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Marteganni for Ron Rider. Over 7 yrs old. Crappy iPhone pic
I got give a shot out to Ron Rider for amazing service. I bought some MTO shell double monks from him about 7 years ago and had an issue with them recently. I reached out to him hoping to get some advice from him. He not only gave me advice but took care of the whole thing from start to finish. He provided a level of service that quite frankly does not exist anyhwere in the world. He's a class act. I wouldn't hesitate to get a MTO from him again.
Thanks. I decided to go for the mohair.
This one: http://custom.luxire.com/collections/vbc-quick-sale/products/vitale-barberis-canonico-indigo-birdseye_vbc_486_368_110ss_3
What do you think of this one with a Navy suit and green tie:
Thanks. Any particular KW squares you recommend instead?
What do you guys think of the following KW pocket square matching a navy suit and dark green shantung tie? Assume the shirt will be white. Are there better choices that I have overlooked?
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