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Tell me more!I already checked and there isn't enough fabric to get them where I need them.
I remember you saying that, and that's why I took a second look. If I send it to you with my next consignment can you authenticate and bag me stacks on stacks?The Hober is the silver one, but the grenadine is still nice.vv I'm gonna need a bigger box vv
SECRET SANTA HAULThis did come from le saere about a month ago but I've been too busy/lazy to take pics and post them.BB blazer (cashmere?), a nice grenadine, my first Sam Hober and my first Sulka. The awesome 3/2 blazer is unfortunately too short in the arms so if a thrift regular who wears 40s is interested you can have it for the cost of shipping.PRL and a vintage Lacoste I thought would flip well but apparently not.Fake? [[SPOILER]] Mystery coat; [[SPOILER]] Also...
any tips for distinguishing vicuna when not labeled? e: no content tags, mfg. and union tags are present.
Southern Ontario comes up as Buffalo. I hate the Buffalo accent.
Finally got this back from the watchmaker and it's now brag-worthy, I picked it up in a lot on kijiji for thrift prices. [[SPOILER]] Pre-swatch Geneve with a 565 movement. If anyone is a pocket-watch collector, hit me up.
Guy at my gym today wearing a "do you even lift?" shirt, all belted and chalked up for his... 140lb bench and 230lb squat
24/7/365 bulk, no abs no fucks crew.
Spoo; I don't see a lot of the stuff you post on eBay, do you sell somewhere else as well or do you have a storage locker full of stuff waiting to hit the bay?
What about Fanshawe? I think that gym is on the east end of town.
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