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Would you mind sharing it on the forum? I had the same question.
How did you resolve it?
Bond 9 Wall Street. Eh and the scent is gone in an hour.
^ you mention the expensive printed silks used by Hermes; what about their construction. I have heard from friends that own many of them that they periodically need to be relined as they tend to twist. Is that a defect in construction or the choice of lining they use?
The price of scotch and even bourbon has sky rocketed. Time to invest in some bottles and flip in a few years.
When did the Boro Park store close?
Well the bank is an insured party. I would think any agreement would be between me and the bank, not the insurance company and the bank.
When switching home insurance policies has anyone had trouble getting the first one to stop the auto-renewal? Besides for a written signed request they also want proof of replacement coverage. Why is it their business?
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