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Take a breath dude, have a drink He doesn't like the jacket, you do. Not a big deal, not worth increasing your blood pressure! Wear it in good health.
Big ups to @GMMcL for a sweet deal. vv Two staple suits and some bonus ties vv
What part of Hamilton is considered downtown now, Barton? King and Dundurn? I'm in Waterloo now, but I grew up right beside Hamilton.
Yeah, we only have 1/4 cask here too
There's also a Laphroaig quarter cask in there that is my 'guest scotch' (Lagavulin? Never heard of it ).
What part?
Its the tie, it has the veritas and wheat sheaves crest.
No, I was in Waterloo which may be worse, all of the Mennonites drop off the women and children for the day so the place gets crowded. I did two stores, one was not bad except the shoe section but the other looked like a bomb had gone off in it. I almost texted you to see if you wanted me to pick up a York emblematic but I figured it was too trad for how you dress.I have a card but I lost it/hate having a fat wallet. I need them to make the card electronic so I can keep it...
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