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Wearing them today for the first time. Fit feels good though it has a bit more room in the front half than Vass F last 42.5. Problem is the top back of the shoe is rubbing against my foot making me bloody and in pain. There is no heel slippage at all. It better soften up soon.
I always do so to keep them looking nice. Can you explain the non aesthetic benefits?
I think as their prices creeped up they were no longer the value they once were and customers have moved on. But I am curious where they moved on too.
I've done many times and have not bought MTM or bespoke from him.
Just picked up Barrel Bourbon New Years 2017. Excited to try it this weekend.
I'd be pissed as well.
Thanks. Fits well, but I only wore it a minute on carpet. I think it may be a drop longer than I need. For comparison, I wear a 42.5 F last in Vaas and these are a 9 UK.
Just got these from Massdrop. That's green. Not sure if it came out in the pic.
I have compiled a small list of stores in NYC that may have quality scented candles: Are there better options? If no, any favorites from the above 3 choices?
Same here
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