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Is she a big Twin Peaks fan?
i know
Anybody have reccos for gym shorts? All of mine are basically thrashed and need to be replaced, i like cotton blends because i find they don't get the sour funk that 100% synthetics do, obv. need enough room to squat without rustling my jimmies but also without being so baggy that bishes cant bertstare my tight ass. I'm thinking of just ordering 10 pairs of something like this and just tossing them after a few months which i would be reluctant to do with something more...
You could also just do a completed listing search on ebay
I went looking for this thread and now I remember why I never go to askandy any more.Yes.
Does BC stand for British Columbia? Charging for shipping to the US will kill traffic to your listing as a lot of american ebayers are spoiled babies who expect everything to be shipped to them for free.
Who did the old USA made PRL? I have a tweed jacket with a cardstock makers tag sewn in the pocket but I don't know who it is.The equivalent in that you only ever see drunk douchebags or old fat guys wearing them?
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