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I think it's about time we confiscate guns from cops. They are like little children running with knives.
C21 has some Brioni suits at $2k.
I bought a coat from Private White VC (UK) for $382 USD which was shipped by FedEx. I mailed it back to Private White via USPS. Today I received a bill from FedEx for $43. Does the fact that I returned the item allow me to avoid the fee?
Maybe this was a gang initiation shooting.
Now I feel safe because I typically don't play with toy trucks.
What's amazing to me is that there really is nothing you can do to avoid being shot by police. It's like a hazard of living and you just have to live with it and not give into the terrorists by showing fear.
In NYC Peter Liang got 5 years probation. Let's see what happens here. .
I can't recall one incident where he conceded a shooting was unjustified.
The man was black. Cop feared for his safety. Case closed. As an aside, when the victim was 4 years old he took a cookie before dinner time.
What type of help does he need to be successful?
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