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I'm a small timer.
Any updates on places online or in NYC to buy interesting linings for suits?
Thanks for such a quick reply. I reached out via e-mail to Ron Rider to see if he recalls how the Martegani factory made the insole. As an aside, any idea what is the typical (if there is one) reason for such cracking? Interestingly, the shell uppers are in perfect condition.
Thanks for your insight, as usual. I tried taking a higher quality picture which or may not change your view.
I hope not. They are she'll cordovan double monks by Mateganni for Ron Rider. 😭
I have a crack in the inside of my shoe, not sure if it's referred to the lining or insole, but either way, is this reparable?
Sorry if I missed it, but is there a pic?
Stuff is at 75% off.
At C21 in Brooklyn, saw a Corneliani, size 38, plaid, unstructured jacket (wool/linen mix) for ~$110.
NWT ISAIA Gray Wool Cashmere Blend Suit. Size 40R
New Posts  All Forums: