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Good call on the shoulder pads. That seems to be one of the more distinctive features of Hedi's designs these days. I have been very impressed with the canvassing and draping of the jackets. The construction is solid. They claim it's hand stitched, but I find that hard to fathom.
Oh cool, the tailor there is Ilena (IIRC). It's 50/50 whether they'll do it gratis. It'd be good to give them a call the day of or before to ensure she'll be around. If you buy in the store, there is no charge, but outside there might be a few. My guess, $100. Maybe if you buy a shirt or something at the same time they won't even charge you, but it's not an easy job to take the sleeves up. While you're there, I'd recommend they check out the top back of the jacket as...
Hi Alexander -- where are you based? All the boutiques will be able to do this, and they have great experience assuming they sell suits. Definitely get it taken up from the shoulders, not the sleeves. It's not only that you'll lose the effect of the working button holes, but you'll also lose some of the flow of the arm (i.e., it won't be as skinny) if you take it up from the bottom.IIRC, you're based in Europe, but if you're in the States, I can vouch for the tailors at...
I find foam rolling (I use a spiky hard roller) painful, especially on my quads. I do get a greater sense of limberness and maybe even ROM, although it is a pain to do it every day, and I didn't get that result until doing it consistently for a couple weeks. There are a lot of proponents of foam rolling on the net, although you will find a subset of skeptical scientists who point out some of the holes in the theory.
What you should really want is to be in a financial situation to drop 2K on custom trousers. Check out the Classic Menswear side to find the real ballers.
OakGhost -- that looks great.
I wear 28 in Dior 17.5cms and go with the same size 28 in the skinny SLP cut.That said, if you're hovering between 30 and 31, and you're looking at the trash denim, I'd hedge to the 31. Sometimes the cuts make it a little more difficult to get into and out of without tearing the holes too much bigger. That may be a quirk that I found when trying out in the boutiques and not wanting to mess up the merchandise, but overall, I found them somewhat unforgiving when wearing my...
Got this season's peacoat a bit ago. Extremely warm virgin wool. I think the coat is heavier than some of the posters on this thread. I know a lot of the SLP quality can be touch and go but I've been impressed with some of their outerwear and suiting. I find the price point reasonable.
I'd echo Kieran's sentiments 100%. Not even close to the SLP aesthetic. I'm not saying Kilgour is bad, just different and not for most of the people who take interest in Hedi's (or Raf's!) designs of the past 10 years or so.The closest I have found, and I have looked hard because I wear a lot of suits, is Napoli on Madison Ave. You have to beat them down for a while, but they eventually almost get it, in that they'll do 6" leg openings, that kind of thing and their...
I don't think a bespoke or MTM suit would really capture the SLP vibe. Those who make suits are usually old British or Italian guys and they just don't get the aesthetic. People have tried and failed. Just lose weight or get the SLP tailored to your body type.
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