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I can't answer your question but I can tell you that many on the forum are not fans of LP's woolens.
Can't wait to try that. Was also considering chatting with them as long as possible to simply waste their time. Obviously, I would need a lot of free time for that.
Our USPS guy is an old fart who doesn't deliver packages if he has to walk up steps. He simply records it as unavailable without even leaving a note.
I've seen references that they use http://www.dialoguedirect.us/network.html for the annoying fundraising.http://www.villagevoice.com/2008-09-03/news/you-can-t-escape-the-canvasser-s-pitch/http://nypost.com/2011/08/28/charity-crews-are-beggars-for-hire/
Those are the ones I was referring to. What's up with their phony smile and hugs?
Are those the same people who employ guy/gals in their low 20s who always approach you like you are their long lost friend? So annoying.
Probably part of an experiment.
Thanks for reminding me about the Knicks.
Which month?
Love the cerruti.
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