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cloth by or made by?
I'm 100% convinced you are a troll account at this point. One more for the block list.
Megarare casual friday fitpic to get this thread back on track;
No thumbs big enough.@size 38R dude, if you think you're out-dressing eazy (or the waywrn crew) or that you are somehow more sartorially advanced than they are, you are in la-la land. Nothing I've seen you post has any congruence to it, and it seems like you rarely consider context when you're getting dressed (who puts on a waistcoat and tie to go to the batting cages?). You should read this and take the advice seriously, because right now you pile on a lot of wildness but...
listen to eazy, the rest of these fools are leading you astray.
CM jackets are not cut to have the bottom button fastened, buttoning them up to fix fit issues is a terrible idea.
The quarters are too open on both your sb fits, giving you one of the worst cases of the dreaded turkey triangle I have ever seen outside the pages of GQ. Good start though.
Does anyone know who made cashmere knits for The Scotch House? I know they were owned by GUS when Burberry was still part of them and that Ballantyne and Pringle both made knits for them, but can't find info on their house brand.
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