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YSL.com is down. Hedi must have left. Bad joke for the weekend
I dig this shirt. I'm a child of the 90s, so can completely relate to the idea behind it. The grand reflects three things a) the brand's prestige, b) the design, c) the wash process, d) the material. Obviously, you might be able to find something similar in look for $50 but it'd also look like a hand-me-down whereas this will look luxe. It's the IT factor, which has been discussed ad nauseum and books and on this forum.Anyway, I think it looks great and the fabric is...
Oak everything looks great in those pics. Somehow you pull off the golden boots to boot.
Good stuff. Thanks guys.
Looks good.
Does anyone have experience with the moto with slash pockets? I like the overall discreet vibe to it, but wonder about the leather...
When people talk about Rick Owens leathers, are the Made in Moldavia SF approved, or something to avoid? Unfortunately, I see quite a few ROs are manufactured there, whereas I'd assume others should be made in Italy.
Steel those look great, but unfortunately, I'm unfamiliar with sizing on them. On another note, I saw some of the new womenswear on the online store. I was struck by this leather moto, too cool! Has anyone bought a womenswear piece before, would the leather/cut be any different from menswear. I'm tempted to size up one and see what happens.
Yes, they seemed quite adamant about sizing down on the web store.
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