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Thanks. I will look into both.
Old thread, but was wondering, what do people recommend for NYC? It seems you need two raincoats, one that is warm and waterproof for winter and one that is light, waterproof and breathable (is that possible?) for the summer. The former may be easier to find, but who sells a light-weight, waterproof and breathable raincoat?
The U was too narrow for me and the F is perfect. Not sure whether they are .5 difference in width though.
I think they didn't factor in the left dropped shoulder but perhaps I'm being overly simplistic. That's something MTM would've picked up on the first go around.
Surprising for a 4th suit.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/511639/100-cashmere-kiton-sport-coat-it50-u-s-40-42/0_50 $300
Which type of cut would've flattered (so to speak) his sloped shoulders?
Which square is that with the boat? I love it.
Any idea how they compare to H Optics?
http://www.styleforum.net/t/511210/kiton-super-180-14-micron-suits-blue-gray-38-r-40-r/0_50 Kiton suit for $695.
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