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I love Rudy and believe we should be respectful to everyone. But the police cannot demand respect. Respect is earned and very easily lost.
Sounds like MTM with a basted fitting using Martin G factory.
Actually 650.
Size Medium (4) in Cinnamon Purchased from the company and is unworn, new with tags. Price is firm and includes shipping in the US. http://www.privatewhitevc.com/online-shop/mens/coats-jackets/ventile-jackets/sb4-unlined-ventile-r-cinnamon-aa0366.html
I'm actually glad the website is so difficult to navigate. A better website leads to more customers which leads to more work and slower turn around time.
When did experience tell us that?
Thanks. Just ordered.
They will only release if it vindicates them.
What are people's thoughts on the minimalist vs classic?
That statement has as much value as "stop resisting."
New Posts  All Forums: