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In my experience the brooks brothers outlets are pretty shit. They aren't outlets in the true sense (liquidating unsold/offseason goods) but rather retail locations for thier crappy diffusion 346 line.
Two items ending tonight, both still cheap
I'll have to check it out, I usually just stream random stuff from here. I find the pre-space age sci-fi stuff hilarious.
send to me for testing.
I agree. If those jeans were looser they would look sloppy. Killer jacket too.
^^ [[SPOILER]] ^^Glad to see those landed in good hands (feet?).
If you get a chance to see him live, do it. His Christmas tour is especially good.
All of the this american life cast-offs and associated shows are pretty good too; the moth, wiretap, planet money (if youre interested in economics), strangers, etc. How did this get made is also pretty good if you love terrible movies, and the vynil cafe (very canadian, kind of cheesy, but the host is a good storyteller).i also tend to listen to alot of old radio serials in podcast form, like an audio book but shorter.
jk brah
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