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Does anyone have experience with T.O. DEY (NYC) or know what method of construction they use on custom shoes?
Are the items that are also available in the States cheaper when bought in Florence. I understand that's not the sole consideration is making a purchase while in Florence or any other area.
What's the law in NYC regarding field sobriety tests? Can one refuse and ask for a breath test instead?
I hope your dog has repented. I will be on the lookout.
Size Small (48 EU) Burgundy Made in Italy Premium Cotton Retail $400 Price $100 $85 $70 PtP 21.5" length 26.5" Shoulder across 17" Sleeve from seam 24.5" from shoulder seam and 32.5" from mid-neck
Size Small Navy Made in Italy Virgin Wool Tag is loose on one end Retail $895 PtP 20" length 26.5" Shoulder across 17" Sleeve from seam 24"
E. Zegna, Italy, 100% Silk, 15”, brown edge with rust squares
Vass MTO
New Posts  All Forums: