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Agreed, sleeve length on the shirt is fine, the jacket may be cut a touch short, but that can be construed as fashion forward (maybe) so I wouldn't worry.
Looks great Isolar! Good ensemble. On another note, does anyone have experience with the leather backpacks? I have the classic, black canvas one. I love the shape, size, and discreetness. I was thinking about mixing it up with the anthracite grey leather on the web store, but not sure if leather backpacks hold up well, and look okay, yada yada.
Isolar - I picked up the corduroy jacket in black with the leather elbow patches and it's a great investment piece. Excellent construction (fully canvassed!), and working button holes (only need to get them to open up the sleeves. It's cut short and has a pretty good taper, so a modern aesthetic. It's cool but can still be worn in various more formal situations. Once watch out is because of the leather patches make sure you get the arms taken up from the shoulders if...
Re: the slightly lower salary cap next year, I don't think GSW should be resigning Iggy at age 33-34. This assumes he will want top dollar, considering his prior year's Finals MVP and overall glue and defensive stats. That said, he'll be falling off, and there should be enough scoring to overcome any small defensive gaps. Kerr preaches d.
idnfl - I think there is something to a franchise "taking care" of its stars, as evidenced by the Lake Show and Kobe's last contract. That builds goodwill toward the brand, and ultimately may help to drive consumer loyalty. I just saw snoop dog give Kobe a Lakers boat ride as a retirement gift. That's the sort of thing that is funny but endearing and displays equity. Teams are really only an idea. I think Miami could have done better. Wade has a chance for a good...
Cool post Valedictorian. Funnily enough, I'm wearing that classic DH cardigan now. The cashmere and subtle, yet elegant cut has made it a go-to. Fortunately, KVA has not made it boxy or "elegant-sporty," which I think is his thing.
Duncan did look like an old man during the playoffs. He had an incredible career, no reason to keep pushing the envelope especially with an aging team. What's he going to do come off the bench with Aldridge and Gasol holding down the paint?
Does GSW not go over the salary cap? Wasn't Cleveland like double the cap this past year?
I think every player has been panned this offseason with the exception of KD.
Yes, doesn't make a ton of sense. His biggest quality now is being a good person and a leader, which would pay dividends on a young team such as the Sixers but it's not as though the Warriors are bereft on goodness.RE: the Barnes query before, interesting thoughts and it seems as though there is a true divide.Anyway, I'm unsure why everyone's freaking out so much about these contracts (not meaning here, but on the Twitter-verse etc), as everyone knew there'd be huge...
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