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That can't be good. Isn't that what the GM is supposed to insulate the owner from; weird obsessions/flights of fancy?I wonder how Cousins feels about all this. Obviously there was an acrimonious relationship up there, but the faux assurances made earlier that day and the lost $$$ has to sting.On the other hand, I suspect Cousins may be more excited to play in NOLA plus to me they seem to have a great young core of Davis, Cousins, and Holiday.
To say that is strong photography is an understatement. I can see why Hedi wants to focus on the lens.
I picked up the Dior jacket. It's about a grand (reasonable for them!!). The fit is very slim, as you can probably tell. It's about as tight as my SLP denim jacket, but maybe a half inch or inch longer in the body. The sleeves are very RO in length. The distressing is pretty cool up close, but is not at all loud so very wearable.
The boutiques have been saying the new pieces are selling; I'm unsure if that's the party line, but they're usually straight up. E.g., one SA told me a few year back when Hedi took over that he was freaking out because he had to lose all this weight, haha. And later they were freaking quite openly when Hedi left, in terms of sales potential.
I've had a couple Dior shirts shortened, since they run a little long and I don't need them right away. I think I had the blood luster t-shirt tapered about an inch the first season, because I wasn't into the whole wide body thing. I get it done when I'm purchasing, so there's no charge, and it's not as though I need a t-shirt that day. Probably not wroth the hassle to send out and then have shipped back, etc.I wouldn't mess with the sleeves, since they're usually cut...
Would chime in on needhelp's point; I haven't found the blue denim jacket as versatile as I"d like, since I mostly wear blue and grey jeans. I basically only wear it with black jeans.
need help that may be the best Teddy pic I've seen. Looks perfect. Re: if the Teddy is worth it...compared to other SLP items, I found it competitively priced for lack of a better term! The construction and fit is spot on. Keep in mind, it's very tight around the body and waist. On a somewhat related note, I picked up a black denim jacket with distressing recently from Dior, so will be able to compare a bit later.
Prudy - absolutely incredible. That's the perfect look; substantial, yet a nice sleek cut, interesting and obviously quality leather. You rock it well.
I have to give idnfl some credit for sticking to his point that the Sixers haven't progressed much this year. As a local guy, I was drinking the Kool-Aid during that winning streak, which of course, looked great relative to years of historic losing, but now we're back at a point where both are star players are injured (Embiid and Simmons), our #3 pick last year, Jahil, isn't even playing since we're trying desperately to trade him (no one wants him for "fair value"), and...
Thanks RFX! Very interesting.
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