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Dino that looks incredible on you. Solid is the word that comes to mind but is such an understatement.
It seemed like a fun show and a lot of the pieces were obviously cool. The red velvet is pretty awesome and fits LA. i could use LA weather right now (in NYC).
Thanks for the advice. Here are a couple fit pics with me layering a sweater underneath and bunching the sleeve up a bit. I'm getting the sense about .75 to 1" off would be good, since I'd be wearing this for casual wear and tend to be aggressive with cuts. [[SPOILER]]
I have it; it shouldn't bleed. I wouldn't stand in a rain shower with a nice white shirt underneath though.
Ahh, thanks, ...how about sleeve length? (Not rick owens though!) I'm wondering at the wrist, an inch below, at the thumb knuckle, not longer...
Quick question that's probably been asked a million times, however, a search didn't lead me to an answer...is there a rule of thumb (no pun intended) for sleeve length and leather motos?
YSL.com is down. Hedi must have left. Bad joke for the weekend
I dig this shirt. I'm a child of the 90s, so can completely relate to the idea behind it. The grand reflects three things a) the brand's prestige, b) the design, c) the wash process, d) the material. Obviously, you might be able to find something similar in look for $50 but it'd also look like a hand-me-down whereas this will look luxe. It's the IT factor, which has been discussed ad nauseum and books and on this forum.Anyway, I think it looks great and the fabric is...
Oak everything looks great in those pics. Somehow you pull off the golden boots to boot.
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