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That sizing post should be the first post wiki for this thread.
Heel and forefoot so I guess it's simply too long.
Sizing Question Is there a wiki on this? If not, 10D on Marlow Penny Loafer (perfect fit) 9.5UK on Carmina Rain last (a bit loose) 10.5D on AE 5 last (a bit too long) 9UK on CJ 337 last (a bit tight for one foot) What size Hiro last?
Has anyone had success in ordering two different size shoes without going the MTM route? I think my feet may be 1/4 - 1/2 different sizes. I will going to Budapest in person soon but wanted to know what to expect.
+1 the waiter didn't work harder because I decided for the more expensive steak.
It's inconceivable to me that someone wouldn't collect the proper tax. 😆
Because it's off the books? Then you lose the VAT refund.
I will be there soon as well. Why cash?
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