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I'm sure he got it free.
Bought this suit in mint condition from a fellow SF member. Is too similar to another suit I already have. Two-button, notch lapel, side vents. I didn't measure it, but per seller: Chest (P2P) - 20.5" Shoulder - 18.5" Waist - 19" Length - 29.75" Sleeve - 25" Pants - flat front, tab side closures, 33"w x 30" (3" to let out of length). Leg opening is 8.5."
Maybe those are the orders they just got around to fulfilling?
Thanks. I was planning on just shortening the sleeves but now I am wondering whether it's worth keeping altogether.
Is the button stance on the jacket too low? Anything else? Ignore the different color pants and tie.
Size 42L equivalent Blue 3 button, patch pocket Very soft (unstructured and unlined) Side vents 100% Cotton Made in Italy Retail $800 Chest - 22.5" Waist - 20" Shoulders - 19" Sleeves - 27.5" Length from BOC - 30"
Thank you! That's my second RLBL suit in the past week or so. Got a new one in solid charcoal for $550 and used one in solid navy for $255
Where do we vote?
That's exactly what I need.
This one closed shortly after listing, but is a great example of B&S. NWT RLBL suits in solid grey for $550. Of course I kopped.
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