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You'll be fine. It's cut small and slim.
They're both the smallest size (XS, 44), although now that you say it, I didn't check if SLP has an XXS (42 Italian). May not be worth the hassle though!
Black & White one looks incredible. Wasn't sure if it'd look good in person, you pull it off well.
What do you guys think of this Dior (hey, Hedi inspired!) cashmere peacoat's fit vs. the SLP one I had posted a little while back? I'm thinking this one would require a little more tailoring, too, bring it in a touch and making the sleeves slimmer, or just pass? [[SPOILER]]
I agree with the above. It's usually pretty easy to spot, the blazers suits etc are all high armholes, and they look more fitted, where the more oversized (barrel shaped to me!) items have the low armholes. Since I'm stuck in 2001 I like the former more than the latter, although apparently oversized is better now.
Love that jacket as well
This is an interesting thread. I can concur with the comments above, I went through a phase where I was still losing weight (dropped 70 pounds when I first got into SF), so had made these stupid Hugo-Boss type suits purchases, that I regretted. However, it was a learning experience. Now I have extremely fitted Dior suits that work in a pragmatic rotation (dark grey, heather grey, navy, navy pinstripe, black for the occasional night out or funeral strangely). The only...
lol @ the pin comment
Thinking about getting this navy blue cashmere peacoat from Dior. Super soft and warm. Would need to get some tailoring of the sleeves and maybe taken in a touch. Thoughts? [[SPOILER]]
All black might strike me the best, but I find the second (black and grey) the most interesting. The other two may be a little too loud with the contrast idea.
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