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They were probably in fear of their lives and the victims were probably resisting.
That's a unwarranted assumption and that is the issue. He instigated the lane change and made it worse by not allowing her to smoke and then even worse by not letting her go on her way.
But how will they find jobs then? This was their only chance of employment.
So he can taze your full body rather than just your head and shoulders (while shouting the magic words "stop resisting").
In his warped mind it's an impossibility. Every order is lawful because the cop not only enforces existing law, but also can legislate on the spot.
+1 the waiter didn't work harder because I decided for the more expensive steak.
It's inconceivable to me that someone wouldn't collect the proper tax. 😆
Because it's off the books? Then you lose the VAT refund.
I will be there soon as well. Why cash?
Was so hard to just pick one square from the sale items, but eneded up with this one. I wear mostly navy, blue and grey suits and thought this would be most versatile.
New Posts  All Forums: