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@jdrizzy trade you that RRL straight up for the OCBD
Suits I'm usually 41-42 but outerwear, especially with less 'fashion forward' brands, usually has some room built in.
I'm going to respectfully disagree with 38R because . Can your wife give my wife some gifting lessons?
Dibs if this is waxed cotton, 40 and getting flipped.
Couple of items launching today, all starting below $10 with no reserve. If you buy above the minimum bid pm me and I'll give you some kind of discount or bonus.
Seriously you just need to lay out a step by step plan and then jump in with both feet. If you keep thinking about the project as a whole it feels really overwhelming and impossible but each step feels really easy. Plus once you rip the room out not having your master bath provides lots of motivation to get it back together .edit: also buy lots of beer and when you get frustrated put your tools and shit down and go have one (or ten depending on how frustrated you are, just...
I got distracted and someone out-sniped my snipe.
Doesn't my posting read like that of a super jacked dude? Seriously though, it's probably just forced perspective in those pictures.For people that liked the tub check out vintage tub and bath, they were great to deal with (and not a sponsor so I am in no way obligated to say that ).
Thanks dude.WTF @R01gt how dare you drop that LP bonanza on this page and steal my thunder!!
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