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Got my NSes and they feel/look great - except the inseam is too long. I'm thinking of hemming them but am a bit worried they'll end up butchered. Not a fan of cuffing. Has anyone else here had to hem their NSes due to excessive length? Should I soak them first? I've got the 32" version (sized down 2) - I'm 180cm in height.
Old thread I know but... these Dukes look awesome! The rise doesn't look crazy high (do not dig high rise) and the colour is spot on. I checked out the selfedge site and the pic of the blue looks more black. Anyone have these in rotation? Are they TTS? Rocking APC NS's (dropped 2 x for the vanity sizing) in 32 and Levi 511's in 34.
Country Road tailor fit formal shirts at $80. They look OK to me. Are they considered decent quality?
Quote: Originally Posted by vezatron I wear Levis 32. NS in 30 fit perfectly. Hope that helps someone. Wear 511s in 34. Ordered NS's at 32. Hope they fit - general consensus is that they should.
Copped some compliments on the DB's at work. Dark denim and Sand suede DB's = win. Nice shoe profile. It took three days to wear them in though.
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 I have a pair of Slim Jims that I bought ~1 month ago. I wear them 2x a week, on my days off from work, and they have yet to stretch. Off the rack, they fit smaller than other brands I've worn in the past. I've been told to size down 1 size with Nudie so that's what I did. A sz 30 usually fits me fine, but I sized down to a 30 for the Nudie as 31 was a perfect fit as is. I was never big into denim, and still isn't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Luke Banks Here in Australia it would still be cheaper to get them on ebay than in-store with 50% off :/ Aus is a rip. $160 for them. Price gouging bastards. I love my 511's but with that sort of money, I'm close to APC NS territory. That's my next buy.
Quote: Originally Posted by spaceballs I found this to be the case as well. I bought mine through a Red Wing dealer and just ordered my measured size. The toe box is a little bit roomy, but I like the way it fits. I also wear a Red Wing 877 in the same size and feel that I get a good, similar fit in each boot. Are you wearing thick woollen socks with yours? I sized down from my kicks size (US 12) for a sz11 on the RW IR's. If I had gone...
Suggestions on plain natural tan belts that are less than $70 and not bulky width wise? No fancy buckle required. Edit. just checked some belts... $185??
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman I'm not a fan of purchasing shoes online. Fit is particularly important in shoes, and unless you are familiar with the brand and last you may be surprised when they arrive. It'd be nice to have a local shop that had range, service, availability and was priced decently. Where I live, you can't buy any of the brands regularly cited in this forum - though we do have a RM Williams store. Not a fan of RM...
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