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4 miles. first day fo' real back after a sore hamstring. thanks for those vids, btw.
Brad-t is always angry. His slogan is a useful clue. To your original query, let's be frank, there are some guys who can pull off leggings and some guys who can't. If you're in the artsy, skinny territory go for it. If you're an overweight hipster who's taken the APC thing too far, then probably don't do it. There will probably be some posts in here asking if you're a troll and/or making fun of this thread as if somehow it is beneath the common denominator that is...
Just to add to this, the standard SLP suit (I have only seen one cut) is akin to the Dior contemporary cut, which is their slimmer model. Dior also has a fuller cut, which you'll see when it's marked with a "r" on the tag, so 44R, 46R, etc. is the fuller, i.e., American cut. SLP and Dior 44s are the same that I have tried.As to the leathers, wow, I really love the SLP leather but feel they are cut very tight. I wear 44 in everything, but a 44 leather pulls a little at...
I've seen one. It is a light brown color, almost dark khaki, MII, not sure which cut but I would guess 19cm.I wear 28 in 19cm or 17.5cm cut. I don't think the waist size or thighs are different, it's only the leg opening and back rise IIRC (.5" higher in 19 cm cut).The SoHo store in NYC is receiving the first A/W14 pieces next week, so they could maybe send you a picture if you're interested and based out of Australia.
I have to admit it looks bad ass. I have two Explorer IIs (weird phase), one polar (white dial) and one black dial. I figure obviously it'd be more versatile to have a BLNR and one of those Explorers, but would be super sad to get rid of the black dial. I think it's very understated. The white dial is more unique, however. (My wife and I are purchasing a new house, so timing wouldn't be too kosher to get a third rolex!) I could just stay put and focus on SLP instead....
Tried on the BLNR yesterday...hmmm:
There are some relevant threads in the Lifestyle section of the forum, but strangely most of the fitness threads in SF are devoted to meatheads and guys talking about squats and bench presses. It's like the HS portion of SF.
Not as good as John Lobb bro
I like them and wouldn't hem at all. Maybe I'm extreme. Those stacks will settle nicely after about a couple weeks of wear. Now, if you're going for a clean-cut look, totally different ball game.
I wouldn't take some of his points too literally. They were written in conjunction with a doctor, and I think the main gestalt comes from KL and is actually better. Here's how I'd boil it down:Eat a light breakfast, maybe whole grain toast or oatmeal made with water or skim milk. You can have coffee w/ skim milkUse sweeteners. There is no legit science against them, but there is legit science against being fatDo not snack in between breakfast and lunchEat a salad with...
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