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Subject says it all ... Particularly interested in Suit Supply or even Charles Tyrwhitt on the lower end but would love to consider other options (e.g., Tom Ford on the high end). Size 40r or 42r.
Looking at a suit labeled as an EU size 48F. I've never seen the "F" before. Does it mean short? Long? Thanks
Thanks for the advice. Ill start googling and asking some local tailors about re weaving. I've never seen elbow patches on a suit coat before (only sport coats). It may look okay on a couple of my problem jackets. Any recommendations on where to find quality suede patches? Thanks
Yeah - wear a suit everyday at the office and spend most of the day on the computer. In any case, too late for preventative measures so looking for potential remedies to the damage done. Thanks
I didn't make up the term, but in searching for a possible fix for holes in the elbows of my suit jackets I discovered "Internet elbow." In any case, I have a few jackets that have developed holes in the left elbow. Other than covering with elbow patches I can't think if any possible way to save the suit. The holes are not on the seam, so I don't think that they can be easily mended. One suit that I'm heartbroken about is one of my Tom Ford three pieces. I would...
Thank you, all. I've decided to go with the Howard Yount. It is a decent price point and I like the solid wood construction. Love the Briggs, but I'm not ready to jump up to that price yet. Thanks again!
It is spring and its raining...I'm tired of carting around cheap golf umbrellas. Any thoughts on this Brooks Brother model? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...=§ionsize= Briggs and James Smith seem to be the top reccomendations, but both are pricey. Open to alternatives though... Thanks!
PG - I can't recall my latest Canali model, but in Hugo the Astro/Hill7 seems to fit best. All - What do you all consider a good price? New? Slightly worn? Thanks again!
Thanks. Those are both great looking pieces. Will continue to be on the lookout for 50s, I guess.
I have the opportunity to take a flyer on a Tom Ford suit (i.e., can't try it on). The suit is listed as a 48 with 17.5" shoulders (not sure how exact the measurements are). I'm typically a 48 (Canali, ISAIA, Hugo, etc.). Most shoulders seem to be 17.75" to 18". From what I've read, it is suggested that buying a size up might be a good idea for Tom Ford. Any experience with Tom Ford sizing relative to other designers?
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