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Can you elaborate on the differences between Ercole and Chan in both price and cut?
I believe luxire has a pic for their trousers. I had one made in twill. It doesn't look like flannel at all.
Can you explain "good" shoulders? Would sloping shoulders not qualify?
Shoes are preworn. Heel needs to be replaced. Price does not include $10 shipping fee in CONUS. Inquire about international shipping. Shoe is on the #4 last.
so why do they even bother posting it?
All ties are 100% silk and are pre-worn. Prices include shipping in the CONUS. Inquire about international shipping.1) Ralph Lauren Purple Label, made by hand in Italy, black with pink stripes, 3.5" $55 SOLD [[SPOILER]] 2) Kiton, light blue with silver stripes, tie keeper is loose on one side, 3.75" $55 SOLD [[SPOILER]] 3) Brioni, gold/cream with white stripes, tie has been narrowed by Tiecrafters, 2.75" $354) Salvatore Ferragamo, burgundy with organge stripes, 3 5/8"...
Greenfield is the factory.
That's why I was asking
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