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Hi there... Is your Cucinelli navy vest still for sale? If so, what are you willing to sell it for? And could I get some measurements? Pit to pit? Shoulder to shoulder? Length from base of rear collar to bottom hem? Thanks! -Eric
Might be a little late, but I'm interested...especially in the bottom "Istanbul" tie. Any chance they can be had?
Okay, I'm an idiot. I was so excited about the tie, I didn't realize your post was from May 2009, not May 2011! Great, 2 years old...Well, if these's any chance you still have the tie, please let me know! IF you still have the tie, and don't want to ship to Canada, I have a friend's address in Washington State. D'oh!!!!
Sending a second message re: purchasing the tie, so I can send you a personal message! I'm a new member, so trying to get used to this...
Sold! So you're saying $65, shipped? I'm in Canada.
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