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Wonderoud by Comme des Garcons. This is my first Oud scent. I tried a half dozen at Twisted Lilly and really liked this most as the Oud is not overpowering but nicely blended.
The only black people I saw in Israel were Jewish.
So why is BLM getting involved?
I'm hearing BLM or perhaps many of its followers are anti- Israel. Next will they be anti GMO too. They lost me.
Assam of India by Berdoues. Lots of lemon and some tea.
Just got this one from ET and love it. http://turnbullandasser.com/pocket-square-blnawh-anima-hrl-bl-3
My Chukkas are roomier than my shoes. Both F last.
Mine has 3 patch pockets with MOP buttons. The cloth is either 517 or 520 I think. It doesn't resemble an orphaned suit jacket all.
Bernie Goetz?
Anyone worth shooting once is worth shooting multiple times.
New Posts  All Forums: