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Thanks. How many visits were you able to squeeze in?
Does he speak English?
Do I have to say NYC?
I'm wondering what were the deficiencies that needed improvement?
Good point. They may have black rage after being shot and are unpredictable. Handcuffing him was the prudent thing to do. It's right there in the manual.
Another question. After they missed killing the autistic guy, why didn't they keep on shooting until he was hit?
What's your view on mohair blends from VBC?
Thanks. What's strange is that I just got a bill from fedex for items delivered by a different merchant where the value on the form was $320.
Just got my pants and 3 socks in the mail. The customs paper says value of each pair of socks is $50 X 3 pairs = $150. Pants valued at $150. So total is $300. Am I going to get a bill from fedex for customs duties?
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