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All ties are 100% silk and are pre-worn. Prices include shipping in the CONUS. Inquire about international shipping.1) Ralph Lauren Purple Label, made by hand in Italy, black with pink stripes, 3.5" $55 SOLD [[SPOILER]] 2) Kiton, light blue with silver stripes, tie keeper is loose on one side, 3.75" $55 SOLD [[SPOILER]] 3) Brioni, gold/cream with white stripes, tie has been narrowed by Tiecrafters, 2.75" $354) Salvatore Ferragamo, burgundy with organge stripes, 3 5/8"...
Greenfield is the factory.
That's why I was asking
Isn't KHL ~ $4,500? How much cheaper is that than RA?
Welcome to SF. We should probably merge this thread with this one: http://www.styleforum.net/t/213100/official-franco-ercoles-bespoke-thread-brooklyn-manhattan/0_50
Thanks. What do you think of the following two choices? Do either match?
...and going where?
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