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There is so much contradictory information in this thread as of late. RLBL and Zegna (mainline) has always been known on this forum as full canvased, FWIW.
Just curious, is your right foot smaller than your left? I'm wondering if that's why it shows more creasing.
I don't think the Spencer model has been made in years. I wish it did.
I would love to spend a day and just watch him work. Too bad I live in NYC.
How did I miss this thread? This is great stuff!!
I believe the shoes are blaked. Is it possible to replace the bonwelt without replacing the sole too? I'm hoping so because I already had BNelson replace the sole recently.
Is this repairable? It looks to me like a decorative part of the shoe has been worn down and has exposed some part of the inside of the shoe.
Thanks! Works for me.
I was actually considering the exact same lining when I commissioned by most recent MTM. I wonder if we went to the same place.
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