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would fully kop if these were 33 or 34. the only thing I don't love about mine is that I coat everything around me in indigo. I'm basically this guy;
Going back to basics with my shirt collection so putting a lot of stuff up for grabs, all 16 or 16.5 34/35 unless noted; BB (polo collar), H&K, T&A (has some cuff wear), Charvet, TM Lewin Canali, New & Lingwood (turnback cuffs), BB (slim fit), Paul Smith, BB (polo collar), Burberry London BB (slim fit), Thomas Pink, Paul and Shark (polo collar), PRL (polo collar), Faconnable (polo collar, has a few cracked buttons), PRL (polo collar, custom fit) BB (OCBD, available...
I came.
is this a samuelsohn label? inside an lp cloth blazer with way more handwork than i would expect.
The crotch on my 501 shrink to fits is about to blow, should I patch them before they blow or wait until they go and then patch them?
Is the shadow box hiding his fireplace curtain custom engraved with "who let the dogs out?"? I wouldn't have pegged Mitt for a big Baha Men fan.
That roped shoulder
It's better than when they just jam it through the whole tie. That's why I would prefer they just throw all of the ties in a big bin and charge a buck or two each.
yes, the (usually) white thread that is fully visible when they are inside out.
usually you can see it because the weft will be less visible.
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