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I can confirm. I used Dave when he opened up his shop and had so many fittings and spent so much time with him schmoozing. The amount of time he spent was way out of proportion to the money I spent. A real class act and very friendly.
What's the price of a Zegna RTW?
Although I won't be ordering from Linjer, because they don't carry vertical messenger bags, I would not hesitate to go with navy. I picked up a dark navy messenger bag from Serapian and couldn't be more pleased. Go with navy.
I don't get it. If you tell a MTM company to make you an item and provide measurements, shouldn't the finished item be in accordance with the instructions - whether the customer measured correctly or not? Isn't that where they went wrong?
I believe Montauk worked tirelessly to destroy Rory. That's the only explanation that makes sense to me.
Cole Haan Men's Greenwich Collection Newspaper Bag New in Box, never used, never opened. Purchased from Saks final sale and cannot return. My loss is your gain.
Tonight's pickups:
My god is the site slow.
EXQUISITE TRIMMINGS Save 30% On Selected Brands Use the code "SAVE30" at the checkout to apply the discount. The code will be valid until December 15th. Before you start shopping, PLEASE NOTE: - All Items purchased during a sale are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned - We apologise in advance for any shipping delays 19 Andrea’s 47 Abbeyhorn Albert Thurston Billykirk Codis Maya Colombo Davide Solazzi Drake’s Gallo Hanger Project Le Noeud Papillon Liverano &...
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