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Just curious why you think it's not realistic to expect a clean back from Chan?
Any recommendations for a store in NYC that carries both high-end frames and good bang for your buck type frames? I honestly don't know what brand to look for and I am hoping the store has enough of a selection and be able to help. Years ago I went to H Optics, and may return, but was wondering what else is out there.
I'm not happy he settled. http://m.nydailynews.com/new-york/nypd-whistleblower-adrian-schoolcraft-settles-suit-600k-article-1.2378974?cid=bitly
It seems the dropped shoulder was hard for them to fully address. The front, though, looks great.
Per their website, "... distilled in Breckenridge, is blended with straight Bourbon Whiskeys from Kentucky and Tennesee."
I tried Breckenridge this week and thought it was pretty good. Any else heard of this one?
Does anyone have experience with T.O. DEY (NYC) or know what method of construction they use on custom shoes?
Are the items that are also available in the States cheaper when bought in Florence. I understand that's not the sole consideration is making a purchase while in Florence or any other area.
What's the law in NYC regarding field sobriety tests? Can one refuse and ask for a breath test instead?
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