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Timbuktu by L'Artisan. Wasn't blown away by it but I am rookie to fragrance.
Do people actually refer to the NOBD collars as such when they place an order?
[[SPOILER]] I have purchased Belvest suits from nSuited and they are first class suits, comparable to the mainline Zegnas and perhaps even the RLPL I own. Is that heresy?Yes, it is.
Thanks for the details!
It's way smokier than Lag. As a friend of mine says, if you want to smoke a cigar in a non-smoking area, go for the Peat Monster.
My remaining collection. Mostly scotch with a bit of bourbon.
I am considering taking advantage of the sale and sampling the following six. Any suggested changes or removals?Frederic Malle Iris PoudreHermes Bel AmiTom Ford Oud WoodL'artisan TimbuktuJo Malone Sweet Lime and CedarVan Cleef Midnight in Paris
New Posts  All Forums: