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Wes could sell ice to an Eskimo (at a premium).
Take some pictures of it and list it in the trading thread.
^^Looks legit to me. Are there a lot of fake APCs around?^^Not cool to ask that here.
Are they all 30ish? I don't see sizes for the sugar canes or apc x carhart.
I found an RG wing collar tux shirt with an incomplete RG stud and link set in it (missing 2/4 studs), should i list it with the incomplete set, list the shirt and the set seperately, only include the links or some other variation? while the shirt is in phenomenal shape, i'm worried the incomplete stud set will lower the selling price if included.
subcontract that shit. I took photoshop classes in college and you can pay me in menswear .
a) curb is greatb) if people have feedback for your fits read it and either note or dismiss it. sometimes I get feedback on fits and I think "hmmm, that would be better" and sometimes I think "oh 38R, you crazy". It's the internet, you can't attach rules to your posts, and it's probably not worth getting worked up over.
Take a breath dude, have a drink He doesn't like the jacket, you do. Not a big deal, not worth increasing your blood pressure! Wear it in good health.
Big ups to @GMMcL for a sweet deal. vv Two staple suits and some bonus ties vv
What part of Hamilton is considered downtown now, Barton? King and Dundurn? I'm in Waterloo now, but I grew up right beside Hamilton.
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