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The way to get there using an online MTM service is by measuring your best fitting shirt and making modifications as needed. Measuring your body rarely results in a satisfactory product.
Don't send body measurements. Send shirt measurements.
Does anyone have pics of the pocket squares in the wild and can compare them to other famous makers?
I'm thinking of getting the bronze/brown grenadine but not sure what to match it with? What else besides a brown suit?
Selling an LL Bean merchandise credit card which holds $150 at a 15% discount.
Love em. I assumed you asked for the burnishing.
^The price has gone up to $300 a bottle. Glad I bought a few at $155 not too long ago.
I have the same problem. Ordered some LP pants a month ago and the fabric hasn't even arrived yet. Wish I knew they didn't have it in stock.
Is anyone familiar with the brand Yellow Plus (made in Japan)?
Any have experience with solid colognes such as this?
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