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My Chukkas are roomier than my shoes. Both F last.
Mine has 3 patch pockets with MOP buttons. The cloth is either 517 or 520 I think. It doesn't resemble an orphaned suit jacket all.
Bernie Goetz?
Anyone worth shooting once is worth shooting multiple times.
Reminded me of the ~70 bullets that hit Abu Jihad.http://www.almonitor.com/pulse/en/originals/2013/05/israel-is-longing-for-abu-jihad.html
Can anyone compare the http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/mixed-denim-blue-single-breasted-raincoat.html to a Ventile raincoat offered by American Trench or similar?
The suspense is killing me.
Amazing. They can't even kill properly.
Reminds me of Kenneth Cole.
Has anyone here ever not given consent to a search and had it end smoothly?
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