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It looks quite versatile to me, which is why I was keen on getting it. Will try it with navy and lighter blue suits.
Just picked up this Drakes from the MrPorter sale.
I wish Vanda would take pictures of pocket squares both flat and puffed. I have a hard time imagining how it will look like once it's put into a puff.
Thanks. I took your recommendation and it was perfect.
My negative review didn't get posted but positives did. I don't recall the specifics.
I am.
Have you seen any negative reviews?
Crockett & Jones Weymouth Handgrade Brown Wholecut medallion Size UK 9 (medium) - 337 last Only high qualty polish used and always shoe treed.
I wonder if this will turn into another Linkson Jack.
Any idea what my starting price for used Crocket Jones Handgrades should be? I have the Weymouth in 9uk but didn't see much eBay history to get a reasonable idea.
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