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I know you guys are into bulking, but I'm more of a lean type of guy. that said, I want some definition, but at the same time to fit into skinny suits, etc.anyway, i'm 5'6" about 126 lbs give or take a couple.based on the photos below, what is my bf% estimate? curious, as i'm realizing that that might be the best barometer vs. pounds, alone: [[SPOILER]]
High armholes are key. No one makes a good taper except Dior and that's pricey. Just do polo custom cut and get then tapered by a decent tailor. Should only add ten to fifteen dollars per piece. Depending on your height, if you're under 5'10" consider shortening the length a bit but not much since they shrink
He's being flippant. The 12 is way too small and yes would seem like a large Luis Vuitton Speedy bag. The 24 is what you have to do, however, it's more of an overnight bag and not an every day bag. If you want something every day, I'd look into their satchels (but different purpose) or backpacks. Their black nylon and leather backpack is understated and fairly voluminous.
Wow, that's quite a haul! At what price range were those?
Interesting note. Exactly my same experience at the Midtown store. I recommend a SA Donald there who is fabulous.
What's everyone's experiences like at the SLP boutiques? I have had great experiences in midtown Manhattan and other locations (KOP, LA and Paris), however, in their SoHo the sales persons are always clustered chatting and not seemingly interested in selling clothes. Really weird vibe. Maybe just a one-off thing.
Not sure if this applies to SLP, but for Dior MIJ has larger pockets than MII. I assumed this is because the Japanese love big phones and portable game systems.
Cool for winter of doom or not? Dior.
I usually size down one for raws. They stretch about an inch in the waist.
Good question. There isn't a hard and fast rule, because as you noted the "fashion" sense is to crop it at the wrist, but some old-school practitioners like about an inch longer. The most important thing is to get it done correctly (from the armhole) so that it doesn't affect the buttons. I go for the fashion look personally. If it's that cold you should be wearing gloves.
New Posts  All Forums: