He reminds me of Barkley's hustle, but in a bigger, stronger body. Interesting how Kevin Love has upped his rebounds, so far. There's obviously a lot of talent on the Cavs to rebound, and Love is not the quintessential low-center of gravity or muscular rebounder. I like that it's a bit of an art.
Slann -- I'm liking the jeans and boots, although the jacket is loud to me however that's the point. you can pull it off with your nappy hair and cred from your blog. Nicksh - jeans look awesome on you. I don't think I've seen someone pull off the destroyed so effortlessly. They'll look even better with age.
Good call. I am anticipating this next collection will be great based on the womenswear. We shall see. I've been feeling better about SLP after DH has bored me to tears and after reading an amusing piece on Pierre Berge, where he called all designers out of touch and untalented except Slimane.
I think it works great if you're in the South. I'm serious.
Thinking about that one too. Love the black leather detail under the collar, in case I flip it up. I hesitated because I'm 5'6". I could get it tailored an inch or so up, but not too much for proportions. Do you think a Chesterfield is a bad idea for a shorter guy? Kieran - I thought you picked that up, or was it someone else who posted a fit pic a month or two ago....
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