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Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck oo i think i've found my next watch ARE YOU INFECTED TOO? MUST HAVE THIS WATCH MUST HAVE THIS WATCH MUST HAVE THIS WATCH
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC You leave the house? I always thought of Labelking as the real life duke Des Esseintes, a personage in the book 'A rebours' (against the grain) by Joris Karl Huysmans. This personage almost never leaves the house and prefers artificial and decadent experiences above the real life that he despises.
When I was studying law, me and my friends had the habit, when severely hung over, to dress up, and hit the beautiful terraces of our town. linen jackets and pants, nice shoes and sunglasses to cover the red eyes where key to this tradition. I felt so bad when staying indoor, but this changes for the better if you can sip a blond beer in the sun. Being all dressed up also changes the way you behave and how you are treated. This has a mellowing effect on people when they...
Socal is right Jorg Schauer keeps the prices reasonable by letting you buy directly from Stowa. What you get in relation to what you pay is in the case of Stowa a very attractive proposition. And as a dutchman, I like a not overly fussy (or overdecorated)design, not exactly less is more, but a clean and sober look. The stowa aesthethic but also IWC, meistersinger, b-uhr flieger watches, do very well at dutch watch fora, where there is little to no love for bling or...
Quote: Originally Posted by meister I did on a pair yesterday and today and they will be sold soon. Good result as the leather was too dry IMO. They came out looking like a normal worn sole..after a drink! I occasionally put lineseed oil on the soles, works fine, and if I brush my shoes and polish them I put some cream on the sides and centerpart (where it flexes the most) of the sole too.
exciting stuff man, engagement. I am not ready for that kind of commitment, I hope you are and wish you both all the best.
please everybody pay attention, buy all eds clothing for the small to medium sized people, so that ed can use all that cash to invest in 42long caruso jackets. The competition in this size is killing so I need Ed to buy a whole truckload and not just stuff that fell of it....
I am currently in love with German watches. I own a Laco Flieger watch on the wish list is a Stowa marine Original and a Meistersinger 1z I hope to own these other two within a year.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Jacket is yours, sent the details in PM/email. Post is updated, lots of stuff still available. Hot Damn... killer stuff ed, to bad i'm late to the party. That jacket looks sweet
At my old university I recall there where some reasonably well dressed academics. Nothing mind blowing ofcourse. Some harris tweed jackets here and there. I do recall one flamboyant professor in a medieval sort of cape who was sometimes wearing a bow tie and some brocade like vest. Part time academic types that had a job in business, law or something else on the side were almost always better dressed than the ivory tower academics.
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