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For Sale: West End in Australian Nut with stainless steel buckle. 1 1/4" wide, size 34, 5 holes, each 3/4" apart. I screwed up my measurements, so my loss is your gain. I paid $89 USD (plus 2-month wait). Yours for just $OLD.
The oppressed youth tend to shout "world star" after completing the former.
And they make you get out of the way. F U. I got here first.
Do you guys carry a design similar to this?
I was at a party last week where the host had a dozen bottles of scotch that were 25-30 yrs old. Unfortunately, I was still hungover from the previous night and can't recall what I drank and didn't appreciate any if it.
I've had all of those (except for Adbeg). I love the Abelour and Lagv.
Has anyone ever been successful in asserting the "Money Back Guarantee" when using USPS Priority Mail Express 1-Day? I have a package that took a week to arrive. The USPS website says that refund requests can only be done at a local post office. However, local post offices refer you to the website to make a claim.
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