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Why are we talking about this week's auctions that haven't even launched yet when these beauties can still be had for less than two bills? And OMG a still basted MG suit for a slim 42 in finance, WOWOWOW!
I figured you didn't get up to Richmond Hill much anyways.
wes? [[SPOILER]] and the most disappointing kiton ever; [[SPOILER]]
the two canalis i still have do some of the best dimples of all my ties. what type of knot are you using?
I'm in if you can hook this blockbuster trade up, I just need to know what person d is after.
NWT Marlboro leather goods passport holder/travel wallet; Whatever this Dooney and Bourke thing is; Samuelsohn suit, Versace Don Johnson blazer; Austrian made LP 100% cashmere jacket; Hit up a 50% off shirt sale, a few minty H&K, BB and Brioni OCBDs, few Zegnas, Etro, NWT P&S Yachting, Orvis cotton/silk/cashmere blend shirt and a RG. If you're a 16.5 and need a wing collar shirt with stud holes get at me.
That sounds depressing, staring at that neglected denim. Send them to me and I'll make sure they never bother you again.
Ah, I saw those Versace bathing outfit auctions linked from Frenchy's tumblr.
To be fair to me, what i offered up was waaay cooler than that thing .
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