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What Walking Down the Street with a Coffee is Like in a Police State https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Zh6xX5uK_M
When you said "Oxxford is rated, along with Adrian Jules in Rochester, as the two best suit makers in the US" I read that to mean the MG MTM is not one of the two best suit makers in the US.
Why do you rate AJ higher than Martin Greenfield MTM?
Sounds reasonable.
It couldn't come at a worse time.
Any recommendations for a place in NYC that happens to take Aetna Eye Med insurance?
I suspected the hand-made nature may be the culprit. My first pair, based on personal visit to Vass, fit perfectly. My more recent pair, same last and size, is tight in the width across the vamp. I sure hope they stretch over time.Thanks! It's hard to beat their price/quality ratio.
Has anyone noticed a different fit on the same last and size on a different shoes?
Yes. I received a reply within 24 hours. Maybe they just like me.
New Posts  All Forums: