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I went looking for this thread and now I remember why I never go to askandy any more.Yes.
Does BC stand for British Columbia? Charging for shipping to the US will kill traffic to your listing as a lot of american ebayers are spoiled babies who expect everything to be shipped to them for free.
Who did the old USA made PRL? I have a tweed jacket with a cardstock makers tag sewn in the pocket but I don't know who it is.The equivalent in that you only ever see drunk douchebags or old fat guys wearing them?
I've got a zegna(i think) made dunhill blazer up for grabs, apparently ive been hitting the gym too hard because the armholes are now too tight for me to wear it with a shirt. has working cuffs, patch pockets, brass buttons with Dunhill 'd', fits 40r/s. ideally looking for workwear stuff, especially outerwear. That or grey flannels.
So what you're saying is that i could lowball him?seriously interested if the borelli is 42. pm inbound.
"I was going to have the maid burn them, but since you're here..."
Details. Now please.
I was going to post something but it looks like team foreigner lead by the Scandinavian division has this well in hand.
Nick Wooster is not/has never been CM. He fits under the "streetwear" part of "Streetwear and Denim". Putting a tie on doesn't automatically make you CM.This is an internet site dedicated to menswear, how did you think people would not be slapfighting about the stupidest, most minute aspects of dressing (how many "do you wear an undershirt?" threads have devolved into name calling? [the answer is "all of them"]). If you don't want feedback, don't post, if you think the...
9.5 peal double monks with ponyhair trim
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