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The quarters are too open on both your sb fits, giving you one of the worst cases of the dreaded turkey triangle I have ever seen outside the pages of GQ. Good start though.
Does anyone know who made cashmere knits for The Scotch House? I know they were owned by GUS when Burberry was still part of them and that Ballantyne and Pringle both made knits for them, but can't find info on their house brand.
Did any of you read the article? They're not working in cahoots with ebay, they're flagging IPs of people buying things on their website to flip on ebay and banning them from buying from the lulu site. You're well within your rights to sell whatever you want on ebay and they're well within their rights to not sell stuff to you if they think you're going to turn and burn it on ebay. It's their brand and they can protect it however they want.
New polo coat from @eazye. [[SPOILER]]
I meant the Kapitals.
Those are some of the silliest looking pants I've ever seen.
The stitching you are talking about is called serging (or overlock stitching for europeans), and it prevents the denim (or any serged fabric) from fraying. Selvedge jeans don't need it because they are self-edged on the loom.That said, I don't think selvedge is a definitive indicator of quality denim, there are lots of nice non-selvege jeans out there.
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