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I have a slim-fitting size 40 jap-made type iii that's yours if you want it. You'll need to come up with your own patches though.Picked up some church's custom grade that need some elbow grease.
Are Canadians noticing an increase in the number of packages dinged for taxes by CBSA? I've been getting hammered by them in the last little while, after years of nothing.
Am I reading the measurements wrong or are the two 40R Dunhills and the Isaia you have listed all ~drop 10?
Deadlifts should really only count if you do them balls naked with a really stiff bar
Yep.Ebay Policy outlined here. @DieuEtLesDames please don't be a shitty seller, or go be a shitty seller elsewhere.LOL, just got this PM;
I FUCKING HATE when people do this and I'm pretty sure it's against Ebay's policy.
I'm assuming the Hartt Made in England Gold Seal shoes are also done by Cheaney? I came across a pair not long ago, but they didn't look like the Dack's Cheaney's I've seen (stamped size/last info as opposed to written and what looked like a front/back width designation).
It would look better if you didn't have a turkey triangle. Pull your pants up or wear a longer rise.Not super in love with that camo bow-tie either, but different strokes.
All thrifted except the beater suit. [[SPOILER]]
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