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Interesting note. Exactly my same experience at the Midtown store. I recommend a SA Donald there who is fabulous.
What's everyone's experiences like at the SLP boutiques? I have had great experiences in midtown Manhattan and other locations (KOP, LA and Paris), however, in their SoHo the sales persons are always clustered chatting and not seemingly interested in selling clothes. Really weird vibe. Maybe just a one-off thing.
Not sure if this applies to SLP, but for Dior MIJ has larger pockets than MII. I assumed this is because the Japanese love big phones and portable game systems.
Cool for winter of doom or not? Dior.
I usually size down one for raws. They stretch about an inch in the waist.
Good question. There isn't a hard and fast rule, because as you noted the "fashion" sense is to crop it at the wrist, but some old-school practitioners like about an inch longer. The most important thing is to get it done correctly (from the armhole) so that it doesn't affect the buttons. I go for the fashion look personally. If it's that cold you should be wearing gloves.
Apologies if this has been asked before... I'm looking to invest in a high-end peacoat. Does anyone have experience with cashmere pea coats? My understanding is that they are warmer, but will I be able to go out in snow, etc.? Any other concerns?
If that video is you in the 46, I'd say it looks fine and only needs some tailoring. Skinny suits will have a little pull effect around the top button, but that should be it. Make sure they tailor the sleeves from the armhole so you don't lose the button holes. The sleeves should become a little thinner naturally once they're taken up an inch or whatever.
They don't make raw noir in 17.5cm anymore. I don't know why, and I've asked! The raw indigo in 17.5 is fairly common, at least the past couple seasons. I haven't checked in a bit, but I usually call the store in Miami and ask for Eric the manager there. He's the best.
Like the Milgauss on you a lot.
New Posts  All Forums: