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Anyone have luck making an appt in NY recently?
Still wish this was available.
Is this Serapian Messenger bag a screaming deal at $235? Any info on their leather quality?
Pardon me if that has already been covered, but I am looking into leather couches and I find the terminalogy a bit confusing. I know the difference between Full Grain and Top Grain, but what is "Full Top Grain"? Is it possible they really mean 100% Top Grain with no other lessor qualities?
Yeh, but @GrammatonCleric said he was told that it's done inhouse.
No need to reply but I wonder how you are able to kop what you do if $130k would be a game changer.
Where offsite?
How do you know it's not all in your mind?
+ 1. I charge at least 10% more for sales on eBay to balance out the final value fees but it still sells faster than on B&S. Probably due to greater number of users.
New Posts  All Forums: