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Agreed this new drops of pre-orders looks very strong, especially the knitwear. Crewneck elbow patch sweater in cashmere is luxe. Kieran that peacoat is perfect.
MCW still looks wild out there to me, and has a tendency to play to the crowd (at least in Philly). It looks as though Kidd is stepping in big as a hands-on coach, which bodes well based on these performances so far. I saw how vociferous Kidd can be to call time outs and he seems to call the right plays, so kudos to him. The Bucks are a really fun team to watch, and that length seems stellar from a defensive standpoint. I wonder what they'll be like with another year...
I'll jump the gun and say now we're looking at a Bulls - Warriors finals, easily.
I was in the King of Prussia boutique outside of Philadelphia, and they have that t-shirt in XS. Most comfortable shirt ever award. It fits trim, as I'm in a muscle phase (for me) @ 130, and definitely had the buff look going with it. It'd probably drape better with a thinner frame at that size.
Needhelp - I'm digging those close up of the jeans. What do you prefer your Diors or SLPs? Prudy - hat looks GREAT on you, and I'm not a hat guy but pics such as that are softening me up.
I like them, but mostly because of the jeans!
You're a perfect SLP "small" since you're 135 lbs. As long as your shoulders aren't super wide, you don't need to go to medium, which would be real billowy. I'm assuming you're fairly skinny.
Kimmo -- looks great! Perfect fit and you're so right about understated but luxe.
Browns in the UK and Saks in the States. Dior is trying to be more like Hermes so fewer bigger stores are carrying. Mostly boutiques.
I'm wearing that exact pair now in 28 and they look the same to me. They've become my favorite jeans.
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