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Size 42L equivalent Blue 3 button, patch pocket Very soft (unstructured and unlined) Side vents 100% Cotton Made in Italy Retail $800 Chest - 22.5" Waist - 20" Shoulders - 19" Sleeves - 27.5" Length from BOC - 30"
Thank you! That's my second RLBL suit in the past week or so. Got a new one in solid charcoal for $550 and used one in solid navy for $255
Where do we vote?
That's exactly what I need.
This one closed shortly after listing, but is a great example of B&S. NWT RLBL suits in solid grey for $550. Of course I kopped.
Yes. Size 40.
What would you have to hit to do a vertical navy bag (assuming there's sufficient interest) ?
Ditto. I ended up signing up a dozen times.
I'm really hoping this works out because I need a vertical messenger bag and would rather wait until this kicks off and becomes successful than buy elsewhere.
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