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Aren't the sleeves a bit long?
I love it.
I want this. It's shell so I assume there's an upcharge.
Does the above imply that the Grandi fabrics have not yet been received or in production and we are weeks away from delivery of the final product?
Allen Edmonds Suede Hancock Size 10.5 D Only $9.99 with no reserve! Bidding ends TODAY 7:19PM Eastern.
Won't be too warm, but it won't look or feel like a typical flannel either.
Had on Saturday: the Glenvilet 21, Balvenie Carribean Cask, and Muirhead's Silver Seal 21 Year, and was only impressed with theBalvenie.
I have the same shoes with the same issue but that didn't happen when I got them. The color difference happend over time.
Full grain vegetable tanned is $600.
I can confirm. I used Dave when he opened up his shop and had so many fittings and spent so much time with him schmoozing. The amount of time he spent was way out of proportion to the money I spent. A real class act and very friendly.
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