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It does seem a little odd to stockpile THAT many pics, and this is coming from a Sixers/Hinkie fan. With the NBA's ever-increasing cap allowing teams to hold onto proven talent, and the seeming expanding pool of very good, not necessarily special, players coming into the draft each year that the value of draft picks has taken a hit.
I have a blazer and white jeans from the Palladium collection and have not noticed any diminution of quality. The blazer is still fully lined, which is a minor miracle these days. I hear you though, definitely good to save up some cash! I haven't seen any collections from S/S 2017 in Milan that really caught my eye, but I'm not much into the shows in Italy. Looking at it now, I have some mild interest in Gucci just because of the hype and how wacky, dorky it looks to...
The Palladium collection that is dropping online looks great to me. It makes me appreciate how much I've grown to like SLP these past few years, and how much I'll miss it going forward. My expectations for Anthony are zero. I guess I'm one of those Hedi guys, but I frankly just like the aesthetic, cuts, and attention to provenance.
Saw someone try those in NYC; he looked so ashamed after leaving the fitting room, back into which he hurriedly scurried after seeing the disapproving countenance of his partner. I'd walk away man. Sale items for SLP are usually not a good idea unless they fit some sort of wardrobe staple/need.
Hi Guys - I realize this thread is a bit old; my wife is in the market for a Leica. I'm not a camera guy, so ignorant on the subject. Does anyone have experience with the Leica Q or M9? Any advice between the two from a bird's eye view that I could impart? Cheers
Speaking of sales, I wonder how SLP's womenswear sold relative to menswear? I realize that menswear is the faster growing segment, but I would assume that womenswear still makes up the bulk of a house's revenue, yet YSL grew at a 10-20%? or so annual pace under Hedi, so that afterthought of womenswear probably moved well too.
Maybe I'm biased, but I can't imagine that someone objectively would think those Vaccarello teaser ads were of the same quality as Hedi's even for initial shoots. That said, I'm more interested in the clothes than the photography, whereas Hedi seemed to want to signal his growth as a designer in his ability to touch all aspects of the brand, from the name, boutiques, website, packaging, photography (especially), and of course, the aesthetic of the clothes and lines. His...
That first quarter last night was pure dominance. LeBron has certainly elevated his stature, and he's still doing it with that wonderful passing ability, too. Can't wait for Game 7. I like how the Cavs are switching their bigger guys on Curry, as the Warriors do in a similar exploitive fashion against Love.
This has probably been done to death, but is it possible that the Cavs are better against GSW when Love plays little if any minutes? On a related note, what exactly happened to Love in this transition from Minnesota to Cleveland? I remember he was sort of a bulky brawler under the net, but now he strikes me as a quirky finesse player. Maybe I missed something in between.
Slann - that is a fantastic guide!!
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