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Running early is pretty much a prerequisite, otherwise, other daily distractions inevitably arise.4.5 miles for me today.
The Atlanta Pacers game was brutal. I couldn't watch it, but loved the first one.
No joke, I could see that. Paul needs to step up to borderline super-star level, but with Blake smashing and bashing and another big in Jordan I think they can do well. Nice bench, too.
Oh that looks great! I have a standard foam roller, but could see the rumble one being kind of fun. My IT bands are like total hurt, hamstrings hurt in spots, and the front of my thighs (not sure what to call that) are sore but not necessarily as painful as rolling on the IT band. That's basically all I do, so far.
I'm really into Lululemon boxer-briefs. I exercise a lot on the road and I need those things to dry quickly. TMI I realize all too late.
4.5 light miles today. Working myself back into shape. Does anyone have any experience with foam rollers? I don't know if I'm a closet masochist or if this thing is really doing the trick. I have felt more limber after using it than I have since the early 90s.
If it helps, you should have no problem selling a 46 Dior blazer if you end up growing out of it. That's the most popular size.
If there were a Rolex guide this would be a good example of how to rock a ND sub perfectly.
4.5 on treadmill. Opposite existential experience others described above
No sorry. How'd it go?
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