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When switching home insurance policies has anyone had trouble getting the first one to stop the auto-renewal? Besides for a written signed request they also want proof of replacement coverage. Why is it their business?
Not on sale but c21 has Kiton pocket squares for $40.
Yes. The buyer complained to me but then found it. A family memner had it.
Any updates on the gift for the first 250 backers?
I would never buy the first 2. The last one isn't terrible.
Wonderoud by Comme des Garcons. This is my first Oud scent. I tried a half dozen at Twisted Lilly and really liked this most as the Oud is not overpowering but nicely blended.
Assam of India by Berdoues. Lots of lemon and some tea.
Just got this one from ET and love it.
My Chukkas are roomier than my shoes. Both F last.
Mine has 3 patch pockets with MOP buttons. The cloth is either 517 or 520 I think. It doesn't resemble an orphaned suit jacket all.
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