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I'm not sure why we don't have a wiki of important and recurring info.
Anyone use them for bespoke shirts and can compare them to the other makers?
I really liked this one, though I heard the price has increased a lot recently.
Can people please use the spoiler function where possible. Thanks.
Stain Removal I have some spots on my tan shoes. It's most probably cooking/fish oil. I tried cleaning it with Saphir Renovateur 2 weeks ago but did not notice any difference. I've read through parts of this thread and I think I'm SOL. Is there anything I can do at this point ? If not, is there anything I should avoid?
I would not. H Freeman is not consistent as the other brands. Your'e more likely to get a better fit with the others.
Thanks. I will inquire about pricing and shipping.
What do you guys think of this one as a business casual shoe? MODEL: 5067 Calf leather - burgundy Style: London Last: F
Reminds me when NYC cops would ask you to empty your pockets hoping you would be holding pot in your hand rather than having it in your pocket (and then arrest you for having the drugs in public view).
Looks too formal for my eyes. I'm looking for a bit more casual.
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