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Yeh, but @GrammatonCleric said he was told that it's done inhouse.
No need to reply but I wonder how you are able to kop what you do if $130k would be a game changer.
Where offsite?
How do you know it's not all in your mind?
+ 1. I charge at least 10% more for sales on eBay to balance out the final value fees but it still sells faster than on B&S. Probably due to greater number of users.
Anyone debating between Linger and Luxire bespoke? Would like to hear from others.
I wanted this bag, but it's out of my price range. So I decided to have Luxire make one for me that is similar. Being that they are making it bespoke, I would like to make some chages. Any suggestions for changes to make, whether in size, inside pockets, hardware, design...? The first thing that comes to mind is a leather strap rather than cloth.
Three Loro Piana Shirts All Size L All NWT Made in Italy Price includes shipping in CONUS Measurements are the same for all three: Shoulders - 19.25" PtP - 23" Sleeve length (from mid neck) - 36" Length from BOC - 32.5" 1) Dark Green and Blue Flannel Shirt, 100% Cotton SOLD 2) Blue (with a hint of grey) Stripes, 1 piece collar construction, 100% Silk[/B] SOLD 3) Blue checks, 100% Cotton, 1 piece collar construction
Do you have access to navy leather? Soft/hard?
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