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When I see a good deal, I buy first and ask later. It has served me well. Staple NWT RLBL suit at $450. Oxxford navy cashmere SC (used) for less than $200 I think. NWT HF suit for ~ $250, a few used Isaia suits for ~ $450 each. I'm sure there are more that I forgot.
Got it in 40R.
Keep in mind this is not eBay. There are many relationships on B&S. I'd venture to say that 75% of my purchases and sales have been with the same people.
My mom is Hungarian and is not familiar with Vass, but based on its spelling she thought it would be pronounced Vush. As an aside, was anxiously waiting for a delivery, Fedex came Wednesday after 6pm when no one was home and didn't come today due to the Papal visit in NYC. Argh.
I assume you would recommend neutral polish for cognac vaas. Would that be neutral wax or neutral cream?
Any recent recommendations for a moth hole in a suit?
$350 for Vass http://www.styleforum.net/t/507607/final-sale-350-for-bnib-vass-shoes-different-models-and-sizes/0_50
+1How did you arrange that?
Didn't others say they don't carry whiskey shell?
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